British Labour Party state took power with a minority of the public support behind them.The revolutionary masses in Britain, at this point in time a large number of the proletariat in this country, did not vote.The British proletariat has been largely politicised into the movement of direct action, as it is this which has led to the only situation of change under the past two decades of Conservative Party dictatorship.However much the Advocist International oppose violence, it is directly this unrest which has brought Labour to power, and the W.E.O. now oppose the line of Tony Blair, that peaceful protest has been exploited to the benefit of riot organisers and the anarchistic factions of the revolutionary protest movement.We would put it that unnecessary oppression is directly threatened by this countries only realistic retort to the extreme right wing by the ballot (that which the Terrorism Act seeks to oppress).We will discuss armed struggle, it is only to be said that, in circumstances beyond Focoism (the indiscriminate use of violence to effect political change, rather than to threaten armed resistance to support actual revolutionary activity), violence is sometimes the only answer.Fight fire with fire.However, in times of civil and political cease-fire, the Terrorism Act proposed by Labour, can only be seen as a threat to direct proletarian unrest as is reality today in Britain and world-wide.More information is freely available through ourselves, as well as most of the revolutionary campaigning left...


A law which uses terrorism as an excuse to persecute the masses on the scale of the Terrorism Act, can only be a justification for terrorism.Terrorism we are against; armed struggle to support unrest is something we support.However, the extra - parliamentary left of this country and the world, have proven that there is a place to campaign without the use of violence.Regardless to the individual stance of independent Marxist or anarchist groups supporting civil disturbance, or not as that may be, we have, in the very nature of our work, proven that 'propaganda and dissemination' are integral to our struggle.Therefore we take this platform to unite the proletarian movements of the world, into one movement that can represent the working classes, be they landworkers or factory workers, or even doctors, against this blatant act of oppression from the British state.

We intend to do this with one mass international lobby of parliament by the revolutionary workers groups of the world.This will be documented as part of the strategy of experimental documentation by the W.E.O.As one great protest, our information / petition forms will also double as part of an international survey.

The Views of the W.E.O.

I.The W.E.O. Stand for Working Class Unity in Revolution.

The reason we send the enclosed survey, is in order to compile an international, published, database of organisations who will support the workers against the oppression of the British state against a number of draconian measures being introduced unnecessarily.The point here is not about differences in "party line" (etc.), but in compiling a list of organisations who stand for civil unrest against the, so - called "socialist" red flag of the British state.This is part of an experiment conducted, i) to lobby the government with a mass of solid activist support, and ii) to collate a list of left wing groups that we can publish.In this we stand against sectarianism to unite class politics with a common goal." have nothing to lose but your chains".

II.The W.E.O. Stand to Research Questions on the Role and Effectiveness of the Revolutionary Left.

As pointed out, this elaborated petition is also a part of an experiment.The W.E.O. are researching, and documenting, the effectiveness and the role of political campaigns and lobby actions such as this.In this I have to document all correspondence and write notes on the running of the campaign.This will be conducted as coursework for my studies, which I intend to be my occupation for a few years in the future.

The hypothesis behind this study, is that all left wing groups, including ourselves, have frequently asked themselves, "where are we going wrong?"The role of the W.E.O. is to document actual research into this, and other, questions integral to the running of the extra - parliamentary left; in order to have notes that will be of positive use to new groups.In this we intend to support the small press movement, as we are a small press in ourselves.

III.The W.E.O. Stand to Support the Extra - Parliamentary Left.

In both of the above intended Views, the W.E.O. stand to offer unified support to the whole of the movement of class struggle politics.Membership is free, and in these intended Views, it is essential that we stand against sectarianism amongst the left.For too long now have our struggles been disrupted by the state exploiting our weaknesses.This leads us to the next subject:


We all have differences in "part line" (etc.)But if revolution is truly to be the amassed solidarity of the working classes, then we must realise our work, and put our differences behind us.We urge the class struggle left to get involved with the W.E.O., regardless of disputes or disagreements with other organisations who wish to get involved.The purpose of this organisation will be to print an address list of international groups who have put their names to our petition to oppose the Terrorism Act as an assault on the working classes.We know that the revolution takes different forms in many different countries, but if we really claim to be a voice in international revolution, then we must be united.


Although we are open to all beliefs, the Guerrilla Press are uniquely a Black Panther religious organisation.However, that does not put bias on either our campaign or our political research.Our views (Danikenesque / Neirduanist) are available through the post for an AES WITH THE VIEWS OF THE WORKERS EXPERIMENT ORGANISATION.