THIRTEEN: The Views of AKSMOS in extra-parliamentary Struggle Against the State.



According to Karl Marx, "The history of all hitherto society is the history of class struggles". However, as a result of worldwide communist collapse, AKSMOS believe that the history of class struggle in this country is the conflict between those who the state say have commit crime, and the police. Prostitutes are a militant part of the crimeworld and, as such, are in a position of potential influence and possible militant threat to the state. Whilst we believe that the situation with hostages should be put back into the hands of the prostitutes, we observe the attitude of the left towards AKSMOS politics, watching for prejudice or stigma, and signs as to whether it is corrupt. We see that a large part of the left wing are deliberately against the movement of prostitutes liberation on the grounds of hypocrisy, and their own secret leanings towards the right wing under the banner of the established left, and we believe that a faction of the revolution is being ignored.

It is more than a century ago that Karl Marx wrote in his epics that inspired the movement of workers struggle, in the days when the industrial revolution had only just begun pushing the poor into the system of factories, which were just beginning as the pillars of society that is the totality of the state today. The days when society was yet to learn of the evil of the capitalist boss; the days when philosophers had only just begun to debate the ethics of the industrial revolution; the days before the Soviet revolution proved Marxism a reality. But in the current debate, AKSMOS believe that this construction of greed is, we go so far as to say, superficial when posed with the political disputes and struggle that have never yet been discussed as a single issue of the peoples revolt. This being the exploitation of women in 'the oldest profession' The oldest profession being prostitution.

Things have moved a long way since the writings of Karl Marx and his analysis of society under the oppression of the bosses. The government seem to be able to account for any move planned by 'the revolution'. As Karl Marx himself pointed out, innumerable commodities are endlessly cascading around shop windows like a circus of factory exploitation, all accepted by consumer society, produced by the workers in factories, working with little help from the unions and political parties that are supposed to support them, and existing in waged slavery under the capitalist spectacle that supports a boss who gets fat from the profits of that exploited labour. This society of consumerist protection has come about fairly recently since the days of Karl Marx and Engles, but however, has never been unanimously accepted; the large majority of Marxists opposing it with tactics rising from the birth of the unions to the lonely paper selling factions that we see on the street every day in the present day.

Society has risen to be like this, and with the rising of this society that is evil, one political faction have stayed impartial and still exploited by every move played for and against the state. That minority are the worlds oldest profession. That society are the prostitutes.

The prostitutes have always been a downtrodden faction in society, and aswell as being persecuted by the men that force them into prostitution in the first place, prostitutes have also, on occasion, found themselves being persecuted by the left, who either perceive the movement of prostitutes as being something 'dirty', or fail to recognise the prostitutes as the potential revolutionary faction that we stand to establish today. The feminists in the past have been known to take a similar point of view to the blind following of the Marxists, seeing prostitutes as being a faction in society that work for the purposes of men, this being something they oppose in their perspective and stance in revolution. We, as an establishment advocating both equality and liberation, would like to see this society change in its attitude towards women altogether, in our struggle to emancipate the working woman, and hence we state that we hope that feminists will accept our interpretation of the prostitutes militia in society, and join us in the revolutionary struggle for the emancipation and equality of society.

The Marxists have little say in how a revolution would be run, with their left wing papers and their representation within unions that seem to pervey sexism and cynicism to the movement of AKSMOS struggle. It is for this reason that we split from the arrogant sectarianism of the extra parliamentary paper selling left, in order to stand as a militant organisation with our knowledge of how revolution manifests through our perspective of life on the street.

Prostitution goes back to time immemorial, the Bible referring to Rebecca as being the first prostitute (Genisis 22.23-27.1), and going into detail about 'whores' in depth in many paragraphs throughout the Old Testament. The Bible of Israel tells us repeatedly that "God hates the temple whores", saying that God will take revenge, although from working with them for the idea and theme of this work, we can see nothing fundamentally wrong with their organisation.

Religions refer to prostitution throughout history, the ancient Greeks having amazing stories to tell about the work of the prostitutes in the civilisations of ancient Greece, and the achievements of the whores, whilst many ancient cultures have stories about the 'concubines' of whatever King, or the 'black temple whores' of their civilisation. Generally speaking, the exploitation of working women is documented well throughout history. But none of this fable comes close to the degradation and exploitation of women in western society today.

The situation that women are in today is one of oppression forced by the state in order to keep the government upheld. Pornography and rape are regular occurrences in the world today, the press reporting attacks on women with more regularity than the weather. Women are left vulnerable as the major part of society; society constantly accepting atrocities like rape and forced prostitution, with pornography being accepted by society to such an extent that there is a tabloid newspaper devoted entirely to pornography and the sexual exploitation of women. The Sunday Sport is accepted in pornography, and sold purely on the basis of its degrading portrayal of women, whilst distributed in a manner implying that it is disassociated with the top shelf. Children are vulnerable to the degrading imagery that this tabloid paper portrays, and in its tabloid format it is a spectacle intended to stereotype women further into the capitalist culture of pornography that pornography today is produced to perpetuate.

We are regularly stereotyped by the images that the capitalist admen force on women and the rest of society, portraying women as objects of sex in order to run the system that situationists call 'the spectacle', which in turn runs the totalitarian wheels of money, capitalism and Satanism as a greater thing in itself today. In western society, the spectacle of capitalism is forever trying to tell the people what to think and what to be. AKSMOS advocate the destruction of this system, starting with the militant liberation of women in order to liberate the mind, and end exploitation in society through the struggle for revolution.

Feminists have often said this, and AKSMOS are mediators in revolution, and aim to stand side by side with the feminists to construct a larger cultural movement and fight towards revolution. AKSMOS have split from the mainstream of anarchist and feminist politics, to fight alongside the revolution in order to destroy the system that can only exist alongside the exploitation of women.

Capitalism is an evil that must be destroyed, and AKSMOS believe that the first link in the struggle against the state is the sex industry. The chaotic revolution must be inevitable as capitalism burns itself out due to the exploitation of the people that it perpetuates itself. The advocation of chaotic revolution is only a part in our role in the collapse of civilisation that will eventually take place. This is the Aims and Views of the prostitutes liberation organisation, and the philosophy of the downtrodden. This is the manifesto of AKSMOS in the role of extra parliamentary struggle against the state.

CHAPTER ONE: Violence?

I. DIVIDE AND RULE.We propose the view that instead of being set up to exploit the working people under capitalism, society is more obviously structured to oppress the working woman. Marxists have so frequently reiterated the role of the boss as the bourgeois that live off the backs of the workers they exploit and the oppressors in todays society. Not to discredit Marxism as the revolutionary movement that it is, but in order to debate, we ask; how come the Marxists, with all of their wisdom and philosophical views, have never been at the forefront of any workers revolt? And at the same time, we propose the view that society is actually controlled by the passive brainwashing of the state. This is where AKSMOS declare our radical and political support for the feminist movement, the movement for womens rights in general and the movement of anarchist struggle across the globe.

However, although we support the feminist movement as a radical argument for revolution and an argument for the liberation of the people, we still have some fundamental disagreements. AKSMOS, being largely a movement of prostitutes actively supporting, or acting as, guerillas for the ends of revolution and the sexual liberation of every individual, primarily disagree with the attitude of the majority of feminists against the mass of those women who are exploited in prostitution. As feminists point out, it goes without saying that prostitution is the deliberate fault of men and the evil of those few that exploit women and sex towards the ends of making money. AKSMOS exist to point out, and to protest the point, that prostitution is predominantly run by Satanism.

Rosemary West was just one example of a woman who was exploited by a Satanist and then imprisoned by the government because of a beurocracy that cannot understand the situation or the circumstances of the individual. If Rosemary West had lived for another two years without being arrested, then the chances are that she would have ended up being yet another victim of her evil and homicidal husband, despite the fact that she was, herself a child killer. AKSMOS will struggle to liberate every individual as an act of solidarity and sufferage to support struggle as a part of the cultural revolution that we see as being inevitable after the Convoy, and the preconditions for the revolution itself, without prejudice against any individual who has in any way been set up by the prejudice of Satanism or the state.

