Capitalism has destroyed the environment now to the extent that we foresee the end of the race.But has capitalism's deceit left problems still to be accounted for?  Are we expecting a death worse than that threatened by the next ice age?Neirduan Motorway explains his hypothesis.

Reported on the news on this Monday, is a swarm of locusts invading Australia.Not really surprising, you may say.And where does this concern me?

The situation is this.The depletion of the environment is now apparent.Very apparent.The weather on a day to day basis has become uncharacteristic and very unpredictable.Droughts and hurricanes are causing severe problems in a number of nations, and we really have to accept that the problem's with the environment that the human race has caused, have threatened mammal life on the planet.

I say mammal life, because it is my hypothesis that the insects will take control of the planet.

Mammal life can only survive in the right sort of environment.That is the environment provided by, what the witches, quite rightly refer to as, the Earth Mother.The human race, and all other breathing animals, need the right quantity of sunlight, carbon dioxide, unpolluted water, and so forth to survive.Against the wishes of all who have campaigned for 'green' issues, these circumstances for life are being eroded; and eroded faster than we can control.

To get to the point now, the insects do not necessarily need the same environmental conditions to be able to happily breed and survive.The insects are adaptable to every sort of environment, from the deserts of Africa, to the frozen wastes of the polar ice caps; and literally everywhere else.

So that brings me back to the situation of a swarm of locusts that is today reported to be eating its way across Australia...

Without making much more of a scene, it was the hypothesis of Neirduan Motorway that, due to the destruction of the environment that the human race has caused, the death of the race will not be from the hole in the ozone layer, or anything else, other than the increased breeding of insects that this depletion in the environment is causing.

That in short, was Neirduan Motorway's hypothesis.However, due to this theory, our philosopher was forced into the CoS.And, probably due to this, he went mad.

So, in his illness, our philosopher began to become paranoid.He started to believe that the insects, as a race with incredible collective intelligence, would listen to capitalism's threats towards them, and deliberately become conscious.In this they would become an army of evil assassins; bent on the destruction of the human race before the human race destroyed them, in order to survive.In this he turned his attention to the course of capitalism, and the threats he thought would result in the escalation of evolution meaning that insects would become carnivorous races.

It soon occurred to him, that there was a direct threat from Satan, if the phenomenon of 'Scientific Conferences of Insect Eating', led to capitalism marketing the insects, insects of any species, as any means of capital.His involvement in Satanism led to his contacting the Devil.

Neirduan Motorway's belief was that the Devil had fallen from grace due to his overthrowing God and, in this, Elezerdus had been successful.His belief was that Saturn had engineered the extinction of the Dinosaurs, through sending swarms of insects to, literally, eat them; until a time when no more food led to the extinction of these races themselves.He believed that the majority of these insects had not been fossilised.

So our hero was eventually Sectioned.But this only led him to declare war on Rentokil.With a reputation amongst Hell's Angels, our hero declared a successful guerrilla campaign; not just on scientific conferences of 'Insect Eating', but also on those who would exterminate our friends - in the fear that this would escalate this threatened by the environment - making insects actually listen to his word in the CoS.

So our hero was injected, and injected, and injected.He is still being injected today.But his justified terrorist movement still exists, in a way, because he has sent me to deliver this warning to you this day:Never trust capitalism, and stop the rise of the insects internally in the structure of the CoS...Before it's too late!