I.The Guerilla Press are a foundation standing in the belief that, in order to create an equalitarian and truly revolutionary society, then there should be a case for a youth culture to be founded within prostitution. This catalyst would be heterosexual, and would be the first clause in the dissolution of the welfare state, that we see as being inevitable under persistently harsh and dictatorial governments. This youth culture would be revolutionary, supporting guerillas, would be a self financed revolutionary body, and would be called 'the CROSS'.

II.But in order to establish the independence necessary to found a youth culture, the CROSS will have three demands. These demands will be issued through the channels of the media, through the underground scene of pirate radio, and will become popular as the demands of the underground itself. As these demands become accepted by the underground, the scene will become popular and, with these demands as the initial statement of a generation, will become the demands of a generation to overthrow the state.

It is in the founding of a new youth culture, that we can keep the movement of dissent that was the anti poll tax movement etc. alive. It is in the founding of the CROSS, that we can initiate reform on the level of the most exploited being listened to as a voice that will be most important in the running of a campaign of resistance, emerging from the past decade of unrest, congealing into a sound voice to initiate change. If the older generation are to be the sell outs that will now be in charge of the State, then we must look to the movements of acid rock, Jungle and Rave, in order to create something new from the persecution that was enforced under the Tories, and continuated by New Labour. It is enough to support guerillas, and in this, the CROSS will take from the movements of the 60s' to support the issues that will lead to our emancipation.

But, on the same level, we should set this up to support the movements of prostitutes liberation that grew from the dissent against the poll tax in the 90s', and this should be the first topic for discussion. The CROSS will be a youth culture founded within prostitution, and should therefore be the first forum for the debates into womens rights under the issue itself. Contrary to the cliché proposed by the feminists, that sleeping with a prostitute constitutes rape, the views of the prostitutes is that it is not; and an issue such as the CROSS, if taken in the context of a coming recession and the end of the welfare State that is inevitable, youth culture should be the point to discuss issues such as this. The CROSS are recognisable as prostitutes in that they will wear lace dresses and leather jackets; Combat boots and dreadlocks. The CROSS are recognisable in that they are heterosexual prostitutes.

It must, at the same time, be acknowledged that, if there is to be a youth culture of women in prostitution, then the arguments of the feminists are going to come into play. It is for this reason that the politics of prostitutes liberation, as spoken by the movements for sexual equality and liberation, must be the precessors of the movement of the CROSS. We will not ignore the arguments of the prostitutes; merely propose an alternative to survive post revolutionary depression.




These are the three demands that we will issue in the name of creating an equalitarian society for all. The movements of our emancipation must start with the youth, and these demands we issue for the equality of all. Whilst being to an extent, draconian in their portrayal, we issue these demands to be issued repeatedly to the press, and to be demanded BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY to create an equal and liberated society. We believe that the revolution must start with the voice of the downtrodden and, with this advocation in prostitution, we believe that this is the first step towards achieving that. Towards these ends, the discussion of the issues of prostitution must be discussed in the light of the end of the organisation that were proposing the dogma of revolutionary uprising from the prostitutes, and discussed in full below. The issues of the emancipation of the prostitutes are now proposed to be demanded within the constraints of the law, but also as revolutionary under a unified flag.


I.Prostitution has, for a long time, been a controversy with the law. On the one hand, to be a prostitute is not actually illegal, whilst on the other hand, pimping has always carried heavy sentences. The CROSS believe that, in order to create a just society, the managing of prostitution should be made entirely within the law; allowing Banks and Supermarkets to be able to provide prostitution under free market laws. This is the first demand of the CROSS in creating a society whereby all are equal; the downfall of capitalism through revolution from below.

The downfall of society is inevitable at some stage, by not without the end of the welfare State. It is for this reason that we demand the legalisation of prostitution, on our own terms, before capitalism does actually start to exploit sex to a greater degree, without the consent of those it exploits. Exploitation through the sex industry is something that we have campaigned against extensively in the past, and now we see the establishment of the CROSS. We demand the legalisation of prostitution, so that it can be an equal issue amongst the youth before it becomes an issue for control. We feel it an important demand, as such, because if prostitution is to be legalised, then it must be on the terms of the youth, prostitution as it already exists, and on a level of equality that capitalism will not offer until its impending downfall.

The sex industry is becoming a forum for the independence of women; therefore in the demand for the legalisation of prostitution, we feel that we are supporting the eventual independence that prostitution will bring women. This is our reason for supporting the youth culture that will become reality after the end of the welfare State; the independence it will offer the youth will become a working class forum for the discussion of the overthrow of the state from below, and the financing of the underground movement and the left. We do not advocate violent revolution; we advocate the peaceful and cultural dissolution of the state.

