(101 Questions to the C.C.A.)


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The past two decades of Conservative Party state in the British Isles have been two decades of volatility and conflict. The miners strike, the battle against the Poll Tax and then Strangeways were only the more publicised campaigns in this country against the right wing dictatorship that has set up under the facade that the government in this country will insist on calling 'democracy'. If South Africa is the worst state of apartheid in the world, China the worst state of enforced communism, then Britain must surely be the worst state of capitalist totalitarian rule.

A constant chain of direct action, retaliation and violent resistance has always been concurrent under any and every system of government dictatorship world-wide; whether that be against governments that are elected due to the spectacle they call 'democracy' (which we come back to in due time), to the cold war reverse of communist dictatorships imposed by tin pot dictators imposed by the everyday struggle inherent in revolution, who dictate by overthrowing the movements of revolutionary catalysts that play to incite the larger movement of resistance in the first place. Throughout the world, people are led by the corrupt and meglomaniacal dictators that, through the power of the gun and the flaying rod, impose power over the majority to the benefit of their own positions of power, and to the benefit of the wealthy with the production capabilities (obtained through the power of the gun and the flaying rod), to keep them in the position they hold as authority in the world today. Anarchists believe that they system exists, in whatever form and with whatever front, as the same system of enforced exploitation, throughout the world as it exists in its perpetual state of conflict today.

Through the years of perpetual revolt in this country, and because of the need for a revolutionary citizens militia with grassroots understanding of the peoples revolution and a street level knowledge of the struggle in this country and world-wide, a guerilla faction was founded through the rebellion of those persecuted by the control ethic of the Church of Satan, working to establish amongst those persecuted on the street for sex. This movement grew despite the amassed threats and intimidation of the Church of Satan and their cohorts, the press. This movement of resistance grew alongside the writings of the Satanist, Anton La Vey. This movement exists on the streets of Britain today as Aksmos; an autonomous revolutionary guerilla.

Aksmos developed on the level of the street, as an autonomous need for prostitutes to defend themselves against the everyday threats and intimidation of life on the street in a time when the everyday prejudice against prostitution is aggravated by the state in order to perpetuate their own positions of authority as the far right wing autocracy that is perpetuated, ultimately, by Satanism. As this movement grew, as it continues to flower and grow, as the movement that Aksmos is today and will exist in the future, the prostitutes liberation guerilla grew into its own threat to the state, outlawed by the government, and developed its own political line as it was individual to itself and a perspective of life on the street. The Cestre Cantre Anarchists (C.C.A.) developed from this political perspective and, as a faction of political dissent, are often asked questions as to the point, the role and the perspective of Aksmos as a guerilla faction encompassing, and fighting to liberate, one way of life as the clause to incite a revolution that will overthrow every state. This book poses some of these questions and, as the spokesperson for the C.C.A., I hope to answer these questions in the most direct way in which I am able, in order to shed light upon such questions as, "Who are Aksmos?", and also upon questions that are old in the debate on guerilla wafare and the role of the terrorist in revolution, such as, "Why the need for a Citizens Militia?"Hopefully, in the course of answering these questions I will be able to establish the case for the prostitutes guerilla and win support, if not to inspire debate amongst those who discuss such issues as the role of guerilla warfare and the need to establish the left. Aksmos stand as a controversial front for a militia, and the politics of this organisation are probably more controversial still. So, before we start, I feel that this introduction would be a good place to point out that the C.C.A. (the organisation that write this book), are not actually a guerilla faction in ourselves. The C.C.A. stand, not as a 'political wing' of the prostitutes liberation militia, but rather as a left wing solidarity campaign that work in order to distribute 'propaganda' (Class War terminology) in order to support and perpetuate the views that this organisation fight to support.

The C.C.A., as a faction of the anarchists, have been campaigning in this country for about three years at the time when this booklet goes to print. The tactics of this campaign are to disrupt the right wing, particularly in London, in order to build support for the new movement of prostitutes liberation. As an organisation supporting those guerillas of revolutionary political struggle, without ever having bombed and supporting civil disturbance only in our advocation of the revolution, we see it as a deliberate act of political bias that our organisation have been 'outlawed' by the government, even before we are able to set up on a level to support anarchist direct action. We believe that, as an organisation, we have been outlawed simply because, as a radical movement, we pose a political threat to the rich and powerful that exist in a position of power that controls the state. We believe that in a society where censorship is imposed by the government with virtually no dissent from the people, we are a victim of the state of emergency that exists in another country, that was imposed, not to protect the general public, but in order to criminalise organisations such as ourselves; organisations that stand for revolution and the freedom of speech.

The Conservative government, since taking power in '78, introduced nameless draconian laws; ranging from laws allowing stop and search, to the draconian Criminal Justice Act. There are probably nameless laws passed to prevent the publication, and even the circulation of this book. However, in support of the prostitutes Citizens Militia, and in solidarity of the outlawed First of May organisation, the writing and publication of this book goes ahead. Despite the persecution and authoritarian nature of this draconian Big Brother state, the views of the Citizens Militia are written within these pages in the full knowledge of the powers that monitor the individual and ones own thought, and in full knowledge of the psychiatrists couch and the power of the liquid kosh; in order to inspire debate and support for this organisation that stand for a non sectarian realisation of world revolution. These are words from the asylum; words of pain and twisted heartbreak for our sisters and comrades dead in struggle, sharing the graves of the guerillas and freedom fighters of the world. The words that follow are one hundred and one questions of the libertarian Citizens Militia and of revolution.

Question 1.What is anarchism?

In short, anarchism is the philosophy that people can live better without police, laws, prison, schools and every other part of the establishment we call 'the state'. Anarchists believe that revolution is the situation that will engineer a society that is free from the authority that is forced upon us by the ruling classes. Anarchists on the whole believe in the violent overthrow of the state to be followed by a system of equality that revolves around mutual aid. We believe that the entire system is a deliberate act enforcedto keep the people in a position of waged slavery in order to benefit the ruling classes and the power they uphold in society. Anarchists believe that the violent overthrow of this system is the revolution.

Question 2.What do you mean by 'mutual aid'?

Mutual aid is the theory that anarchists unanimously share that the human race instinctively help each other out. The term was invented over a hundred years ago by the great anarchist theorist, Peter Kropotkin. The theory basically states that all mammals, from mice to elephants, inherently interact to help one another; and that the human race is essentially the same. The theory continues to point out that society is only structured through competition and power because of the greed of those few at the top of the triangle of corruption. The theory of mutual aid has been proven again and again in communes and in society on a greater scale, and anarchists believe that a revolutionary society should be structured along the lines of Kropotkins book of the same title. If the human race were to live in co-operation with one another, as we believe would be the goal of the revolution, then there would be no place for authority and the power structure that exists today world-wide. Mutual aid is the theory of the solidarity of people in society.

Question 3.Then why the necessity for Aksmos?

Over the years, anarchists have fought many issues, from boycotting chocolate due to animal rights campaigns, to the mass direct action perpetrated by the Angry Brigade, who we support; most of this being centred around the single issues that are a part of the larger struggle against the state. However, after years of relentless struggle, the anarchists have never had a big enough amount of support to stand as a revolutionary alternative within their own issue. Aksmos grew partly from the actions of anarchist revolutionaries on street level and, as a faction risen from struggle, developed as a political faction tackling the very real and important issues that anarchists raise. The necessity of Aksmos is to struggle for the rights of the exploited and the homeless against the stigma imposed by the spectacle. Aksmos are guerilla struggle in the name of the everyday existence of those on the street.

Question 4.Who are Aksmos?

Aksmos are the organisation of libertarian struggle that are the prostitutes guerilla. Aksmos are autonomous, growing from the strategy of groups such as the Animal Liberation Front, in that they advocate individual acts of direct action in the name of the struggle; although they advocate human rights and revolution rather than the single issue stance of animal rights groups. Aksmos are still very young as a militia, and have been called by various different groups, 'the clause for revolution'. This organisation believe in targeting the pimps and pornography in the struggle for revolution and a better life. After years of anarchists telling us to take control over our own lives, Aksmos have founded a union for the victims of Satanism and those on the streets advocating guerilla warfare in the struggle for revolution.

Question 5.Why advocate guerilla warfare?