The second disagreement we have with the majority of the feminist movement in this country (post womens sufferage), is the policy that feminists take on extermination. The feminist movement have always held it as being inherent in their philosophy, that the solution to the problems in society pointed to by feminist philosophy, would be the suffocation of male babies at birth. Prostitutes have, in the past, openly stated a view that they think feminists when they call for this destruction and suffocation of male babies on the grounds of the understanding held by their position on the street. This issue has always been a bone of contention on both sides of the current movement of sufferage, and has been largely responsible for keeping the prostitutes from being accepted in the womens rights movement, aside from the prejudice of feminists against prostitutes in the first place. As the movement for prostitutes liberation, AKSMOS blame the conditioning of society, and the capitalist spectacle for the exploitation of women that exists in society today. Suffocation is just one dispute that the press have deliberately aggravated in order to disrupt our organisation and prevent us from moving forward towards revolution in the name of the people.

"Divide and rule", as Marx defined it, is only a single tool that the state (all government as it exists under any party) use in order to control society and corrupt the revolution. AKSMOS see pornography as a particularly blatant and extreme example of the spectacle and divide and rule.

Pornography is not only condemned by campaigners for 'English moral standards' under this countries state dictatorship, but is also condemned by campaigners for womens rights. If the role of the state is not to exploit women and push them into a particularly vulnerable position in society, then how can anything as degrading and blatantly right wing as pornography be accepted so easily by such a large number of men? AKSMOS would say that the only reason that society can so easily accept this extremity of evil and capitalism is because of the conditioning of the men who read it. This is the exact same conditioning that puts pornography on the shelves in the first place. AKSMOS point out that pornography is an essential front for the totalitarianism of the capitalist system that we live under, and we believe that pornography is the main tool that the government use in its brainwashing control of the people.

AKSMOS have more sympathy than anger for the sad victims of the system who are trapped into the psychological rut of systematically buying pornography, but declare guerilla war on the pimps that run the pornographic empire, on whatever level they exist, and on those perverts and businessmen who, through pornography, make life unbearable for the women who are their victims. Those women who have to continue life after being the victims of anti social crime without any, or with inadequate help from the police who act as mercenary hit squads employed to support the rich and wealthy for their packets as the elitist agents of the state. The police employ divide and rule on an everyday basis, as what they see as being a justified role in upholding their position in society, and AKSMOS regard them as a target on the same level that we target the pushers and the pimps.

II. LIBERATION SUFFERAGE.Sufferage is something passed on by the Suffragettes, and taken on by our organisation as a militant resistance supporting womens rights.

Womens sufferage was the original wave of liberation politics that won major victories against this system that still exists to exploit women, to secure an equal system for women in politics, and granted women the vote. We share a common view with most feminists when we say that one century on, the system is still just as exploitative and corrupt. Where we disagree with feminism, is where AKSMOS set up as a movement for popular support and declare that the state is evil; and is responsible, through beurocracy, for the imprisonment of every person in this society through the control they exercise, through the laws they pass and the totalitarian system they create. The on going evil of capitalism today.

Statistics state that 5% of the population own 85% of the land and wealth. As guerillas, AKSMOS have a definite strategy of supporting the First of May, and have definite targets. We advocate assassination, guerilla warfare and arson as tools in the cause of revolution. In order to uphold these views as guerillas, and as the outcasts of this society, that persecutes the individual, this organisation believe in sufferage to the point of starvation. AKSMOS have never been hostage takers, but as militant revolutionaries, we maintain the view that morally, the right to take hostages should be unanimously put back into the hands of the prostitutes, as it was in the first place. We believe that in order to successfully fight for revolution, our members should be ready to take the persecution and prejudice that goes with it. Prostitutes being the catalyst for revolution, and as such a threat to established prejudice, already have to put up with this persecution every day of their lives, and by doing so have the potential to overthrow the state; revolution being spurned by cultural change. As an organisation of panthers fighting against prostitution, we believe that, as prostitutes rise against the system that we see as being entirely upheld through the persecution of women, then they would earn the respect once more to be cultural icons. Prostitutes are regularly exploited, abused, taken advantage of, beaten up, raped and so on.

This is why we believe that the emancipation of the people has to begin with those at the bottom of society. The persecution of women, on whatever level it exists, has to be fought: starting with the militant retaliation of the prostitutes to end the situation that they are abused by; the government wheels of Satanism and the state.


I. VIOLENCE.Direct action and violence are two separate issues. Before joining AKSMOS, you should decide which side you take.

Direct action is advocated by AKSMOS if genuinely orchestrated for the good of the people, on all levels that individual actions may take place; that be from shoplifting to gluing the locks of the nearest sex shop, to the extreme of arson, if the actions are planned with press negotiation and with knowledge of the possible threat to any woman who may be involved or linked with any action that may take place.

AKSMOS support the actions of every woman who fought for womens rights at Greenham Common, as we support the peace camps as a radical movement as a whole. The debate we argue is the issue of whether or not we should join in with, or just front for a violent renaissance. If the answer is to participate, then AKSMOS must account for the threat, and set up through guerilla warfare to fight for revolution and the overthrow of all government altogether.

AKSMOS believe that the only way to start all out revolution against prejudice or corruption from any faction, is to motivate within the factions that we anticipate growing from revolution. The arguments against violent revolution in AKSMOS, are often those arguments within the anarchist movement that are founded by, or supported by, the anarchist movements feminists. These are arguments, all of which we acknowledge and respect, and are arguments which we debate in our role as a revolutionary guerilla. But as a political faction that exist as a unit within ourselves, we dispute the arguments of some of the feminists who are at adds with a number of our fundamental views and philosophy. The arguments of the feminists against riot are arguments that we must reassess for ourselves, if we are to be a radical faction fighting for the liberation of the people, and for change. The arguments posed against riot by peace protesters, are not the views of rioters or the resistance of violent revolution as it exists in itself.


CULTURAL REVOLUTION.Cultural revolution has always been advocated by AKSMOS and is inherent in the movement we grew out of. AKSMOS are the prostitutes in struggle and, with a certain amount of support from feminism and the radical left, we will support all peaceful and autonimous direct action towards change, aswell as the guerilla actions that we advocate. Revolution, destructive or purely cultural as it exists, is something that we believe is an inevitable situation that will always eventually arise as a movement of the downtrodden masses, because of the constant movement ofoppression that is inherent in every state system in the world. That is why we say that the prostitutes, as a worldwide movement of autonimous anger and unified etiquette, are a genuine force for the revolution that is advocated and respected by the left. The line between peaceful protest and violent direct action amongst our supporters is still in debate.

The most recent movement of revolution, that arose as retaliation against the poll tax, was brutally stamped on and destroyed by the government asking the police to uphold their totalitarian Criminal Justice Act. The faction it hurt worst, the Convoy, was a movement of anger and solidarity and, with its own contingent, was supported by the anarchists. AKSMOS actually started as a rebellion against a certain group of individuals who decided to condemn a faction of this movement to prostitution.

The Convoy were a constant current of cultural unrest that began with the movement that were hippies in the '60s. The movement ran as a self sufficient community, through small scale cottage industry, claiming from the welfare state and theft. The Convoy were left wing, and as a movement, offered an alternative for the subversive and outcast factions of society. The movement in this country was stopped by the totalitarian actions of the Conservative Party, leaving a large number of people homeless and potentially in a position of no support from this so called 'democratic society', and in poverty. This destruction of the Convoy by such a dictatorial move by the state, has laid a new path for a cultural revolution to rise from the ashes of that movement, and once more make it acceptable for working people to perpetuate the political struggle for revolution.

