The right of Tim Thompson as the author and programmer of this WebSite is asserted under the Copyrights and Patents Act 1988.Everything on this Site, from each individual essay / page, to the design and layout of the text is the work of myself, and if Ruth Kettle believes that she can use media mis-reporting and Libel to claim to have responsibility for the work of The Guerilla Press, then we state our open opposition and disgust.These essays are the lifetimes work of myself, as the head of the Guerilla Press and the Advocation Group: and I reserve the right to be held responsible.TIM THOMPSON15/3/07.
Throughout the history of The Guerilla Press we have, at frequent points during our history, supported arson as a justified political activity.We would at this juncture, however, like to point out that this is seriously no longer the case.The literature posted on this WebSite should be regarded as the historical view of The Advocation - and not the view that we would adhere to now.Arson is indiscriminate, destructive, and it maims.As an organization and political stance we will no longer either stand by nor support any action of arson, however considered political.Anyone who should start fire does so at their own risk, AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THE VIEWS POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE.THE GUERILLA PRESS 16/3/07.