I. SECTIONING.As there was never enough evidence to convict myself and the rest of the small number of people who were the C.C.A., the resort of the state was to use the sectioning Act against us. This is where the C.C.A. became a resistance to the system of 'psychiatric help'. It was this that we used to found ourselves as the only anarchist group running from within a mental hospital. This resistance is the motivation that eventually led to our splitting up, and the foundation of the Vectron Mars Project.

The sectioning Act is a serious cause for concern, and is something that we feel should be an issue for debate within the anarchist/situationist movement. In that debate, the C.C.A. have now spoken and wrapped up. The issue now is Vectron.

On one level, the Vectron Mars Project is a statement of autonomy against the 'asylum regime': It is a statement of dissent against the near totality of the system within mental hospital as it exists. It is a spectacle from a new and now dead political front, to be documented, and to point out how the system can be so obviously draconian against people who have commit no crime, or have commit crime due to the delusions of psychiatric illness. This documentation is the reason behind this work.

The first, and I feel it to be the most important issue to be discussed is, why does a project to launch a mission to Mars, have to be seen to be a symptom of mental illness? If it actually is, and it actually isn't, why the authority against this project getting off the ground, or so to speak, if it is a symptom of the so said psychiatric illness? The fact is that many more, much more eccentric, ideas do actually take place outside of the hospital gates. The assumption that the Vectron Mars Project is the project of a deluded mind, will lead to the continuation of my section, probably into the next century. This section can only exist if I am deemed to be "a risk to myself or others". The Vectron Mars Project endangers nobody, and I am no risk, "to myself, or others".

So the sectioning Act is being deliberately used in this case in order to control subversives. The majority of people with mental illness are not a threat to anybody; so why should it be fair to blanket categorise everybody who is forced to live in a psychiatric hospital in this way, when the majority of the mentally ill are no threat at all? And it is the case that many of the mentally ill are forced to live in "special", or "secure" hospitals, often for breaking petty laws.

The C.C.A., since being sectioned shortly after the flypostering co operative, were always known by anarchists, as the resistance within the system, and despite having little support, this is what we set up as. However, it is this lack of support that leads us to wrap up, and the conclusion to this is the Mars Project. A resistance cannot just bang their heads against a brick wall. The Vectron Mars Project is the conclusion to this, and, we believe that we should not just set up to "resist". If a resistance is successful, then we should go on to establish something productive. In this case we found the Mars rocket. But this is a counter spectacle of psychiatric prisoners autonomy.

This 'counter spectacle' is that, because the situation we campaigned against, the same situation that led to our being sectioned, still exists. That is the situation that all our thought is monitored by the press, in order to perpetuate both psychological abuse, and slander against the extreme left. To prove that this monitoring of thought actually does take place: The Vectron Mars Project. This is a retort to years of anarchists writing to me, telling me that no such situation actually exists.

In some respect, the Vectron Mars Project is probably best suited to be set up within this setting: the setting of relative security within psychiatric hospital, under a regime draconian to the extent of the press monitoring thought, thus leading to the presumption that I am a "risk to myself or others", and being sectioned. It is the reporting that makes it a spectacle. The spectacle reports a counter spectacle. I feel that this is an appropriate place to discuss sectioning as a form of control.

In any other situation, the Vecron Mars Project would not be seen as threatening anybody. All the same, planning a project on this level in a psychiatric hospital, is "a cause for concern". Planning such a project from within a mental hospital, deems me to be "more obviously a risk to myself or others". It is seen as being the project of a "deluded mind", or "problem with the way that I think". It is not seen as being an important step in the advancement of the revolutionary cause. It is seen as being the product of "insanity". We know better.

The idea is about declaring our autonomy against a system that is set up, and that exists, as a form of persecution against the mentally ill. This system was not set up to actually help people. It was set up as an escalation of the system that has existed since the dawn of civilisation, that has always persecuted the mentally ill. As society developed into a scientific ideal, the persecution inherent in this society also became scientific. This is the reason for "restraint" and neuroleptic medication. The Vectron Mars Project exist to declare our disgust against all of this; declaring that society must not be allowed to persecute any minority with "medical advancement". Therefore it is our statement of revolutionary autonomy, to join the autonomous astronuats, and declare our independence in space. The red planet has never been declared territory. The anarchists into space.