We vehemently stand against the Conservative Party and their dictatorship enforcing views about how we should live. At the same time, we consider the Labour Party to be no better. Labour have done nothing to support the Convoy, or the homeless since rising to power. The Labour Party continue in the style of our Conservative dictators, continuing Big Brother, and running the state like another set of Tory dictators. They have done nothing to support the prostitutes, the poor, or any other vulnerable group since seizing power. The Convoy that have become a faction of established society have potentially infiltrated and are important underground revolutionaries in the fight for equality and revolution. The Convoy have established something in society that will lie dormant until the dawning of the New Age that will be the revolution.

Where cultural revolution works for the benefit of the people and AKSMOS, is that it will mean a complete change in the way society works, and will eradicate most of the problems in society that we have already pointed to in this manifesto of guerilla struggle.

A cultural revolution would be an onslaught of art and renaissance in jails and in mental hospitals, and would involve a very large number of the ex Convoy, both in this country and internationally. The cultural revolution would be led, to a large extent by Greenham Common protesters, and would accept all people, regardless of sex, age or race, as equal in the struggle for change. A cultural revolution would be achieved as a huge and political campaign of direct action, and would be supported by the actions of autonimous AKSMOS guerillas. Cultural revolution would be an uprising of peaceful change, and is already supported by a large number of political views who refuse to vote, and campaign to win support in order to build towards a time when the government could be overthrown simply through public lack of support. AKSMOS believe that riot can be used to set up a cultural revolution, and also the reverse; that cultural revolution could build into one of civil rebellion and, in that sense, are prepared for war. But, more importantly, cultural revolution would be reality as a result of the prostitutes taking up arms to lead revolution. Once this minority earn respect in the struggle against the pusher and the pimp, society will change.

GUERILLA WAR.AKSMOS are guerilla. We advocate the possibility of violent revolution, and in times of civil unrest, will fight to push the situation towards the ends of all out chaos, in order to fight the potential corruption of factions of the left instating dictators to rule over a situation that could, and probably would, be a movement towards revolution; the situation documented at Konstradt (1921), and every other revolution since.

AKSMOS have always said that the path towards a complete revolution is to set up to overthrow the state, and then to overthrow it again. As guerillas we stand by our comrades, whether they be from the extremes of Satanism, to the extremity of sabotage, and every other stance in between; without scapegoats or vanguards, to advocate uprising for the benefit of those that fight for revolution in support of the prostitutes militia and our comrades on the streets.

III.STRUCTURE.AKSMOS advocate direct action on a scale from the individual actions of shoplifting to the radical advocation of arson. Arson is a means of conducting guerilla war, without the elitism and practical difficulties involved with planting explosives. We operate on a small and autonimous scale, supporting the A.L.F. with a similar strategy of direct action.


I. SOCIETY.Society must learn to live together if the downfall of the establishment and the inevitable chaotic revolution is to lead to a better, and more libertarian way of life. In a post revolutionary, post advocist society, then we believe that the people would be fed purely because they are people, and not in relation to what they produce; regardless of social pecking order, standing or capability. The evolution of chaos would lead to a society without mass production, and with vigilante movements taking lines similar to those of post revolutionary Class War, and controlling monopolies on food and distribution. AKSMOS must set up now through direct action and solidarity actions in order to control this through guerilla strategy, for the purposes of the chaotic revolution and to benefit the people. Those that stand with AKSMOS for an equal post revolutionary society will be the people who run the revolution, and that is why AKSMOS must be as trueto our equalitarian and libertarian views and practice as we can possibly be.

II. THESPECTACLE.The anarchists, and in turn ourselves, have been much influenced by the philosophy of the situationists, that we live in a brainwashers society controlled by capitalism through advertising. We do not point the blame at society as a whole because of prejudice or political views. However, we do point a finger at the advertising media for bringing up children into a world that is completely controlled through images, as a front for the system that keeps people locked up in prison cells for years of their lives, for breach of laws that are based on taboos, and that further advocate prejudice. We do not blame the people; we blame the state.

The state, we believe, is the umbrella for a huge campaign of brainwashing control, that entirely controls and exploits the human soul for the benefit of money; the monopolies that keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor.

The state exists in some form or another in every country in the world, and perpetuates itself through the flow of money around continents and around the globe; the rich accumulating power through money to keep the economy running, hence accumulating more money, in order to accumulate more power, and exploit the poor. All this is fronted by the perpetual lying of the worlds media, backed up by advertising and its two faced brainwashing of the poor. This is the system that dictates 'trickle down'; perpetually exploiting the people and leaving those exploited in this society, often for sex, at the bottom of the scale. Prejudice runs capitalism: capitalism runs the spectacle: the spectacle breeds prejudice. Capitalism is evil. We must destroy the spectacle and destroy the state.

III. SCHOOLS.AKSMOS advocate arson as autonimous direct action against schools. We support those guerillas serving time in prisons or detention centres for burning schools, and regard them as martyrs. The system has no respect for the individual. From the days of our childhood until the days of our old age, sitting in old peoples homes and reminiscing over the days when we were exploited for cheap labour for the benefit of the boss or the pimp, we are treated like machine fodder for the system; our lives are taken from us. We are treated like commodities, whether that be the machine part that makes a car, or whatever other position we are forced into and exploited as until the days of our old age. Schools are the first link in this system, and are responsible for exploiting people from the very start. In revolution, AKSMOS would destroy the system of schools and their conditioning of children altogether. We see actions like arson against schools, not only as being revolutionary in itself, but also as the act of revolution that would lead to the emancipation of the people in itself.


I. GUNFIRE.The situation that prostitutes are in has never changed. Prostitutes have little support from society, from any class, have no civil rights, and cannot strike. The position that prostitutes are in has always been one of powerlessness under threats from Satanism, and are therefore regarded as being something less than society in general. This is why AKSMOS believe in all out revolution, starting with the prostitutes rising against the men who keep them forced in prostitution, and in motivating them to take up arms. Only when the prostitutes gather in resistance, can an equal system of unity really be instated. That stands despite any difference of opinion, or political line amongst those who stand for revolution in the name of an ideal that is corrupt.

By taking up arms, AKSMOS believe in direct target attacks on the pimps, pornographers and the police, through explosives and arson, in order to issue demands. Next we advocate riot as a spectacle to raise public consciousness and build a revolutionary movement towards the collapse of society amongst political demonstrators. Next to that we advocate direct action on every scale from our supporters; up to and including arson.

Despite having three conscession demands to win from the government, AKSMOS have one demand for revolution, and that is; ABOLISH THE GUN.

This demand works on many different levels. The first be that, to secure the safety of non members and our comrades working on the streets, AKSMOS have agreed not to use gunfire. AKSMOS can be recognised because our campaigns are never involved with or advocating gunfire. The next is that the state have always enforced their positions of authority, worldwide, through threatening the revolution, ultimately, with gunfire. AKSMOS support the revolution as a militant spectacle, and fight to establish a catalyst that can support the movement of revolution as an entire movement in itself, no matter which revolutionary faction are "going to win".

AKSMOS are non sectarian. Anybody can join.

The next reason why AKSMOS refuse to use guns in the role of guerilla war, is because of the possible fear of gunfire from counter terrorist factions, pimps being trigger happy in the first place. AKSMOS have done deals.

In the event of this demand being refused by the government for the equal purposes of the revolution, AKSMOS have three demands. These are;

i)'Legalise prostitution'.

ii)Ban pornography.

iii)    End censorship.

That is until such time as prostitution is legalised, when the direct action of prostitutes and our members would demand revolution, both cultural and violent in the name of equality, liberation, and the spectacle of chaos.

Instead of a workers party dictating the actions of those inspired by the revolution, AKSMOS advocate a union of guerillas taking the same role. This would prevent an uprising from becoming sectarian or prejudiced against AKSMOS, the faction of guerillas that have set up to inspire revolution in the first place. It would also keep the revolution militant, and stop right wing sectarianism from stirring the differences between revolutionaries, ourselves being one such faction, supporting prostitutes in order to inspire a catalyst without prejudice against any person that wishes to be a part of our revolution, or for any other reason imposed by brainwashed society or T.V. state. An analysis of our demands is listed as follows:


LEGALISEPROSTITUTION.We demand this in order to secure a better life for those who earn a living by walking the streets. Prostitution is not in itself illegal, although there are a load of different laws which are used to persecute prostitutes in their job, which is their day to day survival. We demand that all persecution of prostitution be ended for the good of the revolution; and in this demand we ask for all laws that are used against prostitutes to be unconditionally repealed. In a situation whereby it were legal to run prostitution, the supermarkets and the banks would set up empires in the sale of sex.

