C.A.P.O. are a pressure group campaigning specifically to expose the public monitoring of thought by the media. In this justification for propaganda, our communiqu├ęs are always circulated to the press.This is because the issue is a public issue.Our aim is to expose the current situation of injustice, and thus to end the conspiracy of silence that surrounds this fundamental violation of human rights.


The situation that I put before the Court, is that I, personally, am being wrongly held in psychiatric hospital, when the symptoms of my "mental illness", have been directly engineered by the State.The situation of my imprisonment is apparent, despite the fact that I have been deemed not to be mentally ill by Mental Health Tribunal.Further to my previous correspondence with the E.C.H.R., I believe that my case should underline the injustice of the treatment of the mentally ill, as well as the draconian nature of the British State, and I enclose a copy of my proposed 'Charter' for the rights of the mentally ill in Britain.If I should succeed in my case, then I propose that this be made law.The 'Brief Summary of Complaints' concludes that I am being treated as suffering from a mental illness, when the State are monitoring thought (employed by State radio and T.V.).


Violations of human rights for the mentally ill are common place.However, the E.C.H.R. seem to be permissive of this under the pretence that patients are "not of sound state of mind".The situation in my case is that, whilst many violations of human rights occur in "hospital", in my case I am not mentally ill; therefore the treatment of myself in this hospital constitutes a case that I hope will highlight the case of the mentally ill.

*The first violation of rights that is concurrent in my situation resides under 'Article 3 - Prohibition of torture'.The main and most integral issue that I take to this court, is that the very fact that the media are monitoring thought, constitutes inhuman degradation and punishment in itself.The very fact that this "story" is being used to deliberately degrade and psychologically torture the vast majority of the time, is a case in itself.But what is still more degrading is that, the "story" run by national radio and T.V. channels, has been deliberately engineered to keep me in psychiatric hospital.As a result of this very degradation, I have had no right to any legal defence, and am persistently forced with psychiatric drugs.I would put this forward that this constitutes further psychological degradation - and psychological torture.

*The next violation of rights comes in the Paragraph directly below, 'Article 4 Paragraph 3, 'd''.For the purposes of this case, I would put it to the Court that, the very fact that the media are monitoring thought, without my consent, violates this right.The fact that my ideas and thoughts have been exploited for the purposes of the media for the past nine years, constitutes 'work or service' which is beyond what is expected of the public, as indicated in this paragraph.

*'Article 5' is in violation.In the past nine years of being in hospital, I have not been arrested or detained by any body according to this Paragraph.Even though I am no longer under a Section of the Mental Health Act, I am still detained by the hospital under the threat of further unlawful imprisonment.Although my case is that I am unlawfully imprisoned under these bizarre circumstances, whilst of sound state of mind, I put this case to highlight the case of the mentally ill.

*'Article 5 Paragraph 4'.I put this case before the E.C.H.R. myself as, due to the nature of my case in hospital being seen as "delusional", I have had no right to any representation in law.Media complaints departments and Authorities have persistently lied; thus meaning that no solicitor has taken me seriously in my claim to be the victim of the media monitoring of thought.I feel compelled to represent myself under the E.C.H.R., in order to stop this violation from escalating.

*'ARTICLE 5 paragraph 5'.I have a legal right, under this Convention, to claim compensation.Therefore I would ask for my claim to human liberty to be respected, and I make a claim to power.

*'Article 6'.I crite this Article, as my detention in hospital has absolutely no grounding in law.I have been charged with no criminal offence to warrant my detention.

*Further than that, I crite Article 6, Paragraph 3, 'd'.In response to my continued campaign and protest throughout this situation on national radio and T.V., I have persistently been denied the right to call witnesses for my defence.I would put this as being a circumstance of the Mental Health Act, that potentially threatens the liberty of any person who could wrongly be Sectioned as a political prisoner, as I am.

*'Article 9'.The most serious violation of rights in this case; the reason I put my case before the E.C.H.R., is that the situation I am in, is a mass violation of freedom of thought.This entire situation is a direct violation of every moral right I have to my own views, a means of psychological torture due to the nature of thought, and a consistent slander of what I think.Furtherthan that, this treatment by the British State has led to my unfair detention in mental hospital.This is a violation of my right to think about a situation that is manifest.Further than that, the hospital have prevented my religious beliefs in stopping the burning of candles and incense.

*'Article 10'.I would argue that the media monitoring of thought is a violation of European law in that it does not respect the reputation or rights of myself or anyone who should be under this situation in the future.

*'Article 13'.This Paragraph specifically states that I should have a statute right to have my case heard by a court.Being in hospital, these rights have been violated.Although Tribunal have deemed me to be sane, due to the nature of this case meaning State corruption as regards conspiracy of silence, I am still detained under threat, having no entitlement to call witnesses, or even to trial.

This sums up the case that I put before the European Court of Human Rights.The violation of these statute rights demands a full investigation of these circumstances, before the situation can escalate.I therefore demand a public enquiry into the situation; submitting the Charter enclosed to serve as a statute right for psychiatric patients under the law.

C)REMEDIES USED.Due to the nature of the case being one of a press and governmental conspiracy of silence (which I have campaigned against), the remedies employed have been mainly that of civil protest.The C.A.P.O. have circulated all statements to the media, and this is part of a mass campaign of awareness raising by ourselves.

However, the press and their complaints departments have consistently lied that this situation doesn't actually exist; thus leading to a blanket of non-belief and thus inaction by legal representation.Therefore I am forced to represent my own case to the E.C.H.R.

D)As the above is relevant, no legal documentation is, or ever has been, available.