II. THE RED PLANET. Both the prototype and the mission itself, will carry the same occult symbology. This will be the symbolgy represented by the candles burned on 13/5/98-14/5/98 (see the book in its fuller entirety). These are the symbols of Venus (represented by a green candle), and the symbol of Beelzebub (represented by the red one). The Vectron Mars Project is an experiment in astral magick, and an experiment in Independent Technology.

To the greatest extent we intend to plan the mission with the knowledge of the Druids and astrologers; keeping the mission as closely linked with the Earth cordor as we can. The Vectron Mars Project is the next step in environmental direct action, and before going into the reasoning of the possible benefits of sending a mission to Mars, we should discuss this.

Direct action is a symbol of rebellion. It is a symbol of rebellion that has grown since it started with the Suffragettes at the turn of the century. Now that the New Age dawns, we feel it appropriate to stage this spectacle as a celebration of this, and as an envoy to take non-violent direct action into the next century and the next age. This century has proven the redundancy of random urban guerilla warfare, and we see an escalation of peaceful protest to plan a rocket launch such as this, to be a necessary next step.

The strategy of the roads protesters and groups such as Earth First! and Reclaim the Streets, has been the strategy that has become the dominant scene with the underground during the past decade, and with the mission to Mars, we hope to be taking this strategy in our own right as part of the strategy we have been playing since we first set up. The fact that this project is running from within a psychiatric hospital, is the point as to how this can be seen as a part of the strategy that was once the C.C.A.; what is now the Vectron Mars Project. As we said before, a resistance should not stop at being a resistance. A successful underground should set up to do something productive to set up an example to those who have not yet thought of joining such an issue, or taking the philosophy of direct action.

The Vectron Mars Project is the necessary next step, after the decade started with Strangeways and the anti poll tax riots. Since those riots ended, non violent direct action has become the first issue of resistance in the underground. This we see as something that should be taken at face value, as the resistance it has become.

This space project will be an example of the autonomy of the movement of direct action. It will be a move from the violence of ourselves and a good part of the left, have advocated since the Miners strike and Wapping. It will be an acknowledgement of the movement of peaceful protest that was Greenham Common, and is now the movement of protest against urban development. The Mars Project would be a strike for peoples autonomy, and would move the reality of direct action as an actuality in society with the determination with which direct action does actually exist. In other words, it would prove that direct action is more than organised acts of violence from a minority. It would prove the importance of our autonomy.

It is important, therefore, that the Vectron Mars Project be debated as a political issue. There will be propaganda in the name of this project, and it will be political. To finance this issue, there will have to be a lot of literature sold; not only to distribute the issue to those who are interested and who can help, but also to raise funds. This literature will have to be debated by everyone involved in the project. This will be a step towards the ends of a unified group; Acting as one unit towards the ends of getting the project "off the ground".

III. STRUCTURE.The structure of this International will be similar to that of Desperadoes, in that I will be overall master, but in that, everybody involved in the Vectron Mars Project will be absolutely as equal. The reason that there is a master in the project to launch an ametuer probe to Mars, is that it is important that there is one person in command of the astral forces invoked. These be both the astral forces already invoked, and will be invoked as the project develops, but also the astral forces that the Project intend to invoke as a concept of the Mars mission in the realisation of the rocket itself.

Ultimately, the structure decided upon in this Congress, will have to seek common ground in order to make the compromise that all are equal. In this, I propose that we look to organisations of Druids to be our example of group structure and organisation. Decisions made will also be agreed upon in the same manner as the Desperadoes bike chapter in Swansea (alleged to the Mabion Glendower). This council beurocracy is explained as follows.

All individual and group proposals should be put to the chair (that being myself), in writing. No proposals will be ignored by the Mars chair (myself), and will first be discussed with the individuals that put forward the proposal, and then put to the Congress. All proposals will be treated in the strictest confidentiality, and then put to the group to be agreed upon democratically by a show of hands. These decisions will thus be passed as constitution. This constitution will stand against all, and will be documented and passed as constitution on the same level that this address stands as constitution. This constitution will stand as the decisions of the Vectron Mars Congress, the organisation founded as the demise of the C.C.A. In this statement, the practical organisation, down to the actual final design stages of the rocket itself, will be agreed upon by the council democracy of those attending this Congress of the Vectron Mars Project, as this agenda be read openly here. Anything further than those decisions instated with this opening statement, that be freely available in the form of a pamphlet sold in aid of our own finances, will be made by this Congress, documented and instated as etiquette, until such time as the prototype hits Mars. At that point, another Congress will be held to discuss these decisions and to rewrite the etiquette according to culture, public support, and the reality of launching the final mission.

