This the account of the life of myself, Tim Telsa, otherwise known as Nierduan Motorway, or 'Vectron CRUXIFYER I' (I intend to change my name by DePol)? This is primarily my account of the Vectron Mars Project: the project to launch an ammeter rocket to Mars as a political ideal.

This is also an account of the comedy of the C.C.A. and the 1st Vectron International Congress, but more importantly, the new views of myself and the conference, towards pornography.

Much of the work of the C.C.A. was against the issue of pornography. We went as far as to attempt to set up a guerilla front, on behalf of the prostitutes and the exploited in pornography, to try to overthrow the state. The C.C.A. had a definite guerilla strategy and, with more support, would have actually founded this movement of guerillas to do this.

However, Sadomasochism was always a stumbling point in the politics of the campaign, and as the C.C.A. wrapped up, and the Vectron Mars Project began to found ourselves, it was felt that the individualistic issue of the advocation of pornography, had to be discussed. This is an account of how that decision was reached, and the stumbling points we encountered as the Vectron Mars Congress founded.

It took me a while to realise that I did actually have some respect for pornography; those who say they don't have respect for pornography, are quite obviously condemning those Women who are models to the same accusation of disrespect.

The first thing I wish to convey, is that, through reading pornography, I do actually have respect for the Women who are, possibly persecuted, by modelling for those of us who read pornography. Whilst the feminist movement have so often raised points against pornography, and the empires that run pornography (who we still advocate be destroyed ourselves in the name of decentralisation, as anarchists), there is now a movement of women emerging, who openly and vocally state that they enjoy being a part of the sex industry. There is no need to tell us that prostitution is an extreme form of exploitation; this has long been a campaigning point for the C.C.A. What we are saying is that, if Women say that they enjoy being a part of the sex industry, then we should respectfully support them.

The sex industry is becoming so established, that there is no sex. Exploitation, persecution and Stigma, are not just the issues which are exploited for political ends against the Women who are involved in pornography. They are also issues which are used against the men who use it. This prejudice has to be broken down by both sides of the top shelf; a renaissance is advocated. A renaissance of acceptance. Not sexual exploitation.

The Vectron Mars Project believe that we have set up now, in the name of this renaissance. It was a revolution that we advocated and tried to set up before we eventually decided to wrap up due to lack of support. But it is the support that we did get; the grassroots support from the prostitutes and the left; that we now set up to ask support from; in the name of a movement for change and a Spaceflight to Mars.

As an organisation, the C.C.A. existed as some sort of neo-situationist front to support the feminist movement, in particular the English Collective of Prostitutes, trying to earn support for an issue that we felt that they, and the greater mass of the prostitutes themselves, would have support for. The dialogue of the C.C.A. and what we stood for, is to be found in Volume I: 'Chaoticism: A Manual in Subversion'. The idea of a book is to finance the Mars Project. It was a good idea; arms to the prostitutes; revolution to end money; the end of money for chaos. Unfortunately we never really earned the support to be able to follow the idea through.

In the end, it was lack of support that made me decide to wrap up the C.C.A. But whatever the situation with support, it was the work done by this organisation in the first place, that made the Vectron Mars Project a reality...

It was the media experiments in the monitoring of thought upon myself, that were possibly my downfall. Whatever my efforts to build support from the anarchists and feminists, I always fell back into the smear of reading pornography. I have a problem with it, to which ends I see a clinical psychotherapist. I enjoy reading pornography; and it was this realisation which made me decide to found the First International Congress of the Vectron Mars Project, as a separate anarchist issue. The first anarchist conference to advocate pornography.

Free sex? That is what pornography isn't. All the same, somebody had to politicise the issue, that a growing number of women are saying that they enjoy being sex workers.