Guerilla warfare is the only statement that the people still have in trying to change the situation that is forced upon us by the state, and we consider guerilla warfare to be a single issue across the globe. The dictatorships of the world have refused to step down to peaceful protest, and we believe that guerilla warfare is the only statement of dissent that is heard by the government and the people world-wide in the campaign and struggle for a better life. We see guerilla warfare, not only as a direct step towards revolution, but also as a way to change the everyday battle for survival on the street that is forced upon us by Satanism and the state. Although we are advocates and support all guerillas as martyrs in the struggle for freedom, we do not support those that run counter terrorism, or those that persecute guerillas, of either side, who have taken up arms to struggle for what is a belief in freedom and revolution.

Question 6.What is 'counter terrorism', and why not support?

Counter terrorism is the term for those that set up as militias to fight those guerillas already motivated in campaign. The C.C.A. stand completely opposed to this, as we have already stated our support for guerillas as those who fight for our freedom. We see counter terrorism, on the whole, as being counter revolutionary, as those who already stand in guerilla warfare are motivated in revolution, and those who set up as contrary to orthodox guerilla stance can only be stirring the disputes with genuine revolutionary activity. Counter terrorist factions can only hope to be supported by the governments in their struggles to fight against guerillas, and we see counter terrorism as being a futile operation that can only exist to accentuate the problems caused by the state due to genuine revolutionary activity.

Question 7.But surely revolutions are corrupt?

We agree that over the past century since the writings of Karl Marx, revolutions have often become very corrupt. We would argue, however, that revolutions have only been fought to replace one set of dictators with another, usually communist set of dictators. This is where we stand by the anarchists in arguing that the state is one entity that has to be overthrown in itself; preferably on a world-wide scale. Where we veer from the mainstream of anarchist politics, is that we argue that the state is upheld by the brainwashing of the people; a state upheld through its own controversial vanguard; pornography. We believe that the entire state survives only because of the spectacle, which in turn can only survive through its own exploitation of women. This is where we advocate revolution as one goal to eradicate prejudice in itself. We see the fight against pornography and the sex industry as being the struggle for the emancipation of the people, rather than blindly following the doctrine of the left in advocating strikes and ballots that will never serve to free us from the tyranny and corruption of the state.

Question 8.Then are you a splinter of the anarchists?

The C.C.A. are not so much a splinter organisation, than a separate movement supporting the campaign of resistance that has arisen on the streets of the inner cities as a result of the struggle against the Poll Tax and the uprising of Strangeways. Having split from Class War on the grounds of their politics of not supporting guerillas and their sectarian stance on civil disturbances, we would see ourselves more as a contra stance against Class War, than a splinter of the anarchists. Although our politics are new, we see ourselves as a media for the views of the prostitutes guerilla, and have grown from that scene. We do not regard ourselves as being right wing, but we stand against the sectarianism and the stance of the left that implies 'we are responsible for the revolution, and no one else'. The C.C.A. stand as a spokesperson organisation for the revolution as it exists, and support the movement of prostitutes liberation, which we see as being the radical catalyst of the revolution.

Question 9.Where do Aksmos come into this?

Aksmos are the guerilla front for the uprising of those who are exploited in prostitution to rise up to challenge the dogmatic rule of the police and pimps who, through the power of the law that is corrupt and the prejudice that is orchestrated because of it, control society in its totalitarian rule against the downtrodden workers. Aksmos are a militia opposing the structure of a society that works directly through the prejudice that is created in prostitution, and is upheld entirely through the exploitation of women. The prostitutes liberation militia are radical, and stand against racism and aside from nationalist disputes, whilst supporting all guerillas. We believe that by supporting Aksmos, we are working towards the recognition of the catalyst that can win support to lead the people into the overthrow of a state that is entirely upheld because of prejudice.

Question 10.Why the prostitutes?

The prostitutes are a faction that are perpetually exploited; it is this prejudice that upholds the state. Therefore a revolution led by a catalyst of prostitutes as a vanguard to the workers would be one that was radical and would eradicate the prejudice that the ruling class instate in order to perpetuate the exploitation of society and uphold their own power. Being exploited to this extent, a guerilla faction led by the prostitutes themselves, would not only be subversive in itself, but would strike at the centre of the state that perpetuates prejudice for its own ends. The revolution must be instigated from below, and the prostitutes, being the most downtrodden minority, would have a potential to win outright. Prostitutes are united in world-wide etiquette, and this rebellion has been waiting to happen since the police have been armed with guns.

Question 11.What do you mean by 'catalyst'?

By using the term 'catalyst', we are referring to Aksmos as a revolutionary core of militant prostitutes with the potential to incite, and possibly to lead, a revolution. We see Aksmos as being a resistance that working women, and the mass of working people in general, should look up to as a vanguard to incite direct action on a larger scale. We believe that a revolutionary catalyst of prostitutes could end prejudice against women, and thereby undermine the power of the state and its brainwashing control of the people.

Question 12.You want prostitutes to lead a revolution?

We believe that a chaotic revolution can only successfully be won if it acts for the benefit of all those who struggle to work towards it. If a revolution is to be won against the exploitation of women, then it needs to talk to those women who are exploited the worst. The C.C.A. believe that the state is only upheld by the wheels of monopoly and control that run through the exploitation of the sex industry. If those who are exploited in prostitution, pornography, the sex industry in general, were to rise against it (as we have already seen taking place), then this could inspire a revolution which would lead to equality world-wide.

Question 13.You refer to 'Chaotic Revolution'?

The philosophy of Aksmos, and in turn the philosophy of the C.C.A., is that the complete overthrow of all authority can only be achieved through the advocation of all out chaos. The revolution should have no constraints when it comes to the overthrow of the state and any system of government that should follow it. The advocation of chaos and a revolution led by a catalyst is where our philosophy splits from anarchism, and is where Aksmos set up to pose a guerilla alternative to advocate revolution. By advocating chaos we are not, as some may argue, advocating the complete massacre of the people. Instead we believe that a renaissance that would lead to a revolution on a world-wide scale should carry both the advocations of direct action, and also of chaos. This is why the C.C.A. support Aksmos as the citizens militia. The philosophy of the C.C.A. is that all revolutions employ mutual aid, and that a chaotic revolution fought with the principals upheld by Aksmos would eventually lead to a system of equality and the liberation of the people on a world-wide scale.

Question 14.So why is this not already taking place?

We would argue that it is. For a long time, the anarchists have stated their philosophy that the people are always in struggle, and that the revolution is an ongoing process of quiet periods and periods of civil unrest that will eventually lead to the overthrow of the state. The C.C.A. support this view, and as an organisation split from the anarchist movement, we are founded to advocate a renaissance that will lead to the overthrow of the state. Aksmos, the faction that this organisation were founded to speak for and support, were founded and established through the movement of the anti Poll Tax riots of the early 90s'. Therefore we regard Aksmos as being the baby of the revolution and the organisation to lead the workers against the totalitarian brainwashing of the television and the prejudice that exists to uphold the state. As a faction of the revolution, we believe that the collapse of civilisation and chaotic revolution are both inevitable and waiting to take place.

Question 15.If revolution is inevitable, then why the need for the C.C.A.?

The C.C.A. are needed in order to point out that chaotic revolution is inevitable, and to build support for those factions of the revolution that we support, without being sectarian. The C.C.A. support Aksmos as we see it as being inevitable that a catalyst of prostitutes will eventually rise to stand as a vanguard for the revolution and to end prejudice. The C.C.A. exist as a consciousness raising group to build solidarity for such an organisation, as well as to support the political prisoners of the chaotic revolution. The C.C.A. exist to build support for Aksmos, the organisation we speak for, and to gain solidarity from the left.

Question 16.But do we want a chaotic revolution?

The C.C.A. believe that chaotic revolution is the only advocation of revolution; hence our support for Aksmos. The revolution that lies ahead of us, and is inevitable, can only be won through the outright advocation of the complete overthrow of the state. As before pointed out, the society that will be created by chaotic revolution will be run through mutual aid. A post-revolutionary society led by Aksmos will be anarchic. There will be free trade run by the human instinct to help our friends (Read Part II) With a free trade economy there will be no prison and therefore no crime. Society will be free.

Question 17.So we'll be free, but under Aksmos?

Post chaotic revolution means there will be no dictators. Society will be chaotic, but food will be distributed by those that set up now as riot gangs with the ethic of equality that revolution will instate. The only way in which Aksmos will dictate will be in the abolition of those that set up to overthrow the revolution and try to set up as a party state.