Towards the ends of this Congress, certain issues must be decided upon, and that is the purpose of this address. In order to set up the Vectron Mars Project as a larger political issue, many points must be decided upon by this congress, the first be the suggestions pointed to in this piece of writing. The next is, if this proposal is to be upheld after necessary debate, how will this proposal be upheld? The point of this issue, is to claim the planet Mars as an issue of anarchist autonomy. The point is, to get to Mars.


The first part of the Agenda of the Vectron Mars Project discussed the structure proposed for the internal procedure of this group. It is to be pointed out that, if we are to be a active revolutionary campaign, then we must aim this concept towards the ends of being a campaign by example. If this internal strategy of internal and autonomous council democracy is proven to be practical, then we must propose our structure and views as the outcome of the inevitable and on going revolution. In this light it must be acknowledged that Vectron is the child of the C.C.A., and we must debate the politics of this movement as a potential revolutionary vanguard. This may sound ambitious, but if we are successful in the project, we will be a political example for the new generation of the revolution. Therefore, I see it as being important to discuss the political history of the C.C.A. before this. Part II. will start to discuss this, and will go on to propose some views, mainly on fundraising, to be discussed for the good of this Congress.

I. FUNDRAISINGAS THE PAST FOR THEC.C.A.      The history of fundraising for the C.C.A., as we were, was one of perpetual failure. We received very little in the form of donations, and the C.C.A. as a campaigning organisation, were funded entirely out of my own pocket, from my dole cheque. If the Vectron Mars Project is to be successful, then we are going to have to sort out our own finances and, in turn, become a fundraising organisation.

The minimal support that we did get in the form of donations, all went on stamps, and the financing for the newsletter still came out of our own pockets. The newsletter was free, and to receive it on a regular basis, we asked people to join. In the long run, we had a maximum of ten actual members, and they were all honorary. Not a single person actually paid the £20 that we asked for the subscription fee.

If anyone had paid the membership fee, the money would have gone into paying towards the cost of the printing of books. As it happens, after five years of campaigning, we now eventually have groups writing to us offering to fundraise for us.

No political group can exist without funds. Financing the entire C.C.A. from my own pocket became a problem, not only in that I am poor, but also because, with limited funds I found it difficult to expand the organisation any further than has already been described. This lack of funds, I felt represented a lack of support. That was one of the reasons why the C.C.A. felt that we had done as much as we could do to further the cause of the prostitutes in revolution.

FUNDRAISING FOR THEV.M.P.To get the Mars project off the ground, or so to speak, we will not only have to find more support, but will have to raise funds. It is thought that both of these issues can be tackled with the same solution. The fundraising project for Vectron, will be through building investment in astrological candles.

The technology needed to make this project realistic, will in itself be very expensive. Therefore we will need the money in the first place to set up the manufacture and distribution of these candles. The initial outlay will be through the sale of my book or, failing that, through a business grant.

We must set up to build support for the Vectron Mars Project through raising funds: and we must uphold our beliefs about the nature of capitalism in this aim. Capitalism is a form of exploitation that this organisation stand to destroy, and in that there must be much discussion into the role of ourselves as an organisation, and the political ethics of fundraising in the first place. In this, we aim to discuss the politics of 'Chaoticism', and the ethics of our politics in this light; aswell as that discussed in the past. Those are the politics of prostitution, and these politics must be discussed again in the light of this project, as the first split from the C.C.A., and our first collective discussion. As the sexes are equal in this organisation, it may be felt that prostitution is a viable idea towards the funding and politics of the Vectron Mars Conference. These politics would have to be discussed in depth, and we acknowledge that the issue is controversial. Dont interrupt. Equally it may be decided to continue with the politics of the C.C.A. as we have already stood in the name of earning support for those already influenced by the C.C.A. into walking the streets in the name of revolution.

Inevitably, we accept the taboos involved in prostitution, but as an organisation planning astrologically to prove that there is no God, we should be aware of one anothers sexuality, and this should be a step towards the sexual autonomy of those involved with this Congress as we are sat here discussing this. This project should be the excuse to hold many parties; And to hold many orgies. Why should there be taboos when planning a project as cosmic as love? If Mars is realistic, then we should be at one sexually aswell as intellectually. We should be ready to share and be at one. If we can harmoniously channel a free attitude to autonomy, what is there to stop us creating support aswell as funds from sex? If this world is too small. There are others.