I see pornography as being something beautiful. I do not see it as being degrading or exploitative; any accusation to the women in pornography, can in turn be thrown against myself. But I do see the Women in magazines as being beautiful, liberated, free. I see them as being important; I see them as being intelligent, and I would like to be their personal friends. To see a Woman portrayed in this manner, with the knowledge that those photographs are taken with their consent, is something of personal affection from myself. Pornography provides me with an important release, of which I believe helps me in terms of self respect. I have no disrespect for those women in Club International either; as I am sure that they have no disrespect from me. This issue is, however, an issue that could inspire debate into the presentation of pornographic magazines.

This issue of persecution is interesting because, whilst paedophile pornography is sick, certain sexual fetishes have never been accounted for. One such sexual fetish, my own major sexual fetish, is that of women wearing lace and dreadlocks. Whilst this is an issue that the Convoy will always be against, prostitution does exist on the Convoy, and an issue of cultural renaisance could be a reality if this were to be in circulation. I sometimes wonder why this isn't already a reality, if it is (obviously) sexy, and Convoy women are always so poor. If this were to be in production, it would considerably contribute to the sort of pornography that the Convoy wish to inspire.

I have an idea that this lack of interest, compared with the demand, could well be to do with the influence of Greenham Common Wimmin. I dont see why there can be laws against putting women with dreadlocks in pornographic magazines, when the Convoy are often so arrogant about being the 'lowest in society'; as they so often pervay. The influence of Greenham Common and the Womens rights movement must surely run deep; although I see no protest against pornography for Women, and if pornography is such an issue for the Womens Rights movement, then why no protest against its escalation?

Having raised the issues of laws in pornography, as an anarchist, I firmly believe in the abolition of all law. This includes the laws against certain images in pornography. Whilst disagreeing with paedophilia, I believe that God made me a Sadomasochist, and therefore I have a right to research Satanism. Women are saying that they enjoy being a part of the sex industry: and whilst this is the case, can anarchists be so dictatorial as to demand its abolition?

The 'First Communique of AKSMOS', which was published by The Guerilla Press, which now lies in 'Chaoticism Volume I', demanded end of pornography. The 'manifesto of the Guerilla Press' discussed this, and demanded that this be upheld through the actions of the prostitutes autonomous guerilla. The reasoning for this was, firstly that it would drive pornography underground, thus working for the emancipation of sex, decentralising the barons of pornography (Paul Raymond and his Satanic Cohorts), and that, secondly, this underground would breed Sadomasochist relationships against the conditioning of the media and state. This situation would legitimately allow women with dreadlocks to be in pornography.

But the reality of myself sleeping with a Convoy whore, is not really very realistic in itself. This is really because, before there are women with dreadlocks in pornography, the Convoy whores will be a minority. This is secondly because, whilst I continue to stay locked up in a psychiatric hospital under false pretences, pornography will continue to be my only release.

What this leads up to, is that the Cestre Cantre Advocation close and trait to the Vectron Mars Project. And this project will mean support from the Bikers. So here I feel it once more to be important to discuss the Bikers and views towards prostitution. It is the Bikers who will make Vectron a reality. And it is the Bikers who have offered support for our trait to pornography.

I remember well the time I wrote an introductory newsletter to my own bikers chapter, and the Festival of the Ridgeway. "My old Granddad made a mistake", the press kept shouting, hysterically, nearly wetting themselves. This story escalated in to a full scale campaign in the monitoring of thought. It was this exact monitoring of thought which led to the false assumption that I should be kept locked up in a psychiatric hospital, deprived of sex, for the next decade. I had little support from the bikers over this, and the situation was extremely traumatic for me. But it was over this period of time that I launched and ran the C.C.A. (Cestre Cantre Anarchists, becoming the Cestre Cantre Advocation after we were grassed up by the anarchists). Locked up in this hospital, with no outside contact with the bikers at all, I started writing about prostitution (some of which is documented herein). This was whilst trying to establish an actual guerilla organisation. The contact that I did have with the bikers, was in the form of friends of mine who brought me in bike magazines.

Whilst reading these magazines, I saw that there were quite a number of scantily clothed women seemingly trying to make love to motorbikes. This made me wonder, what exactly is the attitude of bikers towards pornography? Maybe I could photograph a naked woman with dreadlocks wrapping herself around the Vectron Mars rocket? I also have a fetish for snakes.