This we oppose, but in the circumstances where this would be taking place, we would be able to establish definite targets in the struggle against capitalism as the necessary preconditions that enable prostitution to exist in the first place. It would mean the freedom of women to walk the streets, and would make capitalism once more a legitimate target for the guerilla struggle to end vice in the name of the revolution we advocate be organised.

BANPORNOGRAPHY.Pornography is degradation, and is degradation to the extent that we demand its distribution and production be ended within the constraints of currently established law. This is not a demand against peoples freedom, and is not a demand against the revolution; it is our demand for equality and a better way of life.

But pornography will continue to exist, until we have secured its demise through the direct action of our supporters. Pornography will continue to exist as it is the icon within the spectacle most upheld by Satanism in their position of power, to corrupt the revolution and the public consciousness into the issue we perpetuate as guerillas. It is the main icon of the spectacle employed in order to divide and brainwash the people.

END CENSORSHIP.The actions of AKSMOS guerillas have not only been misreported by a system of Big Brother operating under the state; the main actions of guerilla warfare committed by AKSMOS and our supporters, have been nearly unanimously censored by the press. Censorship is the means of the spectacle in terms of the brainwashing misinformation perpetuated in the name of the state. It is the main icon of the state in not allowing freedom of speech and opinion, and in perpetuating the fascist fronts of Satanism and the state.

III. STRATEGY.Being a movement of peoples solidarity and guerilla warfare without gunfire, AKSMOS need to rethink guerilla strategy. AKSMOS, whilst accepting that the social workers, the police and the army, all to an extent have fought Satanism since the civil mutinies that began as a result of the prison riots of '91, when the government refused to step down, believe we have a chance in revolution. We have the support from revolutionaries elsewhere to finally destroy the state.

Guerilla war without gunfire would have support from the broadcast media, as it would be a statement against the senseless bloodshed that guerilla wars in the past have been, and would be an issue to build support from the general public. The arson of political targets would have to be directly against the monopolies of the pornographers and the enemies of the revolution that exploit our comrades for sex, and would have to be offensive and direct in a manner to protect our comrades on the street. AKSMOS would have to build support from those who riot in order to retaliate against our oppressors, and stay as a faction to support the on going revolution. Riots are a good place to mushroom the ideas that will lead to our support in the role we uphold in revolution. To these ends we support riot organisers.


I. CORRUPTION.The society that AKSMOS would wish to see would be one of equality risen from the ashes of the chaotic downfall that capitalism will inevitably create. We believe that to create a genuine peoples republic, then revolutionaries must advocate chaos as the war against capitalism, its downfall and its destruction. We also believe that everybody in society must be given an equal chance, post violent/artistic renaissance. This is why, as riot organisers, we debate the issues of revolution against the police, in order to establish factions that would allow them to change sides, if only solely under the issue of controversy in itself. We respect all people, and have negotiated with the police the issues they support regardless to prejudice or bias against the issue of revolution. If there were to be a free society, we advocate that the gun wealding authorities (the army and the police force) be dissolved, and that a huge left wing underground resistance be instated in its place in order to prevent counter revolution. This answers the questions of the middle classes and the espionage services when they ask, "What happens to us if there is ever a revolution?"The ruling classes will be extradited like Tsars, and the factories that enslave us to the right wing God and the Marxists, will be abolished forever, for the rebellion to throw as missiles at the police.

II. ANGER.We support anger as the natural instinct in all people that inspires rebellion, and through that leads to revolt. Anger is the natural instinct that is realised as soon as people are threatened with oppression, and is that union to which AKSMOS offer solidarity. It is for this reason that we think that the prostitutes should have guerilla support. Prostitution is the ultimate form of oppression, and must be given respect from the people in the same way that the left give their unconditional support to those that Marx defines as being the oppressed workers under capitalism. Oppression knows no boundaries, and is a result of the history of the human race exploiting people for land, money and sex, and grows from the authority of the Church.

The left wing have done well in recent years in inspiring anger in the working classes, with propaganda that issues threats to those in society that AKSMOS, and a large number of other factions, see as the enemies of the revolution. And, as they have been doing this, they have stirred the natural resentment with every person to "hospitalise a copper" (re Class War), or go out to provoke revolution amongst those who follow. AKSMOS have nothing against the factions that do this, but point out that these organisations, who have so much integrity and respect for the masses, are not guerilla, and refuse to actually organise riots to the extent of having actually threatened riot organisers themselves.

It is good to advocate riot, but if there is no riot to riot at, then what good is the continual advocation of riot? Other factions are further blinkered with their street papers that are so often exalting the virtue of school teachers or their union. These factions mean nothing to solidarity beyond their front, and exist as a counter revolutionary ego trip for individuals who, because of their 'right on' middle class values, wish to believe they can run the revolution. These fronts mean nothing in renaissance; the economics of class structure don't incite people into painting the fire engines. They merely make us feel passively quite pleased that so many tens of thousands can see the sense in revolution and emancipate us, and society, on our behalf.

III. THE "UNION LEFT".There are many factions on the street who are fighting for revolution, and as individuals living on street level and fighting for the death of organised prostitution, we do not support any one political faction. Instead we see the paper sellers as one organisation with split factions, unanimously campaigning to start the revolution that they cannot see happening before them. Although we might sometimes support them, we do not believe that they are in any way responsible for the situation that we see around us: the revolution. By saying that we support revolution all out, and that the revolution is an on going process, we are supporting the movement of the people in the constant retaliation of everybody's every day lives. We see the paper sellers as a front for the rebellion that happens every day on the streets. No single faction have any more potential than any other paper selling organisation to instate a revolution. We support the entire movement.

As the catalyst of revolution, AKSMOS set up, not to 'educate' the people into agreeing with any single or dogmatic political line, but rather to inspire the people into retaliating against authority by rising above the pimps that exploit this organisation, through guerilla struggle set up to inspire revolution amongst the larger majority of working people, and to support this uprising as guerillas; that uprising being the result of our actions within themselves. Instead of supporting individual riots or strikes in order to build resistance, AKSMOS would expect to see support from them. This would instate AKSMOS as the revolutionary guerilla, and would allow us to act as a militia that could support these situations and thus enable us as a direct guerilla alternative and threat to the state. The actions of AKSMOS as riot organisers, in a situation such as this, could enable us to completely destroy the state, and we carry chaos as the only advocation to destroy all systems of authority and exploitation for good. With support from the "Union Left", the liberation of prostitutes could be a wave of emancipation across the globe to establish a worldwide current of revolution. Prostitution is the only occupation that has always existed concurrently worldwide; the oldest profession. Prostitution is a potential uprising against every evil of Satan Worship; and AKSMOS have founded prostitutes in resistance across the globe as these words are being read.


I. THESTATE.Communism works on two levels across the globe, and these two levels are, i) the small scale revolutionary left that set up to sell papers and to inform their point of view through propaganda, and ii) the massive systems of state communism that oppress nations with the iron fist of dictatorship that they govern.

Very few people in the dictatorship of imagery and cold war in the 'western world' today actually agree with state communism as it works today. Anarchists would advocate the overthrow of the state, whilst AKSMOS would go further in the advocation of chaos. The communist paper selling left of this country today blame Stalin and his cohorts for messing up what they see as being a liberal and equalitarian system of running the state. AKSMOS believe that the imposed system of communism in Russia is the result of a left wing militant take over of a revolution by the faction that were Bolshvik, who overthrew the revolution along with the state and then ended it by stamping on revolutionary struggle from their position of power, having found themselves in control of the state.