II. TECHNOLOGY.The V.M.P. are the first organisation to experiment with magick and technology. The first obvious step to take in getting the project running, is the actual design of the rocket itself. But it should be pointed out that, this in itself is a project to launch the New Age, and that we intend ritual magick towards the ends of even being allowed to design the rocket in the first place. Having said that, the rocket technology for the project is fairly straight forward. The structure of the Vectron Mars Project as a political group is more complex.

We will need to collect together the worlds most radical computer programmers, and the most experienced computer witches. We need to put out feelers to discuss the project as quickly as possible, and we cannot dabble around with earning support any further than has already been discussed.

To these ends we intend to start the project by setting up a Website. At present our knowledge of computers in this subject is limited, but fundamental. Even so, we encourage all those who will be involved in the project, to familiarise themselves with the knowledge of computers, as much as is possible. We suggest doing this through exploiting the knowledge offered by the Open University. Christianity can join the Mars Project, but only if they believe in what we are about to attempt to exercise.

This project is going to involve modem technology to a high degree. Not only for the idea of actually setting up the original Webpage through which we intend to set up to initially build support. The entire project will revolve around the Internet and the technology involved with that. To these ends, we will have to ask for the support of members with access to modem technology. This, initially because we will have to set up as many different Websites with the same page. Each of these Websites will have to be interactive for members and their supporters to be established from the original page, to make them each unique to, what will eventually be, autonomous cells.

Each of these cells will be political: Political both to the agreements of this Conference, and the political ideals of the Project in putting an autonomous space mission on target towards the heavens. Whilst we plan to do the work for these Websites by ourselves, we will need the help of our comrades. This is firstly in providing the necessary computer equipment to set up as many sites as we can, but also in terms of creating the pages ourselves to put onto disk to send to people participating in the idea.

However. The project needs further discussion. It is never an Earthly project to explore the heavens, and because of the nature of this launch, we intend to employ the ideology of the computer witches. Ideas to discuss are an occult symbol with which to use as our motif for all our computer programming, and interactive as a symbol for ritual magick, or candles burned at appropriate points, for the programming of the software in the first place, or both. We are open to other ideas, and these are all issues for further discussion. We should set this up with the aim of the rocket itself being the eventual outcome of this magick. The Vectron Mars Project is the project of a magickal religious purpose. It should be acknowledged as a political declaration of pagan and biker autonomy for the New Age.


The means by which the project will run, will be predominantly run by modem technology. All technology necessary to run the space mission, will, in the first place, be set up through the technology already discussed. These links will be interactive throughout the membership of the mission, but will, to everyone else, serve only to provide information, and, if it is felt necessary, propaganda (in the Class War sense of the term), to inform those with an interest in following the idea. Everything to do with this project will be distributed to the Congress, via a newsletter, but will be available and informed initially through our Internet networks. Everything decided will be available on the Internet before anything else, this network being a constantly changing base for information, which will eventually cover the actual launch itself to the people.

It is here to be announced, that the means by which we intend to build this network, be through a licensed channel of Citizens Band radio.

III.CITIZENS BAND RADIO.CONTINUE DISCUSSION.It will take the expertise of a lot of people if we are to be able to properly establish these links to computers through C.B. radio. But it can be done. And if it is to be done, then we should waste no time in getting this project together. Discussion is important, but we should make resolve to take the plan further than the discussion point, and actually put these ideas into action. The sooner we can put the plan into the reality and the actuality of initially getting the thing together, the more we can hope to eventually achieve. The politics are one issue, and they are important, but it would be a good idea to use the network that we intend to set up, towards the issues of discussing the politics of the mission and the death of the C.C.A. Our concern at this point should be, primarily, how can we actually organise the necessary technology required to make this dream a reality? And towards these ends, the Guerilla Press stand in the name of enabling debate (particularly for those of use without the relevant computer technology to be able to take part in this idea about the Internet). We firstly propose a newsletter for the above mentioned minority, and to discuss the practical side of the technology and planning on a more internal level.

