Dear Members of the Revolutionary Left,

This letter concerns the Workers Experiment Organisation and our research into the nature of campaign groups within capitalist society.If you like our concept, then we ask you to photocopy this letter five times and send them to people you think may also be interested in our work.

The Workers Experiment Organisation (W.E.O.), are a psychological research organisation born from the dictates of coursework and psychotropic drugs.The purpose of our research is to break from the pro - authoritarian arguments against the case for workers control, in order to finally research and document the actual feasibility of the arguments for revolution, in psychology, so as to analyse and benefit the factions in society we term the 'revolutionary left'.In this, the purpose of this letter is to try to compile a list of people who are interested in the concept of the W.E.O., and who may wish to be in dialogue with the organisation.Therefore we circulate this letter with the open hypothesis that people will be more inclined to be involved with a left wing campaign group, if they are aware that the purpose of that group is to research, and document our findings, specifically for the benefit of the revolutionary left.Therefore, all we ask is that people who receive this letter forward their contact address to our Box in London, to receive more information about us and our non - profit distribution list.This list is also a part of our research.

The W.E.O. are not new to the spectrum of revolutionary politics.The reason for this research is born from a number of years of campaigning amongst the political left; campaigning which often led to no response from large parts of the left at all.This whilst other factions of the left have been very successful in motivating the masses in struggle, we felt that questions needed to be asked.These questions were not the mundane sort of questions that capitalism asks us when they feel like it, like 'do you want a left or a right wing dictatorship?', but more like 'what are the failings of the left in inspiring revolution?', and 'how do left wing groups set up successfully?'Therefore we, as a political group running for more than a decade, have started our work in analysing the role of the left, in such a way that it cannot benefit the right, as a revolutionary campaign group in ourselves.Therefore the results of all our experiments will be published, circulated to everyone on the contacts list we intend to compile, and will also be available on request from our Box address.

The W.E.O. has grown from the concept of the 'Radical Presses Register'; an experimental distribution group hypothesising that people will only be willing to buy books if they are sold through established means of capitalist trade.An entirely non - profit group, the theory now stands that people will be more willing to buy books from ourselves if they are aware of the concept as outlined above, as being a part of the leftist experiment in the attitudes of people to whom we, as left wing organisations, are talking to in order to inspire revolt.And, as our constitution points out, the Radical Presses Register still exist as part of he W.E.O. to pose questions as to the nature of capitalist trade.

The primary aims of the W.E.O. in our research, are i) to analyst the nature of authority and trade over the upsurgence of the revolutionary masses, ii) to research the nature of the revolutionary left, primarily in order to help our organisations effect change, and iii) to have fun.This last point is probably the most important.In sending this letter as a circular, we want i) for people to get involved through being put on our contacts list, ii) to encourage dialogue - all of which we will document as part of our research, and iii) for students at any level doing subjects around politics, psychology, media studies, sociology or art, to get involved.Particularly art students.We want our organisation to be fun, and we see art as the most direct threat to authority we have.All are welcome to get involved with our research.

The W.E.O. is funded through the R.P.R., and sales of publications through our own catalogue are also monitored as part of the experiment.Our hypothesis is that people will be more ready to buy stuff if they know that they are a part of an experiment into the psychology of capitalism.So if you want to be included on our mailing list, then forward your name and address.If you are interested in the R.P.R. and 10% discount on pamphlets, CDs and spoken word tapes, then our catalogue is available on request, and finances this project.