II.The legalisation of prostitution, and the proposal for a new youth culture within prostitution, are two separate issues. However, they should be seen to be the same in the context of demands. Sex is the most fundamental demand of human nature and, in this, the two issues go hand in hand. On the first hand, capitalism feeds off the necessity of the human race to the fundamental needs of the people. From bread to Champaign, everything necessary for survival has been reduced to a commodity. On the other hand, the demand for prostitution has classically led to exploitation on the scale of drug pushing and the violence of organised vice. It is for this reason that we propose youth culture as a voice of necessary reform.

We see it as being the case, that by writing for a youth culture in prostitution, we will be offering the youth something more important than the sarcastic and offensive pushing involved in what is currently vice. To put it another way, if there were to be a free uprising, by the youth, to instate a system whereby prostitution were accepted, then the vicious backbiting already involved in the smuggling and supply of drugs, would become mainstream in the underground, on a scale that would see the evil of the black market in drugs become less obvious. Whilst the legalisation of drugs is not our demand, the legalisation of prostitution would see the exploitation of youth culture for drugs become obsolete with what is currently criminal activity becoming sussed. Youth culture and drugs share the same taboos, whilst both are controlled through the exploitation of women in prostitution, that we wish to be culturally New Wave towards the coming of the New Age.

III.The CROSS are heterosexual women, seeking independence from authority and money orientated society, through prostitution. The idea is that, women who seek to employ themselves in prostitution as a step towards independence and autonomy from the control of idealised society, can be recognised by men because of a fashion. The CROSS are recognisable as prostitutes: they are dressed in lace, wearing leather jackets and combat boots, following ideas in art which will make the idea unique. We must prophesize the CROSS: Jungle music is an art form which has never siezed the imaginations of the majority: it has stayed an catalyst drug minority: the people are still following the movements of acid in the 70s' and 80s'. Jungle will develop into another art form, and with the decay of society that it forecasts, a movement of autonomy which obsoletes vice as the exploitation that always eventually brings youth culture to its knees, usually through heroin, and prostitution, will become something acceptable. This acceptance will be the movement to bring established prostitution to a new phase, the demands we make on capitalism being met, it will open the possibility of a sexually free society to become one without violence; whether that be for money, rape or against authority. But this can only take place through the necessary abolition of pornography. It is for this reason why it is important that the demands of the CROSS are met.


I.In order to create a society whereby the prostitutes are not exploited in the context of a youth culture in prostitution, then it is necessary to demand the complete abolition of pornography. This is to the benefit of the CROSS, but also to the benefit of society as a whole.

Pornography is a political issue, not only for the feminists and the left that they inspire, but on another level, for the left wing underground of S/M Pride. Whereas the feminist movement have demanded the complete abolition of pornography on a political level before, we demand it as a statement from pornography itself, once it has been driven underground.

It destroys Sex. An underground whereby pornography were to be abolished as its second most fundamental demand, would inevitably accept prostitution; the CROSS are people, whereby the conditioning and stigma from both sides of the argument of the debate against pornography, will not cease to exist. Under any cultural circumstances. Further than that, we agree in the most part with the attitude of the feminists under the heading.

Pornography degrades those who are exploited by it. Furthermore it creates a divide amongst those seduced by it. Where this divide can never be resolved, in prostitution it could be employed to a positive benefit, but only if pornography is to be abolished.

Youth culture necessarily depends on the divide between established authority and rebellion. This is why we see the CROSS, a union of heterosexual prostitutes, as being the next step. It is revolutionary. In forty years of youth rebellion, not one political faction has really gone out to expose sex as the issue used by those who think they have a right to a 'control ethic', to dictate society. Punk went out to shock; and they did that. But to expose the divides between youth and authoritarian State, they did nothing to challenge the authority created by those who wish to see themselves established in some position of power. Sex is a step towards independence, and it is in this that we declare a 'punk ethic' against control. But pornography can only be seen to be an issue of authority to corrupt this issue; as it has been so many times in the past. We would go as far as to say that, where pornographers have gone out to deliberately corrupt the attitude of society towards sex, they are now doing the same thing to youth culture. At the end of the day, it is Satanism which runs the sex industry. They do this for power, and we can only prevent them from doing this, by declaring our autonomy against pornography as the CROSS.