AKSMOS believe that this situation must be accounted for, and is the main reason why we advocate chaos. Revolution must account for communism as a threat, as it must account for divide and rule, guns, counter terrorism and everything else that the state will throw at revolutionaries and the revolution in their fight to keep themselves in a position of authority and control. Communism is an evil on the level of every other system of keeping people brainwashed into accepting control, and keeping the poor exploited to the extent that prostitution is deliberately scapegoated to benefit those capitalists who run it. Capitalism is an evil, and communism is a threat in disguise. Communist countries exploit the people as much as any other system.

AKSMOS want an end to exploitation and poverty in a world that is not structured through wealth.

II. THESTREET.Those that stand on the street with their papers selling us communist views, are welcome there. We believe that they should organise to become more structured in the role that they take as a part of the revolution, and should struggle to secure explosives and retaliation amongst those revolutionaries that they meet. With better propaganda and more respect for the public that they are trying to enlighten, they could become a powerful front for the revolution. Paper sellers in the present day are accepted on the streets as much as the prostitutes and the tabloid papers on the news stands. With more organisation for a current goal with the organisations that sell papers for a political ideal, the extra parliamentary left could set up to work with the people who sell their papers to organise with factions on the street towards founding riot organising factions, pirate radio or any number of different currents that could work to motivate or inspire the people in revolution. It only takes unity.

But as the revolution stands in the present day, they remain patronising, dogmatic, boring and apathetic to the views of the street today. That is why AKSMOS talk directly to the prostitutes to struggle through guerilla warfare, towards emancipation through revolution.

III. THESTRUGGLE.Selling papers alone is not going to inspire revolution. Revolution, as already stated, is the unity of the masses inspired by a catalyst that would be a vanguard and lead, through guerilla struggle, to overthrow the state. On a larger scale, the faction that the state always oppress is the prostitutes. This is because of the corrupt system of power that revolutionaries fight to overthrow again in the first place.

Unfair policies and tactics are only the two most basic issues that we must fight against. The system oppresses and exploits the people for the benefit of the greed and corruption of those who issue authority. Society is structured in its entirety to exploit the people and imprison those who fight against it. To change this situation, there must be a complete change in the way society works and in the way people think. That is why our advocation is chaos. AKSMOS, if successful in revolution and supported by the people in the views we write here, would demand the collapse of society as it exists through advocating riot, rather than stepping down on our issue and accepting false concessions to uphold the position of whatever politician or pig. The demand we make is the most basic human demand; the right to live without gunfire, to be free in sexual autonomy, and to be allowed to live with respect of people without imprisonment or laws.


I. STRUCTURE.Although AKSMOS exist as a paramilitary split from the mainstream of anarchist politics, we still support a lot of what they say. However, AKSMOS, as an organisation building a movement for public support, are structured along very different lines from that of the anarchist movement in the present day.

Anarchists in this country are, on the whole, divided and disorganised, with a damaging amount of infiltration and corruption from the police and the enemies of the revolution. The anarchist movement in this country and around the world operate on the level of individuals supporting direct action on every scale, with occasional uprisings supporting their unity. As such they are deliberately kept divided by the media and state in order to prevent a revolutionary uprising from taking place. This on occasion goes wrong for authority, leading to mass uprisings of solidarity such as the campaign against the poll tax, or riots against the government.

These situations are often organised or led by guerillas, and this is one reason why AKSMOS set up to lead revolution. With organisation, AKSMOS believe that we can set up a movement to successfully challenge power. We are devolved from the anarchists in the sense that AKSMOS are an organised paramilitary faction without rules, whereas the anarchists have unity only in their political belief, and are known to have no organisation; other than the structure that exists in that anarchists are only unified with a common goal. This exists with the vast majority of anarchist struggles, and in that, the anarchists are mostly too disorganised to be able to even run their own organisations properly. The anarchist movement in this country is too disorganised to be able to support the struggle on the level that AKSMOS exist to fight for the chaotic overthrow of the state.

II. ASSASSINATION.As a split from the mainstream movement of anarchists in this country, AKSMOS still agree with a large amount of what the anarchists say. The main point that AKSMOS still uphold is that we agree with the complete overthrow of the state. We believe that parliament, and the majority of political views of the present day will never lead to revolution or the liberation of our comrades on the street. We believe that change will only come about as a result of the catalyst that AKSMOS represent rising in anger to lead the revolutionary masses in all out revolution against the state in all its different guises, from advertising to police, to pornography and politicians themselves. This is where we advocate assassination as a tool of guerilla warfare to employ in order to overthrow the state.

Assassination is the tactic which brought down the rule of the Roman Empire in Europe, and is still just as important a role to employ in revolution to this day. The target that AKSMOS see to be the first evil to kill in order to inspire revolution, and to disrupt Satanism in order to overthrow the state, would be the pimps that enforce oppression to stay alive. Revolutionary uprisings are always put down by threats to prostitution, and by assassinating pimps we believe that we will have found the target to enable spontaneous disorder to break out as a signal to the people that revolution is inevitable in the everyday struggle against capitalism. The method of assassination supported by AKSMOS is not by the bullet or the gun. Our preferred method of assassination is through explosives planting.

Assassination is something that has only rarely been used by the anarchists, and is something that we need to discuss further in our role in the revolution, as one well thought out assassination can lead to the complete overthrow of the state. Assassination would take an important role in protecting our members, who are threatened in their day to day existence as a matter of course. Anarchists should think more seriously about employing assassins as an action of the on going revolution. AKSMOS believe in assassination as a means to an end.

III. POLITICS.We agree with the main part of anarchist politics, but not with their structure or organisation. Where anarchists tell us that in a post revolutionary society people will co operate because society has already been conditioned by the law, AKSMOS believe in changing societies view on the way people live their lives before and after revolution. AKSMOS intend to do this through taking up the gun as prostitutes in revolution, and by taking through that political view as guerillas. Where anarchists advocate a vigilante society, we support the Convoy as it was, and we have seen the futility and hypocrisy of vigilante collectives. Where anarchists are disorganised and apathetic, AKSMOS advocate that our supporters found solidarity groups to support the actions of revolutionary arson on behalf of the citizens militia.

IV.Anarchists seem to think that S/M Pride are right wing. AKSMOS split to support S/M Pride, firstly because we believe that they could found to become a sound revolutionary alternative, and then because, if you are planning a revolution then you must account for the threat to everyone; even those you are against. We support S/M Pride in this debate.

Anarchists so far, fail to have a proper understanding of the politics of AKSMOS, ignoring the potential for a revolutionary current supporting the resistance they have created rising from a movement of women that are opposed to the sectarianism of that part of the feminist movement that has worked to hinder the revolution in the years preceding 'Thirteen'.


I. ecstacy.AKSMOS believe that it is the opium of utopia that keeps the people oppressed and in a state of apathy that works as a current to prevent the people involved in the underground of political youth culture from inciting a revolution. The possibility of revolution is put before us as a utopia that will lead to a perfect world, but would be impossible to incite. Neither of these situations are actually the case. Jungle is the new underground of political youth, and within this scene is an on going current of political dissent. The Jungleist movement is in conflict with the state.

Jungle arose as a movement within acid house, and grew side by side with the already established movement of the Convoy and the festival scene that they ran. As the Jungle movement grew, it became more and more persecuted, being seen as a part of the same taboo that the Convoy were labelled with, until there were running battles with the police over Jungle as a movement within itself. The rave scene had already been involved in fights with the police, over laws that were imposed to try to destroy the Convoy. As the acid house movement grew, there was a split within the groups that regularly attended wharehouse parties, over the amount of drugs that were of use, where they were coming from, and where they were going. The scene that went in for more drugs developed musically, until Jungle developed into what it is today. The drug ecstacy, found by the acid house movement before Jungle began, was accepted into the scene as a custom, and that is where the divide in Jungle exists.