Question 18.What is meant by 'free trade'?

Free trade is the system of distributing food across the world according to the system of barter. It has long been a political issue and a point for organisations such as ourselves, that there is easily enough food produced across the world to feed the worlds population. The anarchists believe that the reason why there are starving people across the world is because of the greed of multinational companies exploiting Third World countries through intense dictatorial regimes. Vegetarians have for a long time pointed out that tons and tons of grain are fed to the meat industry each year for the meat industry to exist, and without the meat trade, these crops could easily end Third World starvation.

Question 19.So revolution could end world starvation?

The world starves because of capitalism. Whilst the rich exploit the poor for the benefit of their own power and wealth, the poor starve. It has long been argued that capitalism is not a system of feeding the hungry, and the C.C.A. propose, along with a mass of left wing opinion of the same view, that a revolution to overthrow the greed of the governments and the multinationals would put the means of production back into the hands of the people. All over the world we see the produce of our own labour taken from us for no more than a pittance of the profits earns from our work. This system is directly upheld by the spectacle, and cannot work without the prejudice that the spectacle instates against women and those on the street.

Question 20.You advocate revolution world-wide?

Aksmos are a union of prostitutes, and as such are unified with anger and a single etiquette across the world. The C.C.A. support this union in the belief that this extreme is vital in the ongoing revolution; that revolution is inevitable with the coming collapse of civilisation that capitalism will eventually fall to. The C.C.A. believe that if revolution is inevitable world-wide, then there must be a world-wide catalyst guerilla. For this reason we support Aksmos as an outlawed organisation.

Question 21.So what role do the C.C.A. play in this revolution?

The Cestre Cantre Anarchists are a movement setting up world-wide in perpetual struggle to support the revolution in whatever form it may manifest itself, and to try to win support for the prostitutes in struggle. Currently the C.C.A. are fighting alongside the anarchist movement for radical hostage release (supporting Strangeways) and in order to set up a revolutionary printing press for campaigns and anarchist philosophy, this being the second edition of the first publication of the Guerilla Press. We believe it important to run an organisation that can support the prostitutes guerilla and that can campaign with the same political line, within the law, to advocate revolution from below. The C.C.A. are a campaign, not to push any one political ideal, but to educate the people in the political philosophy of the radical prostitutes guerilla, and to support all movements fighting for revolution. In this cause we aim to be non sectarian, and to support the issues in prostitution as the human issues that they are.

Question 22.You support the revolution in 'whatever form'?

The C.C.A. believe that revolution is perpetual, and that whatever form the revolution takes, state dictatorships, democracy, communism, or whatever form the revolution may manifest itself in, there will eventually be a world-wide situation of revolutionary chaos. It is for this reason that the C.C.A. support all riot as the action of the people world-wide. Whatever political line a violent revolution may take, the C.C.A. believe that it will always eventually work towards the ends of the overthrow of the state, and will be chaotic. We believe that it is the natural will of the human race to be united, and that class struggle structured by the ruling classes ultimately to exploit prostitution, is inevitably superficial when faced with the radical issue of chaos.

Question 23.Why will the revolution be 'Chaotic'?

The revolution will be chaotic because all state is eventually overthrown. The system across the world that is the state is actually a system that is entirely upheld through the exploitation of the poor to uphold those in a position of power. The C.C.A., as revolutionary anarchists, believe that this system ultimately leads to its own demise, as there is always eventual civil dissent from the people as the state becomes more and more totalitarian in its struggle for more and more control. We believe that this system is the same, and will be overthrown, across the world, and look to the prostitutes as those who are exploited the worst to be our vanguard in revolution.

Question 24.How are the prostitutes exploited any worse than any other worker in the perpetual state of revolution?

We believe that prostitution is deliberately employed to persecute working class women by the state, and we support Aksmos in the belief that prejudice against prostitution is deliberately aggravated by the press, the police and every other icon of the state. This prejudice is the deliberately orchestrated fall back of the state in revolution. It takes nothing for the worker who is employed by capitalism to go out and hire a prostitute. But on the other hand, the prejudice received by that woman often will put her in the position of being a scapegoat. This puts prostitutes in the position of being apart from the mainstream of revolutionary context, and this is used by the state as a system of divide and rule; due to this disassociation from the main movement of revolution. This, we believe, is the reason why capitalism so often portrays women in a position of inferiority. The C.C.A. stand for the equality of all people.

Question 25.So how are prostitutes revolutionary?

If it were possible for prostitutes to close this divide, then this would be the clause for revolution. The prostitutes are one mass faction that exist with a unified etiquette and a potential to become involved with the movement of armed struggle and the underground of arms dealing, world-wide. They are revolutionary in the sense that if their struggle were to result in the mass uprising of the people, then the revolt would be on such a large scale as to disable divide and rule, and would therefore lead on to end the brainwashing state and their media that keeps women in the position of exploitation that they live under today. If this revolution were to take place, it would be the realisation of the chaotic revolution. It would free the world from state tyranny forever.

Question 26.What is this exploitation?

The exploitation that we stand against is the exploitation that we see around us every day. The same exploitation that the feminist movement stand to fight. We support the feminist movement in saying that pornography, prostitution and vice are the means of control employed by the state towards the ends of maintaining power. At the same time we agree with the anarchists when they say that society is structured by the ruling classes in order to uphold the system by deliberately exploiting the workers in the factories, schools and in prison. But where we disagree, is where anarchists dispute that this pyramid of corruption is structured deliberately to exploit women, at the bottom of the triangle for sex, in order to disrupt the dissent of the people in revolution. We believe that a revolution that would start at the bottom and persuade the greater mass of working people would eradicate exploitation for good.

Question 27.How can we campaign against this?

The exploitation of the working people is ultimately upheld through the prejudice incited in those masses by the spectacle. This prejudice is incited because the government think that if they can divide the people on the basis of sexual deviation and what is 'acceptable', then revolution, when it manifests itself, will be divided. This is why it is vital that the revolution fight tooth and nail, not only against prejudice, but more importantly against those vehicles that the state use to instate and employ this.

Question 28.What 'vehicles' are these?

The vehicles used by the state in order to divide our class on the basis of sex and exploitation, are the issues that we see about us every day under capitalism. These issues are advertising, media, pornography and social stereotypes. These are all issues that the anarchists already fight against as inherent in the purpose of the ongoing revolution, and are targets for the prostitutes guerilla when they burn a pornography wharehouse or shoot a pimp.

Question 29.What is 'the spectacle'?

All of these issues that Aksmos target in the fight to overthrow the state can be labelled under the term 'the spectacle'. The term spectacle can be used to describe every image that capitalism throws at us every day through these vehicles that we stand to destroy. The conditioning of the people, and therefore the stigma of people in society, is directly the responsibility of the spectacle; the constant brainwashing of every woman, man and child through the perpetual struggle of capitalism to push its commodities and thus steal from the poor. The C.C.A. stand firmly behind Aksmos in the belief that pornography is the worst manifestation of the spectacle in society, not only because of its degradation and its corruption of the human spirit, but also because it is the main icon of the control used by the state in order to divide and corrupt the revolution of everyday life. Hence our next question.

Question 30.But isn't pornography one of the few good things that capitalism gives us?

This question was not put to me by a woman. It is sometimes a learning thing to accept that we must all sacrifice some things that are pushed at us by the evil of the state, in order to gain respect for people and the revolution. Pornography is the worst evil of the spectacle and the state, and must be destroyed by the people. Pornography creates a divide, where some men are seduced by capitalism into following a lifestyle that is exploiting women. In a society where women are already vulnerable due to the stigma perpetuated by the spectacle and state, pornography is just one more threat from this system that has no respect for the individual. Pornography intimidates women and destroys sex.

Question 31.Is boycotting pornography the answer?

To an extent the answer is yes, but we believe that pornography is only a single part of the system that is upheld through the degradation of women to increase the profit percentages of the capitalist pimp. By boycotting pornography, you are refusing to participate in a spectacle which is not only perverted, but is also Satanic, in the same way that by becoming vegetarian you are refusing to condone the senseless murder of animals for meat when there are so many starving in the third world.

Question 32.Is direct action the answer?