The attitude of the bikers into whom I was initiated in Swansea, was very respectful to women. Although they had one prostitute (Misletoe), their attitude towards her was respectful, and they very rarely spoke of pornography. Everything that they asked this woman to do, was in full agreement with her, even when this meant watching her being fucked from behind by a full sized Rottwieller, which belonged to one of the men. She didn't seem to mind this, and she always seemed to be very happy to be accepted as one of the bikers. I have never seen her in any magazine. But at the same time, the prostitution rakett that originally inspired my mental breakdown, was run by Oxford Roadrats, and was especially exploitative and traumatic. I could go on, but at large it would seem that the bikers are often in charge of prostitution, and that they accept pornography.

Therefore, we dedicate the Mars Rocket to the bikers of Albion. If the rocket were to have the influence, through the support of the bikers, to inspire a subversive youth culture, then it would be one of prostitution. A youth culture of liberated girls, wearing lace dresses and leather jackets, dreadlocks, contributing to the literature of the C.C.A. As we are very much a cult issue, with our own links with Satanism, why dont the prostitutes set this up? After all, we have contributed much to the debate.

The Women in pornography are usually very beautiful. It is purely for this reason, that I see pornography as a forum, to be a very good thing. However, I question the presentation of most of these magazines. For instance, my diary entry for Saturday May 2nd, explains my feelings for the Woman in the Russian hat. I think she is incredibly good looking, and in that particular magazine, she is pictured in such a way as to make her look pornographic, but with respect. Other magazines would not have acknowledged her looks, and degraded her to the level of a slut.

It is this issue that is in discussion. This particular magazine (which is mentioned by name), is run by lesbians and, whilst aimed at men, still portrays Women with the respect I believe is demanded for pornography to be genuinely good. However, just about every other magazine portrays models as varying levels of dirt. I believe that this treatment of Women vastly detracts from the issue of womens bodies being portrayed as sexual, but with respect.

I believe that respect for women is inherently necessary if pornography is to be a turn on. A magazine that portrayed naked women, lesbianism and, even sadomasochism, without any sexism, would be a good deal more erotic. A magazine such as this would have support from the lesbians and would therefore not be a target for the Womens movement. I also think that pornography should be bigger, with more women, for the same price. I believe it is important that pornography remains cheap.

On the subject of what pornography should be (and I still think that there is too much stigma against the whole issue), I once toyed with the idea of an entire pornographic magazine dedicated to just one woman. This magazine would come out every week, and would have one exceptionally good looking model; the same woman every week. The magazine would be dedicated to her, and occasionally her girlfriends, and would carry the title being her real name. I study psychology, but despite that, I have some very good reasoning about why this should take place. One of them is that it would help pornography to become more respectful towards their own models (maybe she should have dreadlocks). My main reasons for this are a) People are usually most turned on by the first magazine that they read, and if their first magazine is 'Alice' (for instance), then it would stop these children from moving on and b) it would serve as a useful sex aid, and sex aids to confront pornography should be readily available to cut down the incidents of rape that are often as a result of breakdowns because of pornography.

The question is, how can I set this up? The Vectron Mars Project is realistic if everything is taken into account: a pornographic magazine is not! Therefore, for the launch of the Vectron Mars Project, we are asking for support from the pornographic empires themselves; before going anywhere else for funding. (If I were to set up a magazine with one woman, it would be the woman in the Russian hat [The Woman in the Russian hat is called Elain, and she is in Club International Volume #27 Issue #4] ).

The launch of the Vectron Mars Project as a political ideal, will have to discuss the politics of the C.C.A. wrapping up to finance a mission to Mars. If supported by pornography, then the issues will revolve around this. At the time of writing, 'Chaoticism Volume I' has not yet been published, but I am hoping to finance the project through organising benefit gigs, through the sale of this book. But the Congress will have to discuss the views of the C.C.A., which are mainly about prostitution and sex in the first place. Maybe the Vectron Mars Congress could be a conference to discuss the politics of our trait? Our trait is the mission to Mars.