You cannot criminalise something which is already an accepted custom. As with every other law ever passed, the laws against ecstacy are imposed by the state to uphold the establishment and the spectacle that is the front for the state. The government have to have laws passed against the youth in order to keep their position of control. If they allowed Jungle to carry on as easily as the scene they are in themselves, then there would be a vanguard of dissent, and riots against the police would be accepted by the majority of brainwashed society, and Jungle would be a movement of revolution.

As it stands, to become a revolutionary faction, Jungle should use their links with pirate radio and the underground that exists in the present day to protest against the police and totalitarian laws. As it stands, we support Junglism, we like ecstacy, and we listen to their advocations of arson.

II. THEUNDERGROUND.The underground movement of Jungle is radical and potentially militant. The scene revolves around the black market of drug deals and is subversive in that the entire scene openly advocate drug use without exeption. AKSMOS exist as a resistance, and have members within Jungle.

The Jungle scene, on one level exists as a repeat of the original acid movement of the '60s, with hallucinogenic drugs dealt with the same degree of acceptance, and with that an inevitable repeat of the conflict with the state that goes along with its persecution of acid. The government should acknowledge the youth in order to keep from becoming a stagnant force of beurocracy. Instead they are obsessed with keeping the youth and society oppressed because of the power structures that they dictate. AKSMOS are founded to support the youth and are militant against the police actions against Jungle. The youth are the future, and must be allowed to express themselves in any way they are able to. The hippy movement of the '60s established the youth as a renaissance against the state, and we see Jungle as a microcosm of the same scene that founded the Convoy. At the same time we see the Convoy as resistance and the movement that helped found Jungle. We support the Junglist scene, and intend to build with them in unity with music to become a militant threat to those that stop acid with laws, battons and, eventually, guns.

III. DRUGDEALS.The situation with Jungle, and with drug culture as a whole, is that the government do not wish to see the movement accepted as a part of society. That is why drug culture has always been against the law. AKSMOS believe that everyone has the right to use drugs, and see drug culture as being something subversive to support as a move towards the renaissance that will eventually take place. Drug dealers operate outside the law, and by doing so they are an icon of resistance against the state. This is why AKSMOS support the trade in "so called soft drugs".

But unfortunately, the situation with drugs is not always so simple. Heroin dealers make money from the misfortune of those who find themselves addicted to the drug and those that find themselves set up for smuggling. The situation is seedy and undercover in the first place. Many arguments exist against drug use, many of them being sound in given situations, and heroin is taboo in most underground movements of drug use.

However, it is widely known that heroin trafficking finances guerilla warfare on a large scale. AKSMOS have founded as an example against this, obtaining funds through deals on cannabis and advocating shoplifting, in direct disregard of the police who try to restrict us in our battle against the capitalist pimp. A catalyst of revolution led by the prostitutes would inevitably sort out the situation with drugs as it exists on the street today: the prostitutes liberation movement is grassroots, and is run with a basic motivation of respect and moral ethics, despite being degraded by the state. The heroin dealers are as much a target for assassination as are the politicians and the pimps. AKSMOS have resolved our own problems with drugs, and see the situation with respect and solidarity for those we support and can help. The Jungle scene, we see as a movement of mutual aid, and a worthwhile community for those who are growing spiritually. We support and look forward to seeing where the scene is going.


I. OURGOALS.In this work we have only touched upon why we think this system is wrong and what we would like to see from a post revolutionary chaotic society. The revolution is representative of the amassed views of the people, and AKSMOS believe that the views of the people should be represented by the revolutionary vanguard, rather than by the 'workers party' trying to impose left wing propaganda that they wish to front as a faction of the revolution. AKSMOS have fronts in propaganda which work well for the collective view and to protect members who may be at risk because of our threat to motivate prostitution through direct action.

The goals of this organisation are, through direct action, to support whoever is leading the revolution to fight for a better world as it will be built by the subversive uprising of guerillas with a common view, in order to demolish the right wing and their threats (usually threats to women in prostitution), and corruption from counter revolutionary factions of the state. AKSMOS have explained our views, and we believe that an organisation that will follow this must be set up today and fight for public support, whilst learning the lessons of our comrades in Northern Ireland (despite which faction they may belong to) and elsewhere.

AKSMOS believe that we are the organisation to do this, and we believe that the catalyst of prostitutes are the people to found this; firstly because of their position in the crimeworld, a unified political view, and then because of their understanding of prejudice, and for many other reasons relating to the learning of politics and guerilla warfare that we have from that position on the street. The established left have always either ignored or ridiculed the prostitutes liberation movement, we believe because of corruption. Despite this, the prostitutes have always been behind the mass uprisings that the Marxists call 'class struggle'. It has been publicly stated that the government have always been very afraid of the threat of prostitutes rising against them; the prostitutes are in charge of a vast number of government personal and official secrets. With the right strategy, AKSMOS believe that we could bring the government down. But AKSMOS believe in united revolution worldwide. AKSMOS are still young, and we need support from the factions advocated in this work before we can organise to achieve this as a better and equal system for the people who are exploited for the good of the boss or the pimp.

II. ABETTERWORLD.AKSMOS think that the world would be a better place without schools, police stations and laws, and are fighting for a gradual decentralisation of the system that is responsible for this, through revolution worldwide. There are many organisations that fight for the overthrow of the state and to change the way in which society is run. We support them all. However, being a split from the anarchists, AKSMOS believe that the chaotic overthrow of all government and any system imposed through that, towards a society of absolute chaos where there would be destruction but no work, or a cultural change where people would co operate and where all prejudice would be abolished. In a post revolutionary society like this, AKSMOS would stand in victory and prevent counter revolution and corruption through educating the people through radio and example.

If revolution were to fail, AKSMOS would stand as an underground to set up resistance against the persecution of guerillas and individuals threatened as a result of the actions of the state. The French Resistance were founded during the second World War against the Nazis, and AKSMOS would value the experience of those that are still resistance in supporting our movement towards revolution. Fascism is the usual fall back for the state when threatened with revolution. Therefore AKSMOS campaign against the government and the far right wing, acknowledging the potential threat to the revolution and to organisations (and potentially guerillas) who follow this point of view. This is where we intend to offer active support to the underground of resistance in whatever guise it may take.

AKSMOS fight in terms of direct action campaign for a better world for all. We believe that by liberating prostitutes as a revolutionary catalyst, then we will have made the first move in a revolution that could work for the equality of all. This is our point, and has been disputed by the anarchists and feminists alike. For this reason AKSMOS stand as a mediating front for the people, and to respect our members as they stand in their position on the street. AKSMOS mediate to establish that the police are both good and bad, even if we disagree with the laws that work against society and revolution, and to establish that women on the streets will not be massacred as hostages. We believe that all people are equal, and we respect that there is some prejudice amongst the left. Some of that stigma is against prostitutes, and against AKSMOS as the prostitutes guerilla. To work for a better world, we must work with the left to establish the ethic that people are equal, and must respect the peace movement and their views that advocate revolution.

III. CHAOS.The society that AKSMOS would like to see would be one resulting from all out revolution and chaos. Chaos is a part of God, and manifests itself in politics and in the world in general on an everyday basis. The 'Mad Cow' meat scare is the result of the vastly unfair treatment of cattle over a period of decades by the state and the exploitation of animals in western society. We see this situation as being the natural result of the forces of chaos in a world that is becoming artificial due to the fascist advocations of order and construction. Revolution is often the first manifestation that chaos takes in society, and with so many conflicting views and arguments, society is a chaotic system that should not be run by any single point of view, whatever political system that may be. For this reason AKSMOS split from the anarchists as a guerilla faction.

Anarchists fight for the complete overthrow of the state, but in disagreement with AKSMOS, the anarchists believe in a world controlled by a set of views that are often sectarian, and will never advocate chaos, even as a step towards the violent revolution that the majority of anarchists advocate.

AKSMOS respect that chaos can also be inspired as art. Therefore we advocate chaos to encompass the spectrum of political views that march under our banner. The AKSMOS flag is black, and we march for sexual liberation with S/M Pride, and for revolution with solidarity from our supporters who support the struggle to destroy the sex industry and capitalist exploitation once and for all.