The C.C.A. stand firmly behind Aksmos in the belief that direct action can be the only way to end the situation that the working people are in today. Direct action, and guerilla war as a result of it, is the only way that the people still have in protesting successfully against those capitalists that keep the people downtrodden and enslaved. Revolution is only realistic if the people who fight it are prepared to retaliate with the same power and means that the state throw at us. Assassination is supported by the C.C.A. as a tactic to inspire civil unrest as a guerilla action, and we unanimously stand by Aksmos in struggle. Direct action is the only liberation from our chains, and we will support the struggle to the end.

Question 33.What will guerilla warfare change?

Guerilla warfare, on the first level, will change the way in which society thinks, and on the next level will serve as a means to disable the wheels of the sex industry and the state in their fight to put down the revolution. On the first level, guerilla warfare is the voice of the people, and a properly run citizens militia should be run towards the goal of upholding the peoples revolution. The C.C.A. support Aksmos in that they are autonomous; they are a militia run by prostitutes towards liberation and the end of prostitution. On the next level, guerilla warfare is vital in the role of the revolution. Pornography will only be stopped if those that run it are overthrown through militia tactics; the revolution must be run from below in order not to become corrupt and in order to successfully fight for the emancipation of the exploited workers. The government will not step down to campaign; they must be forcefully overthrown. The revolutionary guerilla are the victory and the emancipation of the people.

Question 34.But surely guerilla warfare is as much an evil?

We disagree. Guerilla warfare is a necessity if those on the bottom of societies triangle of corruption are to take control of their lives and overthrow the system that is the perpetual exploitation of our lives for the benefit of the boss or the pimp. Guerilla warfare is the voice of the people in a world where the governments of the world can torture those that struggle for equality and where the state is upheld by the brainwashing of pornography that persecutes women in order to divide society. If guerilla warfare is an evil, then it is a necessary evil. But the C.C.A. believe that no capitalist is justified in pimping the working people. We believe in taking up the balaclava in the demand for peoples unity, equality and liberation.

Question 35.But isn't that communism?

Neither Aksmos nor ourselves are involved with any communist faction, apart from the connotation implied with the statement that we are non sectarian and have tried to show support for the revolution as it manifests itself by offering support to the communists on a level of co-operation. The politics of the C.C.A. are directly evolved from the politics of those on the street who have taken up arms to end the position of enforced slavery in prostitution. As before stated, the politics of the C.C.A. are construed to support the Aksmos guerilla, and the C.C.A. have no plans to set up or impose a state. Our aim is to educate, and to support Aksmos as the Rebethuin guerilla.

Question 36.How are you non sectarian?

The C.C.A., as an organisation, try to be non sectarian in that we support any cause that we see as being a part of the revolution, that be the Church in their involvement with the campaign against the Poll Tax, to organisations such as Militant and factions of the anarchists, who work directly to try to incite revolution amongst the working people. Although these factions are not guerilla, they still have influence and we shall support them, as this is where our roots lie. Any radical faction theoretically has the potential to incite revolution, and we believe that divide and rule has kept the extra parliamentary left divided and sectarian for too long. This, we believe, is the reason why factions such as Class War and the R.C.P. have been so tiny in struggle for such a long period of time. The left should unite to listen to the words of Karl Marx when he said, "Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains".

Question 37.Then the prostitutes are the workers?

Pornography breeds prejudice, which in turn enables prostitution, which in turn enables the state to force control in order to corrupt the revolution. All this works for the pimps who thus feed prejudice and corrupt the crimeworld (thus corrupting guerilla warfare), which in turn works to uphold the state. The prostitutes are the perpetual victims of our society, and in this sense should be considered the workersas much as the miners or the labourers. The vice that employs prostitutes is perpetuated by money, and in that sense the prostitutes are working to feed their children and themselves as much as every other worker in the world; only the prejudice created by capitalism creates the vicious circle that keeps them exploited and on the streets. The C.C.A. campaign to end this prejudice, as it is this stigma created by the spectacle that prevents the revolution.

Question 38.Then are the police the workers?

We do not dispute that the mass of police are working class. Neither do we accuse the police of being the entire problem with people and the state. However, we do advocate riot as a means towards revolution. Anarchists have long argued that the role of the police is to uphold the state, and the C.C.A. agree that it is. The law is structured to uphold the position of the ruling classes with their power that is used to employ the police, whereas the law is that the police exploit the poor through the multitude of laws that persecute the petty crimes that the poor commit to stay alive. We believe that the worst extreme of this situation are the laws that persecute prostitute women whilst allowing the capitalist pornographers to get away with the Satanism that keeps them rich. Whilst this is the case we will not support the police. Until they change sides to the revolution, the police will be a target for assassination and riot.

Question 39.Are you riot organisers?

Besides being advocates of all riot, the C.C.A. are not actually riot organisers ourselves. But despite that we campaign to support all political prisoners of the prison riots of Strangeways '91. We see riot as a direct step towards revolution and a forum for the people to take control of their own communities and their own lives, Riots are the manifestation of chaos in a world that is dictated by the right wing advocations of order and unity. In a chaotic society, then riot would be a constant reality, with riots overthrowing the police for paramilitaries, and further riots overthrowing them, resulting in a chain of solidarity created by mutual aid. We believe that the chaotic revolution is not a utopia to be fought towards, but is inevitable under the chain of oppression that capitalism creates.

Question 40.Then why support guerillas?

We support all guerillas, as the only way we see as being a realistic way in which to fight for the overthrow of the state, and thus secure a better way of life for the working people, is through guerilla warfare. There will always be dissent, on whatever level, from the level of the direct action of one individual to the amassed direct action of London in riot, until revolution has destroyed the very last remnants of the state. Direct action is the most direct way in which to secure the demands of chaos and revolution, and is the most radical way in which to declare our solidarity for those perpetually in struggle against the sex industry, the boss and the pimp. Only through direct action will the state be destroyed.

Question 41.You say the police cannot be blamed for every evil?

To break a long tradition of anarchist philosophy, no, we do not blame the police for every evil in society. Social conflict is also the problem. However, we do blame them for upholding authority and right wing laws, for spreading prejudice and for forcing the people into blindly accepting this systems conformity. The police across the world are individually responsible for upholding the position of the ruling classes and societies conditioned dogma against unrest. Having said that, a woman cannot be arrested for walking the streets unless there is a pimp to put her there in the first place. We believe that if there is going to be a chaotic revolution, then people should fight towards the ends of destroying the pornographer, the pusher and the pimp, in the name of the revolution. We support Aksmos as a militia who are already doing this for the prostitutes. In writing that we support the citizens militia, we are split from the Welsh anarchist scene, although we still support the stance that is that the workers should fight to abolish anti social crime (more in Part II).

Question 42.What is 'anti social crime'?

Anti social crime, as defined by Class War, refers to crime perpetrated against the everyday working woman or man, that is counter revolutionary in the sense that it is deliberately orchestrated against the vulnerable and the poor. For example, a bank robber is not responsible for anti social crime, because the banks can afford to be robbed, and anyway, money is counter revolutionary in itself. On the other hand, somebody who rapes is responsible for anti social crime because that woman is vulnerable and rape is a crime perpetrated against respect upon the psychology of women. You could also argue that the police are responsible for anti social crime when they arrest the bank robber. Whilst the C.C.A. are split from Class War on the question of guerilla warfare, we still believe that they are right in targeting anti social crime in the name of the revolution. The C.C.A. support Aksmos in that they are sticking up for themselves through fighting enforced prostitution with solidarity through guerilla warfare.

Question 43.Can anti social crime be ended?

We believe that the revolution is an ongoing process and, as such, is a constant battle between those employing mutual aid to live day to day, and those who will steal from the poor and vulnerable. However, in supporting Aksmos we are advocating direct action (and the overthrow of the state) to end prostitution. We believe that guerilla war is the only way to end the control of the pimps, and that the violent overthrow of capitalism is the only way in which to end prostitution altogether. The poor persecuting the poor is anti social crime, and this would end if there were to be a revolution. Prostitution can only exist if there is money to exploit from prostitution; the abolition of money would mean the end of working class people stealing for money. If there were no prostitution there would be love.

Question 44.Then there would be no need for prison?

Post chaotic revolution there would be no need for prison, and the C.C.A. support all action against prison as a move towards the revolution in itself. The C.C.A. are advocates of the Strangeways uprising of '91, and have campaigned to support them printing and distributing a poster campaigning against the false allegations of hostage taking that were made due to the riots. The revolution is alive in prisons, and we would argue that prison is futile and corrupt. The majority of the people in prison are there either for crimes of survival or crimes of their mercy. Prisons are establishments that are set up by the ruling classes in order to end dissent and prevent the free trade of theft (from the level of shoplifting to the level of free distribution of beer). Prison has no purpose other than to persecute the people and to serve the ruling class.