II.A rise in the number of people employed in prostitution after the ban on pornography, will inevitably rise as a matter of purpose. Therefore the demand to ban pornography, should be the demand of the youth who will be a part of it. As pointed out above, we await the disillusion of the welfare state. This, combined with the demands issued here from the non violent guerilla, will set up the preconditions, not only for a youth culture of prostitutes, but, on the same level, a cultural revolution. It has long been the philosophy of ourselves as the campaign for the militant liberation of the prostitutes, that revolution is most importantly inspired by the combined unity of the prostitutes. This can and will take place as the result of a ban on pornography. But it should be pointed out that, this will only take place if the prostitutes themselves support the CROSS and the ethic of emancipation. This without the support of the left is a new revolutionary issue, but as youth culture is founded, with support from the underground, this will set up prostitution as an issue of controversy to be supported by the left; in particular anarchism. With pornography abolished, this leads the way for a new freedom of speech and a consciousness into the political issues involved with both prostitution and revolutionary direct action.

III.As we write this, it would go without saying that pornography, if made illegal, would inevitably go underground. This is the case at present with paedophilia and, to some extent, with some forms of sadomasochist pornography. The solution to this, as a group that have risen from, and consider, anarchism, would be to seek to employ the police for the purposes of ourselves. The first demand, the legalisation of prostitution, would put youth culture on a level of co-operation with the police in the first place, and the CROSS should utilise this relationship to keep safeguards on the distribution (more importantly than the production) of such material. This should become the first point for a sound relationship with the police; this being a necessity if non violent revolution is going to come about as the result of a street scene. It should be this issue that be employed to the ends of creating a working relationship with the police that would keep women safe from the evil of the Satanic Church in their fanatic search for control over the sex industry. If we are to corrupt Satanists' from taking complete control over the sex industry, then there needs to be a huge escalation, both in the acceptance of working women, and in the acceptance of the youth as persecuted under the state. This is why we seek to found youth culture, as this would be the foremost step in decentralising the control of the Satanic Church in prostitution. A ban on pornography, in hand with the work done by ourselves henceforth, would lead to a subversive underground and, in this sense, an awareness of societies attitudes towards the youth and sex.


I.With pornography banned, and an underground set up through this that would inevitably serve the sadomasochists, there should be no reasonable need to continue censorship. Everybody should have an equal right to the freedom of speech, and the airwaves should be open to every single political and religious perspective. It is in this demand that we ask for,

a) The end of all biased media reporting against direct activists,

b) The end of all restrictions on pirate broadcasting, and

c) The unconditional end to the practise of the media monitoring thought.

II.The end of censorship in this country, and around the world where we have our demands met, would be the end of a system imposed by the Conservatives, of totalitarian State Control. It would mean the end of the press choosing to report as they wish, under the rule of two Party State, and would mean, once again, the people planning peaceful protest towards the ends of obtaining media coverage towards the ends of the escalation of the counter spectacle of subversive underground, that challenges the totality of the state. Censorship is the result of a system of government that exists to persecute the people; the prostitutes being the exploited catalyst that we have always seen to be potentially revolutionary. An end to restrictive reporting would enable youth once more to express their solidarity: it would mean an uprising of post-modernism in the Punk dissent that Labour have always been responsible for. It would mean the people having a chance to unite under the issues of peaceful protest: And it would mean an end to the persistent persecution of radicals through the state monitoring of thought.

These issues are of utmost importance; not only in the name of the youth being able to express themselves without media control, but also if there is to be any escalation in the cultural awareness that needs to be accepted by society if there is to be change. Hence our reason for advocating the youth of today as a force for change come tomorrow. The youth can never be silenced, and in this demand, we are asking for a circus of new political views to be put before the people; advocating graffiti, paintbombs, flypostering, demonstrations, Jungle; all as new political views that have grown from the past decades of exploitative regimes persecuting youth. In this aspect we see that the CROSS would be founded as the movement we propose to be culturally acceptable; changing societies views towards youth and sex forever.

III.The Guerilla Press are established to fight censorship, wherever we find it, and to open up channels towards the ends of a much greater freedom of speech an propaganda. We are also set up to debate the issues raised by the anarchists and Class War since their split. In this light we declare ourselves revolutionaries wrongly imprisoned within the 'psychiatric help' regime, and rebellious to the establishment as exists even since the ousting of John Major. The Labour Party are nothing revolutionary. The only way that we will win our own emancipation, is through revolution. Whether this revolution be violent, or purely cultural, is another matter for debate. The fact remains that the youth are a guiding force. The fact is, that I am a part of this youth, and I will not be censored. Towards a new movement. Towards the ends of revolutionary change.