To set up to send a probe to Mars, the Internet is going to be an important link for us. And getting set up on the Internet is a cause that will get us access to more pornography. It was originally the aim of the old C.C.A. to get involved with the sex industry in order to corrupt and win support from women. When this turned out to be difficult, we moved on to just printing subversive literature (the political line being unique and according to the strategy of the campaign). Now that we have sold out completely, maybe we can use our Web-pages to continue the debate? This time we are out for our own orgasm, and nothing else. In this cause we hope to win some support from the bikers.

The Internet is an interesting subject to discuss, and this is an issue that will be important to Vectron. Whilst vehicle mechanics were the most important issue to the scene in the past, a youth culture knowledge of computers is taking over; and pornography on the Internet is an issue that Vectron see as being a legitimate issue in which to involve ourselves. It could be said that an acceptance of pornography is necessary if women are to be considered equal in society.

On the same note, the crisis that impends on capitalism also impends that there will be a sudden rush in the amount of people involved in pornography; thus leading to a rise in demand. The role of the C.C.A. as we used to exist, was to point out that the Satanic Church are threatening to exploit this towards the ends of political power. Now that the C.C.A. have said this and wrapped up, we now stand to support this political move. We are traitors.

But even so, Vectron still stand in debate. Whether this is due to the space project, or what we have printed in the past, we dont know. But it would appear that most women on the street, couldn't really give a shit about the C.C.A. This is the reason for Vectron and our trait.

I dont know what Elain would think about me, but whatever happens I dont have the chance to sleep with her. But then again, I dont have the chance to sleep with anyone whilst locked up in a mental hospital. This is why pornography is a good thing. There are a lot of frustrated men who probably feel the same about her, and very many other women. The Vectron mars Project is dedicated to them. There are a lot of men who would like to sleep with the women in whatever pornographic magazine. It is sad that this can never take place.

So what is the solution if you are locked up, with no chance of a fuck whatsoever, feeling frustrated and unloved? The answer is pornography! The portrayal of the naked female form, portrayed with such beauty, if presented with respect of this beauty, is something that should be revered; and not disrespected or persecuted.

Disrespect and persecution of pornography, are both issues which the feminists have blamed on men. They seem to be unaware that, by doing just this, they are not only escalating it, but are creating a situation of disrespect and persecution themselves. If the situation is not men saying 'Tart', you should screw a lot more, then it is the feminists saying 'slut', why are you portraying yourself before men in this way because of sex? Both seem to overlook pornography as a legitimate way in which to portray the legitimate beauty of the female form.

To be fair, men cannot be blamed for taking this attitude when pornography is so often presented in a manner which is degrading. Women cannot be blamed for protest, if they feel degraded by this.

So what we are asking for, is better pornography. Pornography which is degrading and sexist, isn't sexy. But the feminist defamation of it as the legitimate portrayal of the beauty of Women, is equally unjust. Not only to the men who exploit access to sex, but also to the partisans who are the pictures in the first place. Prostitutes are nothing to do with pornography. Neither advocate rape.

Therefore, pornography has to be seen as a form of consent. If the images of pornography are not portrayed respectfully, then this is politically unsound. But in circumstances where the female form is portrayed respectfully, as with Elain, then the act of masturbation should be taken as a sexual compliment, as long as it is taken no further. Whilst it sometimes does escalate into something else, our issue is the portrayal of women, and the degradation of some (unfortunately most) pornographic magazines. It would be more erotic if there were more respect offered, to everyone involved, it would be less degrading, and more influential in society, if it were not to go out to degrade the female form.

So why does it? One answer could be that, if men know that their magazine has been presented to degrade the Woman over whom they masturbate, then this will be a turn on that is sadomasochistic. Maybe men need this if they are not to be bored by reading pornography on a regular basis?