I. T.V. STATE.This government have so much stolen the peoples right to party, to such an extent, that this country is becoming a T.V. state.

The television is an established focus for meditation in western society, and as such, has become a principal tool of brainwashing for the government to use in order for the government to corrupt the subconscious of the people. Every image that we see on our T.V. every day is edited and orchestrated by the government, in order to corrupt and control the subconscious mass of the people that watch it every day of their lives, against the revolution. And whilst the people have been quietly sitting and watching more and more repressive laws passed against the guerillas that establish freedom, the government have been passing more and more laws under our noses to stop any lifestyle or way of having a good time that exists without watching T.V.

The government want the T.V. to be the only form of entertainment that isn't controlled by themselves in order to prevent people from experiencing life. We support society. The gypsies, the travellers, the hunt saboteurs and very many other factions supported by AKSMOS for direct action and solidarity on the street, have been persecuted because of the government and their law which works in contravention of the Magna Carta of the peasants revolt.

The Criminal Justice Act makes it against the law to follow lifestyles that have been led in this country for hundreds of years. The government have banned our right to protest, to follow live music, to party, to gather in groups of more than ten people. AKSMOS believe that the only way to protest against this law is through direct action. No political party is about to repeal this totalitarian law to the benefit of the people, and AKSMOS believe that the only way to sort this law is to take control of the situations that govern our lives. Through revolution. Through persecuting the people to the extent that this law does, the government are giving the people less and less to follow in terms of liberty. They have even tries to make it against the law to broadcast or play live music. The only thing that the government have willingly given to the people is T.V. And at the same time they turn a blind eye to those persecuted by vice or the vice squad. AKSMOS shout "BAN THE T.V." in the fight towards a better life through our own emancipation, and as the catalyst of revolution for the people. The television is the enemy of the revolution. Repeal the C.J.A. and destroy Big Brother state.

II. DEMOCRACY.The Suffragettes successfully fought for the vote; but we cannot blame them for the way that the electoral system is used to persecute the minorities who have no voice. That is why AKSMOS support the rest of the revolutionary left in saying that 'a pound of dynamite is worth a bushel full of ballots, anyday', as one great philosopher once put it.

The main problem that we see in this countries system of ballot democracy, is that a large part of society refuse to vote. How can a system of running society be fair if any group or minority can go without a say due to a political or religious view that democracy can never represent? AKSMOS, being another minority that refuse to vote ourselves, can relate to any other through seeing society in action from the point of view of life on the street every day. Our perspective will never be supported by the politicians, and that is why we support the gypsies, the squatters, the anarchists and every other minority in society that refuse to vote, and therefore follow AKSMOS towards revolution as the only way to change society for the better without the persecution of the right. This is where we have solidarity with every minority from Rastafari to the communist extra parliamentary left; and this is where we stand to demand their united support to fight for revolution through guerilla war, as the means of the catalyst of the uprising of equality that is given by nature against those who oppress and keep us down. The system they call democracy is nothing but a front to oppress minorities and keep those that disagree silent. The system they call democracy is nothing but a front to keep the police paid and to uphold the state. Without the front they call democracy, the people would rise in unified anger against the state that oppresses people through prostitution, the media and the police with the power structure that eventually and deliberately persecutes prostitutes and pornography to create the stigma that upholds this front as it exists today.


I. THESEXINDUSTRY.Those that stand for revolution must recognise the sex industry as the highest evil of capitalism, and must recognise it as the key that prevents revolution, through issuing threats to prostitution and also to ourselves as revolutionaries, supporting them at the front of the peoples uprising. The revolution is the amassed force of the people in unity, and only by recognising those threats against us and accounting for the actions of these icons of capitalist evil, can we start work planning against it. We have support from those movements of revolution who have fought against multinationals. But we see the sex industry as being a greater, and more important target. The sex industry as one issue, takes the role of one great multinational, exploiting the vulnerable and threatening to employ Satanism against any resistance against it. This is why we value our support from libertarian Satanism and their role within the Church of Satan protecting guerillas. We believe that the sex industry must be the first target of the revolution, and only when it is dead will the preconditions for the uprising of the people be set up against this countries evil and Satanic state.

The sex industry is the issue that the right always fall back on for public support from the large minority that use pornography, and to threaten women against those guerillas and revolutionaries that Satanists fight. The sex industry is a microcosm of fascism beneath the right wing umbrella of the Labour party state and the front of democracy that defends it.

II. TARGETS.AKSMOS are not the First of May, and to those who wish to join the citizens militia, we suggest them read 'Towards a Citizens Militia'. However, we do advocate and appreciate public support.

The strategy of AKSMOS is to fight for the emancipation of the people through guerilla war fought with autonimous acts of arson from our supporters amongst the left. Our targets are principally the wharehouses of the sex industry, the police who act in contravention with our cause, and the judiciary system with all of its many evils. Above that we support all guerillas, and plan war on the pimps.

The targets of AKSMOS are the pimps in whatever guise they may take, from the pornographer of the top shelf magazines in the newsagents to the pimps of the Satanic Church and the police that cohort to protect them. Capitalism is a system that persecutes the people right down to the lowest end of the scale in society, and must end as the cause of prostitutes liberation begins to instigate revolution as a cause towards our own emancipation. That is why we target the police, the politicians and the judges, whilst asking them to change sides and support. Revolution is the emancipation of all people fighting for a better world and for equality. It is for this reason that AKSMOS believe that the emancipation of the working woman is a much bigger issue. It is an issue that concerns every person that actively goes out to support revolution today. AKSMOS fight for revolution alongside every other faction of the left. We see the struggle as being one issue, and stand by the left wing of anarchism in targeting every person that goes out to pervert the cause of the revolution today. The emancipation of the working woman goes hand in hand with the emancipation of every person. The revolution must be determined, united and fought by every person whose lives will be liberated by the society that chaos will instate.

III. THEPUBLIC.AKSMOS must learn the lessons of guerilla war fought against the government in recent years and must fight for public support.

We believe that by supporting the people in revolution, where it takes place, then we will gain public support. The revolution works on a grassroots level, and an underground already exists to support the views of AKSMOS and those that support us.

AKSMOS see the mistakes of recent guerilla factions in struggle, and disagree with the strategy of groups such as the I.R.A. in that they do not bomb direct targets; rather they commit terrorist bombings on a mass scale, randomly against people who could support the revolution. We disagree with those militias that fight against this on the grounds that they are counter terrorist. AKSMOS intend to build support from the public by burning those targets that we see as being directly against the cause of the revolution. We would also build support by organising riots, where appropriate, to support the movement of the liberation of the prostitutes, and the uprising that inevitably goes with it.AKSMOS do not directly, nor necessarily, advocate violence. Rather we see it that, by destroying the property of our targets, we can establish ourselves as a vanguard to be supported by the people. It is here that we would earn support, and this is why we believe that our actions could lead on to the larger movement of the people. This is where we believe that the catalyst of the prostitutes are an important front for the liberation of women, and a change in societies view towards both guerilla warfare and the prostitutes as they co-ordinate the struggle against Satanism and the state.


I. CHAOS.AKSMOS stand for the collapse of civilisation, not as an ideal, but rather because we see it as being inevitable under the state. AKSMOS advocate chaos, not as a means to lead to the liberation of society, but rather as a demand for the emancipation of the revolutionary catalyst as society crumbles. We believe that we can only win the struggle through fighting for the emancipation of ourselves amongst the collective mass of disorder, the inevitable revolution and collapse that is coming, and that we support. To do this we advocate guerilla war for the benefit of our comrades in revolution.

Guerilla warfare is the only answer when challenged by a state that is so dictatorial and uncaring that the mass of working people live in working poverty, and the homeless are persecuted to the extent that they are persecuted because of a system that leads to the persecution of the prostitutes as a scapegoat. Guerilla warfare is the only say that the people still have in running their own lives, if you acknowledge democracy as being the front for the right wing system that we live under. Chaos is our advocation of art and revolution.

