The Radical Presses Register is an alternative system of cataloguing for self publishers and poets, in particular, but is also aimed at the whole of the radical publishing trade in general. We are setting up to operate a coherent system of book registration, purposefully for the left, but one that will operate as effectively as those systems already in existence. This system will operate independently of I.S.B.N.s', and should work alongside the Dewy system and other systems for librarians; this system being easily aimed at easy reference for publishers and bookshops alike. The R.P.R. will be run by a WebSite, which will carry information on all books registered under this scheme; set up for easy reference. The configuration of this scheme will be discussed further below. But I feel it important to first discuss the ethics behind a book registration scheme, specifically aimed at the left:

Why the R.P.R.?

The movement of self publishing is gaining momentum. Much of this self publishing is organised by left wing groups; some of it being poetry, some purely political, and much of it quite unorthodox. Therefore, it would seem that an alternative system of book reference, aimed specifically at the left and towards self publishers, would be a step towards the unity required for a political mass to challenge state politics. As well as this, the system currently played for the established system of I.S.B.N.s', is very beurocratic, and often very expensive. It would seem a good idea id radical publishers, such as ourselves, could get together and organise a better system. One that works not radical presses. A system that works for the left.

The system of Radical Presses Registration, will be straightforward and easy to use. The plan is to gain support for the scheme, before setting up to be able to provide quick reference for books registered under the scheme, through the Internet and with a regular newsletter. The system will be free to everyone involved, from publishers to librarians, and this WebSite will be constructed for easy use by anyone interested in referencing books under the R.P.R.

The DataBase.

The R.P.R. Internet Site will be an interactive DataBase, designed specifically to reference books and other publications. On top of this, there will be a regular newsletter covering all latest publications under the scheme. This DataBase will be ordered into categories, so that subject matter can be referenced quickly and easily, and will be able to recognise books according to their title as well as their R.P.R. number. There will be separate categories for different publications, and all will link to a brief description of the book listed, with a link directly next to the title on the WebSite. In addition, we hope to have space available for small presses to be able to describe what they are doing etc. These categories are listed as follows:

R.P.R.0000.aa.GP.The number itself is hypothetical. However, this is the number for the first title, published by ourselves, entitled 'Rules ov 'e' '. The number is there to demonstrate that this is the first publication (available on the 7/8/99, provided we have enough interest, price £3.50), whilst 'GP' is there to point out that it is published by the Guerilla Press, ourselves. All registrations will be followed by the initials of the press/individual responsible for printing the publication. This publication will be science fiction, and the letters 'aa', indicate that this is a science fiction publication.

R.P.R.0000.agp.GP.The initials 'agp', here stand for 'agit-prop'. The R.P.R. are interested in reregistering all political material, without any bias or sectarianism against what it should say. It is to be noted that, in the 33% trade discount we ask for in registering books, we will also agree to sell political literature through our WebSite. In these circumstances we will be willing to sell most publications under 'agp', whilst assuring animosity towards anyone wishing to sell political literature, but keep the scene secret at the same time.

R.P.R.0000.rl.GP.'rl' is the abbreviation for religious literature. Although the Guerilla Press have our own religious autonomy, we are happy for our scheme to be used for minority religions, including Buddhism, provided they can be accountable for their actions. Further than that, we understand the controversy between religions, and wish to stay out of any debate or dispute between any religion.

R.P.R.0000.ph.GP.This abbreviation, is the letter code for books of a philosophical nature. The Guerilla Press wish to publish the philosophical writings of prisoners, and have an open mind towards all left wing philosophy. We particularly support the self published works of philosophers who may otherwise not be published.

R.P.R.0000.pl.GP.This is the code for political works from any radical publisher. The R.P.R., although being political ourselves, have no bias at all towards any left wing literature at all. We are hoping that people will feel free to accept the R.P.R. system for political publications. If this should be the case, then we may be successful in uniting factions of the left into one issue, possibly to converge under the banner of publishing, in order to create a more unified front in publishing. If this could be the case, then we will represent this view in our newsletter.

R.P.R.0000.po.GP.This is the registration for poets. There are many self published poets out there, and we sincerely hope that poets will be able to use this scheme as, as is the case with all publications under the R.P.R., this system offers free publicity on the internet and in our newsletter. The R.P.R. should be seen as the self publishers banner of defiance, and we invite all poets to join in this defiance in participating in this scheme. It is only when we get this system off the ground that we can hope this scheme will work. We invite poets to join in making the idea work.



R.P.R.0002.agp.GP., entitled 'Propaganda Groups', is a publication designed to support the movement of self publishing amongst the left. It covers everything you would need to know in order to set up a group (or even a cult?) of your own. This pamphlet is the first published work under this scheme, and costs £1.25. It is free to prisoners.In short, this publication is intended to be of use to those who wish to get involved in the movement of propaganda that has arisen since the demise of Class War. It is the first publication to carry an R.P.R. number, and is available from the above address. It is registered by the British Library, and is the first in a series from the Guerilla Press that will carry an R.P.R. number. We ask people to support the project by buying copies, at a 33% discount to trade. Get involved!

...and Get in Touch!

The response from our literature in the past, has been slow, to say the least. This may be because it is known that we are currently operating from a psychiatric hospital, or because we are controversial in the stuff we've published. Either way, we see no reason why the controversy of our issue (fighting false sectioning), should somehow mean that people shouldn't respond to our mail. We are a subversive group, and are open about this. Even so, support from the left could have proven the legitimacy of our movement, and could have helped build a working resistance. Still, this is besides the point. In order to set up a working campaign, we need people to ignore false boycotts from the press and stupid sectarianism from some people involved in our scene. Getting involved in the R.P.R. is easy; and it costs nothing to be included on our contacts list.

To register a publication under this scheme, send details of the book, what category it would come under, a brief review for our WebSite, and a write up about the press you run. We will issue a number, or numbers for it, include it on our Internet DataBase, and publicise it in our newsletter which will in turn be sent to contacts, radical booksellers and librarians. This scheme is free, but in return we do ask that we can be offered publications at the usual 33% trade discount, and that we can sell them for you (and for ourselves), in order to raise funds to keep the scheme going. We already use this system for our own publications, and finance this through the sale of second hand Science Fiction. Send S.A.E. for list. So. For free you are getting a registration that should help you sell books, automatic sale and distribution through our WebSite, and free publicity. This shows our integrity to the cause of self publishing and left wing literature. And with momentum, we can set this up to offer a scene for Radical Presses... So get in touch!

The Guerilla Press.

The Guerilla Press are a faction of the Spanish 'Cestre Cantre Advocation'; a post civil war anarchist faction, setting up to support the actions of the prostitutes in revolution. Whilst highly controversial, the aims of this group are, not only to inspire debate, but to set up practical cells for the benefit of the revolution which we see as being inevitable. We publish free literature to prisoners, and always welcome people in prison to get involved by sending us manuscripts and news etc. At present we run a pamphlet press and various newsletters; but are out to prove that the written word can play as important a role in revolution, as guns and petrol bombs. So, get involved. We are financed through the sale of second hand Science Fiction, as mentioned, but are always in need of donations. Contrary to media lies, we do not embezzle funds. All funds go directly into printing and postage, to support radical presses, free literature to prisoners, and revolution. Contact us at the address above.