First Introductory Page to Advocist Manifesto.


It is in the name of claiming responsibility, that I publish these works. These essays are the work of a front for the revolutionary activity of one riot organising group, who set up to disseminate propaganda towards the liberation of the prostitutes, since 1990. It is in this, that I believe this work should carry a disclaimer.

The essays in this book are controversial. Maybe too controversial to find a publisher. But in the name of publishing this work, I should point out that, I do not advocate arson in the context of some of the essays in this book; this book is sold for the benifit of those that wish to follow the history of a revolutionary press, and for the purposes of interest only. In the past, when we have advocated arson, this has only been in the context of the revolutionary struggle at the time. This is not a book to tell people to go out to commit an arson. It is a revolutionary commodity.

The Guerilla Press were, and still are, a foundation to raise awareness into the situation of what is struggle in the country today. I call these works 'Neo Situationist', basically because they propose a form of situationism, not born from the struggle of Paris '69, as were the earlier works of situationism that were inspired through unrest. These essays are directly inspired through the revolt against the Poll Tax of the early decade. The decade before the youth of 2000.

These essays follow the current movement of Neo Situationism, starting with the essays that initially led to our being unfairly sectioned with the manuscript to 101 Questions. The chronology digresses towards the more established views of the situationist movement, with the 'Statement of Intent'. Despite this, these works carry a common theme, and that is the revolutionary liberation of the prostitutes.

Being influenced by the uprisings of the early '90s', this work discusses the situation of the prostitutes, and consideres the influence they had in organising a renaisance that has currently not taken place. In this, 'Satans Testicles', and concurrent Volumes discuss the revolutionary work of the C.C.A. and the Guerilla Press, this work in particular, discussing a new revolutionary view that the prostitutes will eventually rise to overthrow British capitalism, as the roman Empire was overthrown from the periphery. These philosophies are controversial, we know, as they have led to the continuation of sectioning and repeated increases in medication.

We do not necessarily follow the letter of all of our publications. The 'Statement of Intent' is followed with a disclaimer that was printed and circulated directly after the response to its release and dissemination. Other essays need to be discussed, and therefore each essay is preceeded with a preliminary introduction.

This is the first entire book to be published by ourselves, although, as said, it is a compilation of the previous works that we have published, Guerilla Press propaganda is sent out for free, in the name of escalating the debate inspired by revolutions of previous years, in particular the revolts of this country, particularly since the beggining and end of Class War. In the name of 'Propaganda', the Guerilla Press are setting out to deliberately create an issue; in that to build from the struggles against the Poll Tax that so nearly threatened a revolution. In this, we do not go out to discuss 'mistakes' that were made in the name of a revolutionary moment of fire, we coin the term in defyance, but to build on the productive moves made by all revolutionaries, intellectual and militant, from that situation. But there is more to it that supporting a situation that now rests as the past.

Revolution isn't something that once nearly happened and should be celebrated as forgotten. As pointed out, movements have risen from those situations of unrest, and we see ourselves as one of them. As a revolutionary press, we have gone out to create an issue from those memories, to support those involved and to try to discuss the issues of the 'situation'. We draw from the works of Guy Debord, Valerie Solanis and Che. All these people are influences on our work. But more importantly, that strategies og the Guerilla Press are that. In propaganda, guerilla.

We need not explain this. The dissemination of propaganda, financed by the donations of those on our contacts list, has undermined the absolute authority of post revolutionary dictatorship. Drawing from the situation of Strangeways, we have seen the government being overthrown, but refusing to step down to the people. We have seen an uprising overthrow the state, only to let democracy instate further dictators over the liberty of the people. And we believe that the militancy of the prostitutes, is the only way in which revolution can be successfully organised. Revolution may take place without that, but the prostitutes against authority may become a revolutionary issue, and it is that which this book sets out to discuss. The prostitutes may eventually have no role to play in revolution, but concurrent unrest has seen them as a necessary part of the uprising of libertarian change.

Further than this, these esssays may digress from this as a single issue. The 'Statement of Intent' particularly points to this; its publication was probably the most controversial of our publications. The inclusion of our published renunciation is an example of our conscience. But it did serve a role in the change in attitudes that glimmers, that the Guerilla Press intend to build, and that will become apparant as the work of the Guerilla Press is acknowledged by the people and the prostitutes themselves. These works are controversial, we admit, but they have all served a deliberate purpose.In the name of the guerilla dissemination of propaganda, they have all served a deliberate role.

Asides from anything else, we feel that the work of the Guerilla Press is important in supporting the active resistance against the psychiatric regiem. In reality I suffer from the illness of the state and their absolute mania of control. Next to that I suffer from the split personalities of Satanism vs Good. The psychosis in my head that spurns me to write the follwing words is the result of the perpetual battle between evil and law. But it is not the result of my supposed battle with schizophrenia. State control is in itself a form of psychosis. Political disquiet is not.

To explain, the role of the Guerilla Press is to battle Big Brother. The state is monitoring thought.

This may sound like a symptom of psychosis; particularly if you happen to be a doctor. But the reality of this future, is that the unthinkable is now apparant. That is that, despite the supposed freedom allowed in society, the press have begun the totallity of control through the monitoring of thought. This theme runs through the works herein; and is the issue under which we protest. Although the evidence to prove the situation of Big Brother exists only hypothetically, it is going on; and I believe that this, when acknowledged, will eventually prove the historical importance, not only of this book, but also of the Guerilla Press ourselves, and the validity of our campaign agaist false sectioning; Evil vs Good.

We campaign against the monitoring of thought. We are a pressure group to demand rights for the unemployed, the prostitutes and the mentally ill. We are a revolutionary front. The purpose of this group, is to demonstrate how a resistance to Big Brother can exist: to liberate the future. We stand in campaign, whilst being monitored in the process of doing that; simultaniously being reported and slandered in the name of the press trying to kill revolutionary spirit, and we defy this through 'campaign by example'. This is the role of the Guerilla Press. Not to build our egos'. And not to try to rip off counter revolutionaries who are now blatantly lying that they have written for the Guerilla Press, and been published under our name. The copyright carries that disclaimer: She has no case to sue for liabel.