Radical Presses Register.

Decentralised Exchange And Dissemination Third Millennium.

D.E.A.D. 2000.

Anarchist philosophy is devoid of a sound system of economy that will take us into the revolution.On the one hand, the philosophy of exchange entails the occupation of the factories by the proletariat.On the other, the left are in production of a mass of propaganda, which all has to be paid for.The Radical Presses Register propose an alternative to the established means of the exchange of revolutionary propaganda, in the form of decentralised exchange.Guerrilla Press Distribution.

Capitalism dictates the means of exchange; commodities exchanged for money depending upon your 'standing' in society, all goods circulated and ultimately finding their way into the bank account of the capitalist in return for the exploitation that the majority are forced to suffer.No one will deny that the means of distribution belong to the capitalist.And anarchists have, so far, posed no real alternative to the wheels of capitalist distribution.As a gesture of defiance to the capitalist economy of production and distribution, Guerrilla Press Distribution set up D.E.A.D. 2000 as an alternative example of economy.

What we are proposing is that, instead of issuing propaganda and sending it to activists in return for donations, or trying to sell publications to a system that is not in the blindest bit interested in what we are trying to say, there should be a system of exchange founded by revolutionaries ourselves; set up to support the economics of a post revolutionary society.The example in this case, be that we intend to swap an equivalent number of leaflets with political groups, in return for our own, and in turn swap them with other groups, in return for other peoples leaflets again, and so forth.Under this system, participating groups will not only have more literature to send out to people, but will also get their own literature distributed in turn.More importantly, this sets up an example of exchange as it will be after the revolution: a system of exchange that will directly oppose capitalist economics.


The Radical Presses Register are already in business exchanging our own pamphlets with other peoples.Check out the Web Site, you will find a list of alternative books for sale over the Internet.This Internet page offers an alternative system of book registration, designed for book sellers and librarians to cross reference.It is also a book shop.This scheme operates almost entirely through the exchange of pamphlets, circulated by the left, for the left, in order to finance the Guerrilla Press.This system also works as a lobby group for small publishers, offering sales to those who publish themselves, and offering a reference for book sellers who are interested in buying publications from small presses.Whilst still small, this system is designed to counter the mass scale beurueocracy of those in charge of the established registration of books.Details available from ourselves.

The Guerrilla Press.

The Guerrilla Press are a small scale organisation, using the system described above in order to trade pamphlets amongst the left.The views of the Guerrilla Press are unique in that we support the prostitutes as a revolutionary issue.Most of our publications take this stance, although we consider ourselves to be a situationist movement born out of the riots against the Poll Tax last century.In this we have tirelessly supported everything that is revolutionary in the past ten years, discussing and creating our own issues on which to campaign.Although our sister organisation, the 'Cestre Cantre Advocation', who set out purposefully to support the prostitutes as a revolutionary issue, have now wrapped up, the Guerrilla Press are still in the business of supporting the prostitutes where we can, in memory of our leader who was killed by a prostitution ring five years ago.This said, we are looking for essays on the police oppression of prostitution to publish along side the publications of the Guerrilla Press.We appeal for submissions; and also for donations from those who support.


Propaganda Groups (I.S.B.N. 0-9532767-1-6), is a manual in how the Guerrilla Press was set up.Explaining in some detail the workings of an active propaganda group, as the Advocation were run for five years, this booklet explains everything necessary to know if thinking about setting up your own group.This is exchanged in the name of the D.E.A.D. idea, in order to support the politics of exchange.We would welcome any one who wished to exchange copies of the pamphlet (costs £1.25), with their own, and bulk orders are available at a trade price.


We would support any one else in setting up their own leaflet exchanges.The principal is that we intend to exchange a load of leaflets, say 100, of our own leaflet, for example, with those of another political organisation who may be interested in swapping leaflets in return for our own, or for a number of leaflets that we may already have swapped.The principal of this is that, after the revolution, economics will have to work like this.Therefore we see it as legitimate to set up now in the name of distribution, in order to establish ourselves as an example of practical revolutionary economy.Further than this, we see it that we are offering a service to the left.With this system, not only will participating groups have more literature to send out to contacts, but we will be involved with distributing their information and propaganda in return.We support anyone who is interested in setting up a system such as this for themselves, and will support them with our own literature.

Anyone who wishes to donate or swap leaflets is welcome to get in touch.