Question 45.Then what would happen to the rapists?

In a society revolving around mutual aid without money, then there would be a completely different perception of what we currently consider crime. Most laws are imposed by the ruling classes in order to keep their position of power. But we still have to tackle the issue of rape. We do not go out to miraculously prophesise that in a post revolutionary society there would be no rape; rape has always been a problem in our society, and is an issue to be tackled. We believe that in a society that would be revolutionary due to the militant campaign of the prostitutes in struggle, then there would be a greater awareness of the rights of women. Hopefully this could lead to a situation where rape could be properly dealt with by the friends and communities of the person involved, in order to deal justice on street level. This is how it already works in prostitution today, and we should look to the prostitutes guerilla as our inspiration in struggle.

Question 46.If prison is put there by the ruling classes, then how come prostitution is illegal?

Prostitution is persecuted for the reason that the ruling classes use the law to control peoples lives. If prostitution were to be accepted by the law, then the state would have no way in which to persecute the crimeworld through law and no way to persecute the poor through vice. If prostitution were to be accepted by the law then there would be no place for the pimps, no criminal brothels, and thus society would have more tolerance towards those who work on the streets. Prostitution will never be legalised, and even if it was there would be just as much exploitation of women; under capitalism probably more. This is why there is a need for a prostitutes guerilla. The only way to end prostitution is to end money. The only way to do that, is revolution.

Question 47.What makes prostitution illegal?

Technically speaking, prostitution itself is not actually against the law. However, due to the corruption of those that make the law, there are endless laws that can be, and often are, used against those in prostitution. All laws are used every day against the people and the revolution, but the laws against walking the streets and loitering are only two laws that are passed through parliament under the guise of innocence, but are actually intended to persecute those who walk the streets for a living. The saying goes, "prostitution is not illegal unless you get caught", and for prostitutes, many of whom are drug addicts or homeless, or have children, being arrested for breach of the many laws that are passed against them, being questioned and then cautioned or fined is only a part of the job. We question the right of parliament to control peoples lives. Prostitution is illegal because of the old age pompousness of authority and their attitude towards women.

Question 48.Should prostitution be illegal?

Parliament can never end prostitution, they can only pass laws that pretend to. Prostitution is the result of Satanism exploiting women for money, aided by the corruption of the state with their dogmatic institutions which enforce stigma. New Labour wont end prostitution. The only way in which prostitution will be ended is if the mass of those in prostitution rise to overthrow the pimp and in turn the state. Passing laws will do nothing for the situation that the people are in; it will only serve to put down the revolution of chaos, and thus persecute the people still more. It should be socially acceptable to throw bricks at the police. It should be socially taboo to accept the pimps. No politician has lived to experience life on the street. The law is blinkered and corrupt.

Question 49.Then should the law protect prostitutes?

The C.C.A. are advocates of the chaotic revolution, and fight for a utopia where those in prostitution would take up arms and inspire all to take control of their lives in the name of mutual aid. However, until such time as this utopia becomes a reality, we believe that the police are responsible for bias. Not only in the name of the law they uphold, but also in the name of the prejudice we hold them responsible for inspiring, the police are a target for the revolution as much as the drug pushers and pimps. The attitude of the law is that prostitutes are filth, and the police have never done anything to protect the working woman exept for occasionally kicking them back onto the streets. We look forward to the day when the prostitutes pick up the gun to protect themselves, and a day when their solidarity declares the law dead. In the mean time, we would demand that the law protect prostitutes, but would describe the police as being prejudiced and biased against the people, and particularly its dogmatic line against those on the street. Although, as we said in question 41., we do not blame the police for every evil, we feel that the police should be the first target for the revolution, and would advocate explosives against them; aswell as the assassination of those that conspire with pimps to persecute guerillas.

Question 50.But surely parliament is the road to the emancipation of the people?

Parliament is definatly not the road to the emancipation of the people. The only road to emancipation is the revolution. The politicians are as self centred and corrupt as the law themselves. They will never stand to support the working people; their positions of power are far too important for them. Time has proven that they do not care for the rights of the working people; how can they relate when they have never experienced poverty for themselves? On the few occasions when a prostitutes candidate has stood to be elected they have either not been voted in, due to the mad nature of 'democracy', or they have stood to disappear, as in the case of Miss Whiplash. We have no time for the right wing bickering of the politicians. The road to emancipation is through the struggle for our own lives.

Question 51.How is democracy mad?

The ballot will never change anything. It never has. How can such an unfair system of representation work for the people if the wheels of the state keep turning in their positions that exploit the poor? We stand alongside every anarchist when we argue that the issues we campaign against will always be the same, until the politicians have fallen alongside the pornographers and the pimps. Democracy may as well be a radio debate or a T.V. phone in; the ballot is a front for the corruption of the state and will change nothing.

Question 52.But isn't revolution an extreme?

We are extreme. But compared to the extremity of capitalism and state communism, chaotic revolution is the only answer. Revolution is not only inevitable across the world, it is the only way in which to end the corruption of the state. Across the world it is the same; the rich exploiting the poor, who in turn participate in the exploitation of women through prostitution and pornography, which is not only tolerated, but is put there by the state in order to dampen the dissent against them. The day will come when prostitutes take up the gun to expose this exploitation, and lead the workers into the revolution that will be the chaotic collapse of civilisation.

Question 53.How is this likely to happen?

Exploitation eventually leads to retaliation. Society is structured like a great pyramid, the rich handing down orders to those below them, in turn handing down orders to those below them, all eventually hitting hardest at the prostitutes and the homeless, who are the victims of our society. At every juncture of this conspiracy that is known as the 'pyramid of corruption', there is a greater and greater possibility of retaliation against those above, until we can see the anger of those at the bottom instigating riots and guerilla actions threatening the entire nature of the state altogether. It is this that we support in our advocation of chaos. Revolution from below, and mutual solidarity with the anger of the people are the only real vehicles we have in the fight for equality and liberation.

Question 54.So why target something like pornography?

We do not only target pornography, we target the state in whatever guise it may take. Having said that, however, we do see pornography as a legitimate target in the role of the revolution that we take. Pornography is the highest evil of the spectacle that brainwashes the people into accepting the state; telling us that women and our comrades are useless commodities to be masturbated at. Pornography, as already pointed out, not only breeds prejudice, but is also linked to rape. Pornography is put on the shelves, not only to divide and corrupt the anger of the revolution, but also to fill the pockets of the pimp who runs it. The C.C.A., as Rebethuins, are in direct advocation that pornography be a target for the prostitutes in order to set up the campaign for liberation that will become the revolution. The end of pornography should be the first demand of the revolutionary guerilla.

Question 55.What else do you target as being part of the state?

We target the state on two levels. Firstly we target those icons that the left have always fought, that be the government, the warders, the police and the bosses. But more importantly we target those icons of the state that run the spectacle in order to uphold this dictatorship that is in the most part run by the sex industry. We target drug pushers, pornography, drug squad, but mostly pimps. The police are the first target for terrorist actions to secure demands from the state, but the chaotic revolution is to overthrow all of this. Hence our advocation of guerilla warfare.

Question 56.Then do you advocate drugs?

To an extent, yes we do support drug use. We support the trade and use of cannabis as a part of the black market that exists in vice and prostitution. However, we have never supported the use or distribution of hard drugs. The sex industry is entirely run through the trade in hard drugs, and we believe that this is an issue that should be taken as an issue by the left. Having said that, we do believe that there will always be a trade in hard drugs, and we believe that this is an issue that should be considered political in the crimeworld.

Question 57.Should hard drugs be taboo?

We believe that hard drugs should be taboo both in youth culture and on the streets, whatever the actions of the police force or the propaganda of those that tell us not to use them. It has been much too often that children have died or been forced into sex rings for the price of a hit or a fix. Dope or drink don't hurt you, but we stand by the rules of youth culture, where we find them, that state it is not cool to take crack or inject. Youth culture will learn that hard drugs fuck you up (as does Depixol). Don't be a puppet for a drug pusher; don't take hard drugs.

Question 58.Why target drug dealers?