So why not legalise sadomasochist pornography? After all, "Censorship happens on the way to the gas chambers", and by persecuting the sadomasochist scene, they are only advocating paedophilia. So sadomasochism is constantly forced underground, and access to child pornography gets easier and easier, then the frustrated subconscousness of sadomasochist men, is only going to deep into the mysterious unknown of child pornography on the 'Net. It isn't something that we advocate, but it is an issue that successive governments have persecuted Sadomasochism, rather than child pornography, to allow this in the first place. The age of consent starts at sixteen.

I think it should be fourteen, but even so, viewing anybody below this age as being something to do with sex, is not only illegal; it is sick. That is why the law should change. I still believe that God gave us desires, and that sadomasochism is one such desire. But when that desire becomes a fetish for exercising power over somebody, because they are younger than yourself, then you have to accept that there is something up with your sexuality. Paedophiles need help, and help is available to those who need it.

At the same time, sadomasochism should not be seen as being anything perverted, and if the Christians feel that we wish to launch a rocket to Mars, then we should be allowed to. We should not be persecuted on the grounds of the 'help' that we do not wish to receive. School uniforms are sexy.

Having said that, although I am a 'pervert'; I am not a paedophile. Nurses are equally as sexy, and if there were to be any justification for the Vectron Mars Project, then it would be the chance of actually going out with and screwing my own nurse. The point behind this active project, is that I need to express my own frustration. The possibility that I may seduce one of the pretty ones, is motivation enough to finally take the logical extreme. Mars.

The ley lines on Mars have yet to be properly charted, so therefore we feel the need to employ the expertise of the Satanic Church in our project. Whereas we may have been bitter enemies with Satanism in some of our previous campaigning, we now support them as our allies in the project to get to Mars. The Space project will be carefully planned, and will carry heavy occult symbology in order to make it worthwhile. This marks our departure from anarchist politics, to support the politics that will make the idea workable. It is for this reason that the International Mars Congress must discuss politics as our main issue: the issue whereby all our plans will commence.

For too long in the past have Satanists been the main target of our campaign. They are an easy target, as they are the symbols of hatred that many people have always used as a scapegoat for the wrongs of todays society. We jumped on the bandwagon, but we now acknowledge the place of the Satanists in a mission to Mars, the planetary symbol of the God that they worship. To exclude Devil Worship from this project would only serve to be disastrous, and unfair. If the red planet we are to visit, the Satanic Church it is their business! There are numerous nurses we could dedicate the mission to, but it is best that we elect one main vanguard. This vanguard should be our prostitute.

The rocket itself will carry the symbol of Venus at the very top of the spacecraft itself. Below this will be the symbol of Beelzebub, painted by our vanguard. It is for this reason that we must employ the Satanists now: to set up our prostitution rakket now. The vanguard would be somebody like Elain; somebody willing to be in pornography: To spread the word of Vectron! And for this reason we need support from pornography. The Bikers of Albion have Women; let the Bikers of Albion dedicate the mission to their women; whether this be nurses, bitches or whores.

Chauvinism could be reinvented as an issue to promote a free society; one where men would all benefit from the sex industry in one form or another, and where women would be free to be involved without prejudice or taboo. To be fair, this was always the underlying motive of the C.C.A., and we feel it is time to invite the Satanists to join with this overthrow of the state. There has been a lot of campaigning from ourselves, all of it geared towards inspiring revolution one way or another.

The collected essays in 'Chaoticism Volume I', are all subversive, in the sense that they are all advocating that the prostitutes take up the gun to inspire revolution. The demands of the C.C.A. are developed through the feminists own debate, and the debate of the prostitutes themselves. They are set up to gain support from the prostitutes on the level of paramilitary unrest; but are set up that a revolution could swing one way or another. Whereas we, on one hand, demand the abolition of pornography (!), in the next line we advocate the merits of this demand being met on the grounds of creating an underground for Sadomasochism. This issue does exist as an underground, and however perverted we may be, we still stand as revolutionaries. What we are actually standing for, is the decentralisation of pornography, so that there can be more; autonomy for women in the portrayal of women, so that pornography can be acceptable to society.

