Thankyou for your mail, which arrived this morning, which was addressed to the Radical Presses Register.The mail is welcomed, although the R.P.R. have now wrapped up, as the culmination of a year long experiment in the psychology of capitalism and the role of extra parliamentary protest groups.

The R.P.R. came about as part of a need for a forum for the revolutionary small presses that make up the protest movement in this country.This need is essentially demonstrated in the sheer volume of mail that comes addressed to us every day.However, this need was monitored in context as a part of this experiment, and we feel that now this need for a forum for small presses has been established, it will be more beneficial to the movement to announce ourselves as the Workers Experiment Organisation, and to publish the results of our research with the specific intention of helping the left.

The R.P.R. had to step down as the idea was just not profitable; more so because we were actually losing money.We are not a capitalist set up.We actually see ourselves as being something outside of any established political doctrine through setting up trade purely as an experiment to benefit the left.At the same time, with the structure of the organisation being set up to buy pamphlets from our contacts, that dictates funds, and funds are too low to be able to run this project any further.We continue as the W.E.O.

The hypothesis now is that people in general will be more inclined to buy pamphlets from ourselves if they are aware that this is a part of a research project to benefit the left.This is how we intend to get our funds back, and the results of these sales will be monitored as part of the experiment in itself.In short, the hypothesis is that there will be more people involved in the R.P.R. project, if they are aware of the reasons for our experiment.

This hypothesis identified, it would appear that the need for a consensus amongst the publishing left is a real one.We can conclude that just be the sheer amount of interest we have received through the post, without any retort to the internet or e-mail.Therefore we are offering to set up a network of alternative publishing groups and distros operating on an international scale, as a part of the W.E.O.This network will exist as one collected contacts list that will be available, as is our distribution list, on a constantly updated printout on request from us.This list will not be a part of our experiment.

This listing will not list the names of individuals, although this letter is circulated out of courtesy to anyone who wishes to get in touch via our chain letter.It will be a listing of political groups, distros and record labels (or bands), who have been, or wish to be, involved in the R.P.R.The Register is, however, now dissolved.

We feel we have the right to wrap up the Register organisation for two reasons, although we do agree to pay for any CD we do not return.These reasons are i) that we feel we have concluded our research, and ii) that the R.P.R. simply wasn't working as a financially viable project.The experiment as it continues, is to monitor the sale of pamphlets, as an experiment, and to monitor whether the fact that this is an experiment makes any difference at all?

This experiment will be primarily run for the benefit of 'alternative' publishers, but also consciously for the benefit of the left as a wider issue.The results of this experiment will be published and available to all.

With that last point taken into consideration, as a non-aligned left wing organisation, we have invited students to get involved.Whilst any help is welcome, we are particularly looking for Cthulu inspired art and critiques of our experiment to be included in a compilation of essays which will be typed and submitted for publication along with the findings of the W.E.O.This also is not a part of the experiment, and no one involved is making any money at all...

On a more mundane level, no one who is involved with this experiment through buying pamphlets will have their names published.Only those who ask to be put on our contacts list will be put there, and our Address List will only carry the names of organisations who specifically ask to be included.This experiment is run exactly according to psychological ethics, and sets out to be the first experiment group with the specific intention of researching, and further uniting, against capitalism.

Onwards into Revolution.

Yours,Tim Thompson.W.E.O.