We have nothing against the youth culture that skin up and deal cannabis. However, hard drugs are a culture that has to be tackled as an issue in itself if the revolution is to be successful. The revolution is about taking control of our own lives against Satanism and the state, and there are already too many good people forced into prostitution because of the dealer and hard drugs. If revolution is to end the problems in society, then hard drugs are an issue to be sorted out. The C.C.A. believe that revolutions' contend with this issue anyway, and look forward to the day when people realise that hard drugs are evil and end the monopolies of vice through solidarity and mutual aid.

Question 59.You target Satanism?

We believe that Satanism is the main target in the struggle against the state. In recent years, the only thing standing between the people and the overall overthrow of the state has been the Church of Satan. Our own members have been forced into Satanism in the role of fighting for revolution, and we believe that the entire wheels of the sex industry, and therefore the rest of the spectacle that upholds the state, is protected by Satanism. It is for this reason that the C.C.A., as a political faction of prostitutes liberation, see Satanism as being a target. Post revolution, pornography, and all other wheels of Satanism would be abolished, and those known as Satan Worshippers will be targets for militant revolutionaries with petrol bombs.

Question 60.How do you intend to fight Satanism?

Satanism manifests itself through those vehicles that uphold the state; through pornography, prostitution and abuse. The is why the C.C.A., as Rebethuin anarchists, support the movement of prostitutes liberation which stands to overthrow all of this. Without the Church of Satan; the Angry Brigade, the miners revolt and the uprising of Strangeways would all have been successful. As anarchists, we believe in revolution from below, and support Aksmos in every threat to pornography and every wheel of Satanism that exists to oppress the people. Satanism can be overthrown from below.

Question 61.Should Satanism be taboo?

Satanism should be taboo if the Church of Satan run pornography, prostitution, the spectacle and the state; that be in the order in which it is run. Satanism is an evil, and revolutionaries and militant prostitutes have been forced into Satanism through no fault of their own, in order for the Church of Satan to end retaliation and dissent against their practices; the debates discussed in this booklet being issues in contention. It is for this reason that we should not persecute every sadomasochist or prostitute that ends up joining Satanism. Many have been set up, and infiltration into Satanism is important in the role of co ordinating the guerillas that will lead the revolution. Satanism is taboo, and will stay that way. We do not intend to stir Satanism any further than that inevitably caused by our advocation of war against their organisation.

Question 62.Are the police Satanists?

It is the case that many high standing members of the police force have joined the Church of Satan. Without mentioning names, it is common to see these members of the police force attending Satanic rituals, and a conspiracy of silence surrounds this. It is for this reason that we accuse the vast conspiracy of power revolving around the Satanic Church of being the conspiracy that runs the state. It is for this reason that we have grounds to accuse pornographers of being the pimps that uphold Satanism and hence the state.

Question 63.Are the police a target?

We have not accused the police of being responsible for every evil; they are not the worst of the evil that uphold the state. This is where we have split from the mainstream of anarchism. However, the police always have been, and always will be a target for the revolution. It is the police who protect the law of the ruling classes, turn a blind eye to prostitution and allow the Satanic conspiracy of the pornographer in the name of what they call 'justice'. The chaotic revolution will be fought, in the main part, against the police and army, and those who refuse to change sides will be fought as the enemy of the revolution as it exists to fight Satanism, capitalism and exploitation as one issue within itself.

Question 64.Would you change sides?

The point is that the people cannot change sides. The people are persecuted in a constant chain of exploitation, that works according to the triangle of corruption that we have already discussed, keeping the wealthy in the position of power that they hold, which is perpetuated ultimately by the prejudice born from the sex industry, that can only work with the protection of the police and army; enforced by Satanism. The only way in which those in the slums can change sides, is by choosing to join the police or army at a young age through schooling. Those in prostitution have no chance of changing sides,or even of rising in society; their only chance is to pick up the gun. At the same time, the rich and powerful only choose not to change sides because they know that their situation is one where they are protected by the police, and is one where they can exploit the people without ever having to take chances with vice on their own terms.

Question 65.So schools are conditioning people to take sides against the revolution?

Schools are the most important centres for the manipulation and brainwashing employed by the government. Children are forced to attend schools at an early age, and then deliberately conditioned into accepting the authority and control ethic imposed by the ruling classes in order to stay in their elitist positions of power. Schools are deliberately set up to do this, and their main purpose is control. The C.C.A. campaign to see the end of all schools in the struggle to end all forms of exploitation, prejudice and control, wherever we find them. In a post revolutionary society there would be no need for schools, as there would be chaos and everybody would be free.

Question 66.Then chaotic anarchism means we can burn down schools?

As the supporters of prostitutes liberation and Aksmos, the C.C.A. firmly believe that arson is a legitimate weapon of guerilla warfare. In the role of the revolution, we would stand by the Welsh Mabion Glendower in their advocations and arguments for arson in guerilla warfare, especially as an autonomous act of guerilla war from the prostitutes. We stand by all those revolutionaries doing time or on the run for actions of burning schools, although we are a political faction standing outside the cause of guerilla warfare for political advocation. The point we raise against arson is that it can be a dangerous political tool, as even advocation can get people arrested.

Question 67.But if there were a chaotic revolution, then surely we would burn down the prisons aswell?

True. If to burn down schools, then burn the prisons aswell. Post chaotic revolution, those establishments that are founded by the drug pushers setting people up and the ruling classes with their meglomaniacal bent on control, will already have been raised to the ground. Society will be one libertarian fight against greed. We believe that a distinction should be made between the actions of the revolution, i.e. burning the schools, and the actions of post revolutionary society, i.e. painting the army tanks purple and yellow. Burning the schools is an action that will bring about our emancipation; growing vegetables on a motorway is an action of our survival. There will be a libertarian society when the establishments of exploitation and conditioning have been raised to the ground.

Question 68.If there is no place for prison, then why does such a draconian systemexist?

Prison is another example of establishment for control. Prison, like school, is one more example of the state forcing the hand of God when conditioning has not been accepted. The government, with power established through hundreds of years of forcing exploitation, exercise control through imprisoning those that are seen to be 'undesirable', or have broken rules that are imposed through hundreds of years of the Church. This system exists entirely for the benefit of the ruling classes to run society through their own Satanic judiciary. Those martyrs for the poor and downtrodden who have struggled to campaign for our freedom in society have always found themselves behind bars. It is for this reason that we support Aksmos as guerillas in the struggle for the emancipation of our comrades and every prisoner who riots in the struggle for a better society and towards revolution.

Question 69.What about the mentally ill?

A successful revolution would hopefully change societies attitude, not only in terms of racism and prejudice against women, but also in terms of stigma towards those who are mentally ill. With all houses being lived in, and with many people living in vehicles, there would be no need for 'secure housing', and psychiatric hospitals would have open doors. If the views of society were different, then those who are mentally ill would be able to receive treatment in a manner that was neither authoritarian or degrading. If this were the case it would be acceptable to live in a mental hospital, and society would look after the mentally ill until they were rehabilitated in order to help society in freedom. However, to do this, it would have to be instated that mental hospitals would be places of complete sanctuary in society. This is inherent in our struggle against the pimps.

Question 70.Then there would be no need for secure hospitals to exist?

The secure hospitals that exist for those who break the law because of voices or delusions will no longer exist come the revolution. They will be demolished from within as a part of the uprising of chaos that capitalism impends. No longer will our comrades the mentally ill be chained like animals or raped with injections due to the evil of the capitalist, the pusher and the pimp. Understanding is our nature, and an understanding society will care for our schizophrenics and depressives until they are well.

Question 71.Are Satanists mentally ill?

The C.C.A. would stand by Aksmos in saying that Satanists are not mentally ill. Very many important icons of the ruling classes have joined the Church of Satan who work in public and within the government without any hindrance at all. We do not believe that mental illness can be used as an excuse for Satanism. Satanism is an evil and must be abolished as an act of revolution.

Question 72.Are anarchists mentally ill?

A myth still exists that anarchists are mentally ill. In most cases this is actually not the case. Still, it is the case that on occasions, the anarchists have been set up and wrongly sectioned because of the corruption of the state. The system of psychiatric care seems to vindicate us under the obese perspective of the doctors with their charts and their tables, and anarchists have been known to be set up and persecuted by the mental health system on the basis of our political views not being accepted. In the case of those anarchists who are mentally ill, a misunderstanding syringe lies at the other end of their recovery, and they are often bludgeoned by the shrinks and the liquid kosh until they are brainwashed into accepting the 'democratic line' of accepting the prejudice born of societies stigma whilst still unable to vote.