We have always made it clear our split from the anarchist movement. The politics of the C.C.A. were always a sort of amalgamation of situationism/feminism/communism, and we were always directly against the Church of Satan. But the politics of the C.C.A. were always geared towards active debate within anarchism. Whilst we were the first to identify the prostitutes as the most important part of the working classes to lead the revolution, we never really acknowledged the prostitutes as offering sex. If we still advocate that the prostitutes in pornography, it is now to support them in setting up autonomous syndicates to offer 'sex work' (a term that the feminists use), as a revolutionary front on the same level as other workers: to make pornography as a spectacle, a spectacle without prejudice; something that can portray women as beautiful without the prejudice that goes with it. We need this if to advocate unrest. In asking the prostitutes to take up arms, it was always alterior that, if a revolution were to be started, then the autonomy of the prostitutes would ultimately lead to this.

As the anarchist (possibly in a naive sense), want everything that capitalism provides us to be there in a post revolutionary society, we ask: Why would certain commodities just disappear? If pornography is something that is used by the working classes; the same as petrol and Coca Cola; then why is pornography going to just give up? This is an argument that is taken from the feminists, that pornography will become abolished in a post revolutionary society. At the same time, the anarchists, and in turn ourselves, have many disagreements with feminist politics, aside from the debate about prostitution. What we advocate, as left wing "extremists", is that unions be set up within pornography, that take a revolutionary line in decentralising the issue, thus making it autonomous, as with the revolutionary evolution that the anarchists advocate with every other union that they support.

It is in this, that the Vectron Mars Project can serve a useful purpose. The Vectron Mars Congress will discuss the issues of the C.C.A., at the same time discussing the views of this essay, in the name of assembling a body of representatives from the sex industry to discuss the issues of our own autonomy. Anarchism is about taking the issues into our own hands, and taking control of our own lives. If the Vectron rocket is an example of ourselves actually doing this, then why not ask the prostitutes to join with us, in the name of autonomy and revolution? Why (and how) does pornography have to end if there is ever to be an anarchist revolution? This, we believe, has not yet been properly debated. This issue is, we believe, the decentralisation of pornography through the concourse of the prostitutes in revolution. This is the issue that the C.C.A. have made political, and is the issue that we must continue to debate in the name of another mission to Mars. The debate initiated by the C.C.A, is this one. The project is political, and the politics of anarchism and sex are the politics that will be the discussion with the Vectron Mars Project.

So, we are not stepping down on the issue we invented: And we are not selling out. The debate we raise here is important, as it makes crucial points to the anarchists about just how their politics of unionism and workers autonomy will work in practice. It is in that, that the Vectron project stand in debate. It is these issues which demonstrate the point about anarchism, and why we have split. It is these issues that we raise to the anarchists; after years of trying to cause legitimate debate. It is strange that the issue of pornography can be so taboo, when so many anarchists actually use it. Is this because so many anarchists have sexual hangups?

Where does this lead? Are we asking for sponsorship from pornography or something? No. What we are saying is that the Vectron Mars Project is a political issue, and in that, it is our political point to support pornography, as an underground scene. It is on this note that we have to stand by what we said, in the name of inspiring debate, and in the name of all of our previous campaigning being set up to inspire debate in the first place. This must be a contort to 'Chaoticism. Volume I'.

I am not saying that my arguments are wrong. Nor am I saying that my arguments are out of date, they are not. They still stand for anyone who would want to read them. But this is my U-turn. I have to acknowledge to myself that I like pornography: but more so that there isn't going to be a revolution that will end prostitution once and for all. Where bombs to kill policemen, is very romantic, idealistic at that, the prostitutes have not taken up arms. Guerilla warfare in this sense is becoming a thing of the past. The scene that was guerilla, especially the issue that prostitutes are potentially guerilla, should join with us in the next stage: The Vectron Space mission to Mars.