The revolution will be the mass onslaught of chaos supported by AKSMOS and debated by the whole of the extra parliamentary left. There will be arson, executed as a part of the political spectacle in itself, and there will be riots. The recent uprisings against the poll tax and in Northern Ireland have proven that. But these are only signals that people should look towards that the fall of society, and the rising of chaos that will change everyone's lives, is imminent. It is now that guerillas must set up to support the vulnerable in society, if the chaotic revolution is actually to lead to the emancipation of the everyday persons life.

We support the prostitutes as guerillas for their integrity in struggle and because of the very real view that those on the streets have to offer the revolution. AKSMOS believe that the liberation of women is just as much a situation in revolution as are the prison riots of '91, or anything else that takes place, that the people see as being an icon of the revolution. We work today in preparation for the next step in the ongoing chaotic revolution or retaliation against the police or the pimps in our cause that is liberation. The world has been structured to persecute women in society. The prostitutes are always the eventual victims of this situation, and as such are the most important link in a revolution that is fought for equality. Guerilla warfare should be planned towards the advocation of chaos, and in the further anticipation of the revolution of every day.

II. VICTORY.The goals of AKSMOS are, primarily, to see pornography abolished for the rights of women and as a part of the ongoing revolution of animal liberation, freedom of riot, Jungle music and every other issue that threatens control in order to advocate change. The next move would be to escalate the campaign, and those that we support, into a motivation that would mean revolution. The prostitutes are a faction with worldwide etiquette, and with motivation in guerilla warfare, the liberation of the people would be possible to achieve. The goals of this organisation are to fight all those that oppress the people and to raise public consciousness against stigma. The main target for guerilla war in revolution should be Satanism and the sex industry that it is responsible for. They do nothing if not to support the evil of the state.

The goals of this organisation are to realistically pose the possibility of revolution, and to set it up that every other worker will have a chance to change sides and be equal in revolution; but more importantly, to change the situation that women are in because of todays society. To do that we start by fighting prejudice in the struggle for the emancipation of women on the street, and in the struggle to support guerillas against the prejudice of the media and the state.

III. THELIBERATIONFRONT.AKSMOS are born, originally through the animal rights movement and the direct action movement that grew out of that. In todays society there are people who will plan, and successfully advocate arson in the name of what they believe. It is here that we declare our support for the Animal Liberation Front, and declare that AKSMOS ourselves are a split from the whole movement that are anarchist, to declare that direct action must be perpetrated by and for the people, if it is to liberate the people. It is still the case that we support anarchist politics, and support their movement as an issue. It is a case that the Animal Liberation Front are a revolutionary strategy that AKSMOS would wish to emulate as part of a movement that go out to attack direct targets for the revolution on a greater scale. It is true that the Animal Liberation Front are revolutionary, and with this opening statement, AKSMOS declare our support. Remember the saying; "Animal liberation is Human liberation", and join in the struggle that advocates; "HUMAN LIBERATION IS THE ROAD TO REVOLUTION".

"We campaign for the abolition of laws that criminalise prostitute women and men, and for sex workers to be recognised as workers for economic and civil rights including the right to police protection against violence, to free health care, to form or join unions. Consenting sex should have nothing to do with the law, and offences of nuisance belong in the civil courts..."

Taken from a mailout from the English Collective of Prostitutes,1995.


I. THEIMPORTANCEOFCHAOS.As we write these words in the Aims & Views of the Citizens Militia and the political wing of the clandestine prostitutes liberation guerilla, the government of this country are sitting with a satisfied expression of sarcasm on their faces, after having passed a draconian piece of legislation upon the poor. The newly imposed "New Deal for Employment", is an infringement of every persons natural birthright to be an equal citizen in society. This piece of legislation is an infringement upon the welfare state that supports the poor with its pittance that gives the law pretence to imprison those arrested for shoplifting or crimes of survival. Rather than meaning that there will be no unemployed and that everyone will be happily working in a secure job, it means poverty and enforced prostitution on a large scale.

We disagree with this, and argue that the near end of the unemployment benefit system will create a huge rise in exploitative cheap labour and a rise in the number of people who are forced into prostitution in order to survive. We see this as being only one of the tactics employed by Two Party state to use against the people. It is for reasons such as this that we see a direct and violent revolution to be inevitable. We believe that civil unrest, as the world moves further and further towards the right wing extreme of concurrent law making, is inevitable. Capitalism will destroy itself. We believe that chaos and the fall of civilisation are inevitable under the so called 'democratic' dictatorship that controls the world. It is through art and purposeful debate of direct action that we plan our own emancipation. If the sex industry, as the first target, were to be destroyed by those that it exploits by its own very nature, then that would be the first step towards building an equal utopia for those that fight for revolution, from the chaotic collapse that we see as being inevitable.

Through exploiting the human soul through demanding labour, capitalism is creating a mass of worthless rubbish. Commodities are produced through the exploitation in society that is inherent in society as constructed according to Karl Marx, according to supply and demand: Supply being the employment of the middle classes working in their utopian little niches, protected and happy under capitalism; demand being dictated according to the outlay of the people who buy that commodity, dictated by the amount they spend, dictated by value for money. This money is then redirected to the larger supplier, in several links, whereby it is redirected to exploit women through corruption. The government protect this, the exploitation of women being the crux of their power as dissected in this manifesto. We believe that if capitalism was to stop producing second rate commodities to sell to people with less money, or purely for profits, then there would be much better commodities produced by much less labour. That situation, and prostitution, would both be ended if society were to evolve to exist without exchange being purely about money. Towards these ends we advocate chaos, and that is our advocation in revolution.

II. THEINSPIRATIONOFCHAOS.AKSMOS believe that the divisions between anarchists and the rest of the left are because of the implications that are taken from the theory of anarchism, through connotation, advocating chaos. Whereas anarchists persist that chaos is not the object of the situation in advocating the complete and total overthrow of the state, AKSMOS stand to demand revolution from the collapse of society that we see to be inevitable in the future. Thirteen advocates chaos to destroy all forms of authority through retaliation.

Anarchist philosophy distinctly states that there will be no violence after the revolution, whereas we believe that to see the situation of anarchist revolution with reason, then you should take into account the fact that violence escalates, and that problems with violence under an anarchist 'utopia' would cause problems possibly resulting in a power game, that would lead to the revolution being overthrown (revolutions become corrupt; the Soviet revolution worked until Stalin. It is not the views of the revolution, it is the possibility of corruption post revolution that we have to take into account). Although this organisation support guerillas, we make the point that the peoples revolution should be a cultural revolution, and should be advocated by art, rather than by the violence that has discredited the movement of the left so many times in the past. Jungle is a movement of radical youth, and is the movement that we support to discuss the politics of prostitutes liberation, and the role that this takes as the catalyst of the revolution on a wider scale. As the struggle begins, the story of prejudice against guerillas as one stigma is ending, and a new movement of revolution and a future for every person now looks likely to spawn into a psychadelia of a future with neither vice nor state.

III. GUERILLAS(and the motivation of the AKSMOS faction for the liberation of prostitutes and the liberation of the revolution).

AKSMOS value support, from whatever different front that it may be, and offer respect for those that use this manifesto against corruption and the capitalist pimp. We support the guerillas that fight for our organisation, and the individuals and the anarchist movement that this organisation grew out of. AKSMOS aim to end prostitution worldwide, through fighting for a revolution that would liberate prostitutes and motivate guerillas, using revolution as the situation that would do so in the first place. We believe that by doing this we would be acting on behalf of the people and for the good of all. We fight for a day when there will be no police, no prisons and no rape. Join the revolution, and fight for the equal emancipation of all...

"There was a huge red dragon with seven heads and three horns and a crown on each of its heads. With his tail he dragged a third of the stars out of the sky and threw them down to Earth. He stood in front of the woman to eat her child as it were born. Then she gave birth to a son..."


Book of Revelations 12:3