Question 73.Are the mentally ill a target?

The revolution should be clear that the mentally ill are not a target, and that allowances should be made to help those who are suffering from a mental illness. We should protect our comrades in order to create a society that is both caring and understanding. The revolution we advocate is one without any prejudice, and we should work alongside the mentally ill in order to create a better world.

Question 74.So do you advocate guerilla warfare on behalf of the mentally ill?

Yes we do. The C.C.A. fight for the equality of all people, in particular our comrades the mentally ill. For too long now have right wing doctors with their privileged upbringings and sectioning orders spat in the face of truth because of their own misjudgements that are the result of their arrogant knowledge of anti psychotic drugs and symptoms. We advocate guerilla war on behalf of all our comrades who are a part of the revolution; not least those who are mentally ill or in hospital due to the clinical bias of the shrinks. The day hospitals have open doors is when we shall declare ourselves victorious. The strategy of the mentally ill is the way out of the madhouse.

Question 75.Why become a guerilla?

Become a guerilla to fight for the emancipation of our brothers and sisters exploited by the state. Join Aksmos for the liberation of yourselves and your comrades in the struggle against the pornographer and the pimp. Guerillas are freedom fighters and are the vanguards of our liberation. Become a guerilla to be a part in the revolution against prejudice and the state. Become a guerilla to end the situation that working people are in today. Be a partisan of liberation. Our emancipation lies in struggle and in arms.

Question 76.Why the need for a citizens militia?

There is a need for Aksmos as a citizens militia, as the only way that this system will fall, is if overthrown from below. The citizens militia is the voice of the people in a world where the vast mass of people are exploited by those who run the state with their advocations of pornography and vice quietly spoken with the blind eye they turn to it from the top of the pyramid of destruction that they control. The world will only be changed if the working people take up arms to end the system that they are exploited in. Prostitutes will eventually be free when they take up the balaclava in order to shoot the pimps and those that uphold them.

Question 77.How will shooting pimps mean freedom?

The solution for the shoplifter is to shoot the policeman that arrests them, and on a larger scale, the solution if you are exploited in prostitution is to shoot the pimp who puts you there. But then you will be arrested for manslaughter. This is why we support the anarchists as a faction to shoot the police and the judge. The solution when you are arrested for manslaughter or arson in the name of the revolution is to shoot the factions of the state that arrest you. The struggle for prostitutes liberation is a much larger situation than just self defence. It involves revolution, and means the emancipation of the people on a much larger scale.

Question 78.Why dont guerillas already say this?

A lot of what we say has already been upheld by guerillas for a long time, although the cause of Aksmos has not yet been established. Most guerilla organisations run in a single order and, although guerillas are revolutionary, they often campaign for what the left often see as being single issues in politics. Guerilla warfare has, on the whole, not yet reached its revolutionary potential, and those who do work on an active level are still trying, often in vain, to win demands made by the state. The organisation we support are very much about changing their own way of life through taking vigilante stance against those directly responsible for abuse; most often the pimps and the police. We have studied guerilla warfare and support the movement of prostitutes liberation and free trade that is growing on the street.

Question 79.So are guerillas sectarian?

In terms of structure and organisation, it is often said that guerillas are sectarian. The pressures of police investigation and having to support prisoners are two factors that make it this way. However, despite disputes between guerilla factions, such as we have seen most recently in Northern Ireland, in a political sense, guerillas fight for unity between the political factions that their issue supports. The left are quick to accuse, and the right are quick to condemn, but the fact of the matter is that to be sectarian would work against the issue, and would only serve to divide.

Question 80.Having said this, how can it be justified to 'organise' revolution?

There is always an argument that revolutionary activity, in the context of guerilla warfare or riot, is counter productive. The left will argue that if riot did not take place then there would be more anger against the law that is actually instated in retaliation against these riots. The majority of the left have refused to support our comrades in Ireland, purely because of the press campaign against them. There is no place for this. Retaliation is the outcome of anger against the class system that always inevitably exploits the poorest on the streets; those that are potentially the revolutionary guerilla. Marx himself said "...unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains". There is no place for sectarianism. Together we are strong.

Question 81.But aren't guerillas accentuating a situation?

The situation being accentuated by guerillas is the situation of the government forcing oppression upon the people. Guerilla struggle is a constant battle between those that are exploited and those who are running the state. In a situation which is a constant struggle between the people and the spectacle, enforced by the police, we blame the state for their moves to exploit the people further and further with the excuse that is our resistance; guerillas are freedom fighters, and are not responsible for our oppression. The only reason why any situation is accentuated by the people is government excuse making in their futile squabbles to stay in control of the state.

Question 82.Is revolution the only answer?

Whilst the state continue to exploit people for sex in order to run a system that oppresses the vast majority through brainwashing, there is only one answer. In a world where so much greed and degradation can be swept under the carpet by governments who dictate because of their belief that they are better than us, we believe that people can no longer sit back and watch this world move further and further towards dictatorship before it eventually collapses. We believe that revolution is inevitable, and that we must set up here in resistance of the Satanists and pimps that control the state world-wide in order to secure free trade and solidarity. The state will never allow us freedom from the laws and beurocracy that are imposed to benefit the rich. We must set up now to take control of our own lives and in anticipation of the coming situation of chaos.

Question 83.After years of feminist philosophy, why does it take you to say this now?

As we have already pointed out, this is not a philosophy to tell people what to do. This is more a booklet that is written in order to reflect the views of the catalyst that has set up on the streets of the inner cities in order to do something about the worsening situation that is the fault of the political system that exists in this country. Feminist politics have been influential in the rising of this philosophy, as have the riots against the Poll Tax and the general resistance that grew out of anger against Conservative party state. Feminist politics have always been the voice against pornography, and members of the feminist movement have been helpful both in helping those exploited on the street, and in the fight against those who run the system; that be the system that is entirely controlled by enforcing prejudice against women. This help we have received from the feminists in the setting up of this organisation has been invaluable, and we intend to support the feminists in every way in which we are capable in the future.

Question 84.Then are Aksmos feminist guerillas?

If feminists wished to be guerilla, then they would have set up as such a very long time ago. However, as supporters of Aksmos, we can say that they agree with a lot of what feminists say. Feminists stand for the liberation of women, and as such are our friends in the cause of the destruction of a system that feeds like a parasite from the people through pornography and prostitution. We would value support from the feminists, and stand by them in every way we can in the struggle for our liberation and day to day survival.

Question 85.Do you have any disagreements with feminism?

There are many different factions within feminism, most of whom we support. However, we have one dispute with the feminists, and that is where they label the politics of the C.C.A., "feminism for men". The politics of the C.C.A. have grown from the underground of resistance that exists on the streets, and our politics aim to represent all those involved in the revolution. We reject a the stigma that comes from the feminists, which is often thrown at guerillas, in the same way that we reject the stigma that is thrown against women prostitutes, still acknowledging that the feminists are opposed to this same stigma themselves. Having said that, we have a lot of support for the feminist movement; we are not "feminism for men", we are allies with womens struggle in the underground of guns and prostitution.

Question 86.What use is riot against this system?

We consider the tactic of riot to be more important than the entire tactic of guerilla struggle as a whole. In the situation of riot we have sound strength and solidarity in numbers. Any individual that riots has the potential of becoming part of the greater struggle on a bigger scale, and all are in the situation of being one in the retaliation of the riot. Every riot is one step more towards the eventual collapse of chaotic revolution that we see as being inevitable, and that we advocate. We support all riot, and offer solidarity to all those who are political prisoners because of riot.

Question 87.What use is guerilla warfare when guerillas fail?

Revolution is an on going process, and there are victories and defeats in war. We would argue that no guerillas fail. The purpose of guerilla warfare is to emancipate the people from those that oppress us. We would argue that no individual who picks up the gun for the purposes of emancipating her of his comrade is ever a failure. All guerillas are martyrs in the war against oppression, regardless of who they work for, revolutionary or counter terrorist.

Question 88.What about traitors?

The C.C.A. have nothing against traitors, and would actually go as far as to say we support them. Struggle against prostitution is dirty, with the rat race of the street playing every move available to them in order to end dispute. We would be in no way surprised to see our comrades being set up as traitors in a move to kill our movement, it has happened so many times before. We see no need to persecute traitors, as traitors from the enemy are traitors to us. The movement is a greater issue, with more than two sides at play. If we persecute traitors, then we are leaving ourselves open to the ratrace of vice and the vice squad to destroy what we have built. In a struggle to support an issue associated with such controversy, such as the struggle against Satanism, then we need to support our allies, with as much help as we can give them.

Question 89.Isn't prison a deterrent?

Prison has proven to be no deterrent to the drug pushers and the pimps who are responsible for so much imprisonment themselves, and it is no deterrent for us. The struggle we put before ourselves. However, we have to support both the guerillas of Aksmos who have found themselves behind bars, and every other comrade who is imprisoned because of crimes of their mercy. Prisons are the circuses of the state, aswell as being targets for our campaign that advocates destruction. After the revolution there will be no place for prisons, as the problems in society will be resolved by mutual aid, and distribution of food and commodities will be down to free trade. (More in Part II).

Question 90.If revolution is inevitable, then why fight?

The reason we fight is to campaign for a better existence. In a sense we are vigilante, although we support the prostitutes and homeless groups that vigilantes have traditionally been against. The reason we fight is to establish a place in the revolution, and to work towards a fair revolutionary system of free trade. Guerilla warfare is an ongoing struggle, and in a state of perpetual revolution, the C.C.A. campaign to support our comrades in arms.

Question 91.What do you stand to lose?

The C.C.A. have everything to gain and everything to lose. In the struggle for revolution, the odds against us are great. However, the C.C.A. are a solidarity campaign, and those that take the risks are the guerillas that we support. In the struggle to overthrow government and Satanism world-wide the risks are put before us, and are risks that we choose to take. The revolution lies before us, and the risks we take in order to create a better world are inevitable in any guerilla struggle. We see the risks as being an inevitable part of the struggle in the day to day fight that is setting up against pimps, drug pushers, police members, prisons, Satanism, pornography and every other icon of the spectacle and the state that are there to keep us under the control of the bosses and dictators for the ends of their own greed and sickness for control.

Question 92.Will there still be sex?

The end of the state and organised prostitution does not mean that there will not be sex. There is nothing fulfilling in a one night stand involving money and an individual that you will never see again. Pornography and prostitution are the two main tools used by the state to brainwash and divide the people. We believe that in a society of revolutionary chaos and mutual aid, then the attitude to sex and prostitution will be completely different to those held by large numbers of people today. With attitudes to issues like prostitution changed, and with womens rights accepted, then we would hope for a libertarian view to be taken by the mass of post revolutionary society. Without pornography, societies views will be changed anyway. We would hope that revolution would mean a free and more libertarian view on how we look at each other and sex.

Question 93.Will the end of pornography mean rape?

Under the capitalist dictatorship of pornography that exists in this country today, pornography will only be ended through the direct action of the citizens militia in the struggle towards revolution. This direct action, if constructed properly, as we see as being realistic in supporting Aksmos, will lead to the gradual end of stigma in a society prejudiced against both womens liberation and guerillas. We believe that a catalyst of prostitutes taking up arms in order to fight for the liberation of women, fighting directly against stigma and Satanism, will eventually be seen to exist as a vanguard. It is through this that prostitutes will earn respect in society, and thereby instigate cultural change whereby the end of pornography will not mean the end of pornography meaning rape.

Question 94.When will this guerilla war end?

The initial cause of the guerilla war that we advocate is to inspire solidarity with our cause and the coming revolution. But guerilla war will not end there. Aksmos will continue until the complete overthrow of the state, and will stay active after that in order to prevent corruption and counter revolution. The prostitute liberation guerilla will not be corrupt, as they are the grassroots militia of the street that have inspired revolt in order to win a better life and liberation from the pimps and the Satanists that control society with their threats and cheap thrills. Revolution from below cannot be ended; not through the threats of the pimps, and not through the pedantic left wing squabbling of the unions. Guerilla warfare is a constant struggle and is victory as the revolutionary answer that it is in itself.

Question 95.Is chaotic anarchism workable?

If chaotic anarchism is not workable as a system of helping those who are exploited and those who are disadvantaged in the time of collapse that lies before us, then the wanton destruction and authoritarian rule of wars, dictatorship and brainwashing that lie ahead will be the most appalling and bloody rule of dictators that society has ever seen. Capitalism is steadily burning itself out as the exploitation, profiteering and degradation of our society fight tooth and nail for bigger and bigger gains from the rule of the spectacle that is enforced by pornography. Communism offers nothing better. If the people are not ready to take up arms now in the name of liberation, then the chaos that lies ahead will not mean a society for the people to live as one. It will mean an empty wasteland of destruction ruled by the parasitic pimps and capitalists that have set up to win the game of two party state.

Question 96.Is prostitutes liberation realistic?

Prostitutes liberation is a realistic theory if we are given both the time and understanding we need from the left in order to establish ourselves as support for a guerilla faction that already exist. The C.C.A. are not trying to tell anyone what to do; we are merely fighting for our freedom as the advocates of guerilla warfare and the supporters of Aksmos. Although still small, with the time and support we need to set up, we believe that guerilla warfare could be motivated on the streets in order to secure ourselves a better future and a better way of life. We see prostitutes liberation as being the motivation of the future. Valhalla.

Question 97.Is this really a better future?

The future offered to us by the bosses and the pimps is no future. Only by taking control of our own lives, and thereby taking control of our own future, can we really achieve a society that is libertarian and equal. We will stand by the anarchists who fight for revolution, and we will stand by all those who support our cause. The future will be a better future if we make it a better future. The future is there to be built by solidarity and struggle. Valhalla.

Question 98.Why does this have to be world-wide?

We support Aksmos as an outlawed organisation. If a chaotic revolution is to be successful then we must fight the state on a level across the globe. Free distribution on a global scale can be organised through mutual aid, and the feeding of starving millions is a problem that we can solve with militant co operation. There will be no laws, and no threats from dictators. Liberation and food across the globe are demands that are within our grasp advocating chaos. One revolution world-wide; not the corruption of the capitalist dictator.

Question 99.How does this affect me?

You will now be aware of the views of the C.C.A. and the prostitutes liberation guerilla. The views in this pamphlet are the views of the revolutionary riot organisers and guerillas that have risen from a position on the street that often offers no hope. We ask everybody to take the views of the sex industry workers into account before buying, or condoning, pornography, prostitution, violence against women or any of the other issues offensive to women and the struggle. We advocate and support all those who take up arms, or even get out of the armchair to support the prostitutes and the revolution that the C.C.A. support. The future will be one of many disputes and political changes. We hope it will be one that means change and liberation for the poor and exploited people of the world.

Question 100.Will prostitution ever end?

Prostitution will end if prostitutes take up arms to end it. But we see this as being the start of a bigger situation. Prostitution is the exploitation of sex for money. Without money or any other form of exploitative barter, then prostitution will no longer be a viable way in which to exploit people for sex. That is why we advocate a revolution. Revolution on the first level to destroy the state; to end police, prisons schools, politicians and laws. Revolution on the next level to be led by the catalyst of those exploited the worst in order to end prejudice, deceit and corruption. The revolution will create a better world. A world without degradation, exploitation, deceit. World-wide revolution to overthrow Satanism, the state and pimp.

Question 101.How can I join the C.C.A.?

"In order to try to build a revolutionary movement from the ashes and splinters of the left in the current era of the impending dawn of the New Age, the C.C.A. have decided to start initiating membership. This will be via invitation only, and there will be a charge of £20 for all those who join (free to prisoners). This is not to be seen as any attempt to be elitist or sectarian, rather a procedure to build a movement free from police and corruption.

"Members of the C.C.A. will be initiated via the post, and will receive all editions of this newsletter, a regular internal bulletin, copies of all literature printed by the Guerilla Press and, as well as that, will be entitled to attend conferences that we will organise upon discharge from psychiatric hospital.

"Naturally, we will not be able to initiate everybody who wishes to join, and we will have to refuse some membership. But if you believe that your group should be initiated, then write to us putting your case to join, stating how you will be able to help us out.

"The C.C.A. will continue to operate within the law, but will continue to agitate towards the cause of organised revolution and Rebethuin Fundamentalism. [Send no money now, because we may have to return it]. If you want to know more, then get in touch..."The CRUXIFYER. Volume1, Issue 2, JAN/FEB 1998.