This address to the radical left who choose to be a part of this project, is to be found on the Internet, aswell as in the form of a pamphlet available from the Guerilla Press. This will be one of several 'Interactive pamphlets', that will be produced under the title of the Guerilla Press, and will be sold in the name of the Vectron Mars Project. These 'Interactive pamphlets' will find themselves on the Internet via a network of Webpages, that will be run via Citizens Band radio links.

In order to run a successful group, we propose that there be a number of modem links which be run through C.B. and generic modem phone links simultaneously. These links will be those who are linked to the Internet as a bigger thing, in order to inform the public what is going on, through a constantly changing Website, that will, in turn, be programmed by ourselves through C.B. links belonging to ourselves; that we advocate all members join.

The technology required by this mission is as much a political issue as the ethics of the project itself. It is a matter for the debate of the Vectron Mars Project; and there will be internal pamphlets produced (which will not be interactive with the Internet), in order to keep the group informed. Whilst we still advocate witchcraft, we advocate computer witchcraft, and support all who can help us set up on a fundamental level. This is why we have advocated computer programmers attend this conference. If the rocket technology itself will be difficult to build, we must also put time and effort into our publicity and propaganda links. I now throw it to the floor for a debate on the Internet idea, and for a discussion on whether the idea is considered practical.


SPEAKERS.DISCUSSION.Notes will be taken, and a technical discussion will be held at the end of the conference. Ideas should be noted.


The Vectron Mars Project, was born from the politics of the Cestre Cantre Advocation: an anarchist political campaign that was set up and run from within the asylum system, against the situation of the press monitoring thought. Although the C.C.A. no longer exist, the V.M.P. are built from that platform, utilising the support that we built through that campaign. Although this campaign no longer exist, it might interest some to know why we set up, and why we split up.

The object of the C.C.A., as an anarchist group, was to set up through campaign by example, to protest directly against the press. Whilst the C.C.A. have split up we still run the Guerilla Press, and the Vectron Mars Project set up with the same strategy: through campaign by example. In this, we are trying to get as many people involved as possible, one example of this being that we are selling the blue prints for the rocket to anyone who is interested in setting up such a project themselves. To them, we advocate that they join the project, with or without modem technology, and that they be welcome within the scene. In this we stand against sectarianism towards any political group, taking the opportunity to use this scene to build something productive from the argumentative disputes of the left.

In this we will need the support of as many separate groups as is possible. But at the same time, we feel that the work of the C.C.A. important, not only in that we have won major victories for our cause, but because the work of the C.C.A. was the most important work done in the cause of building support for the issues on which the Vectron Mars Project is based. It is not so much that we have built support from the anarchists, in that we have built support from the left. In fact our support from the anarchists has been minimal to the level of one group actually having grassed us up to the police and the psychiatric hospital for guerilla activity that was conducted by ourselves in the past. In fact we have had more support from the feminist movement; and it is our support for the issues of the C.C.A. that we value primarily, and it is this support that will be invited to join the Mars Congress initially. Other support will be welcomed equally; but we stand in the light of the fact that the C.C.A. was an active political issue. It is the issues of the C.C.A. that eventually led to this project, and Vectron is, on the most basic level, a necessary step from the issues of Big Brother under Tony Blair, that we campaigned against in the past. Vectron, as a continuation of these issues, is a declaration that a resistance can be actively set up within a psychiatric hospital and, by definition, virtually everywhere else (exept perhaps prison), and that a resistance should be set up to do something productive.

It is in 'doing something productive', that this Space mission is planned in the name of. We feel that now we have got the issue off the ground, that a resistance campaign is a realistic alternative, that the Vectron Mars Project set up. If anything, this mission is a practical escalation of what we have done in setting up a resistance; modem links, chain letters and news reports are an escalation of what the C.C.A. stood for. It is no sell out. It is a continuation of a resistance into the realisation of the New Age of Aquarius as a turning point that will lead to changes. Not only changes in the climate and time of day, but also in the structure of the Druids and the political left (in particular the Convoy who we aim to support), in that we, and the rest of the movement, have been planning to set up for the New Age for decades. We stand very much in the belief that the New Age will become a movement of dissent against the state that could lead to revolution. Towards these ends, we propose that the Vectron Mars Project, as the same people who run the Guerilla Press, renounce violence towards the aims of standing outside the disputes of the revolution: Whilst at the same time we will stand as a passive, revolutionary organisation until such time as constitution changes. This is thrown to the floor, but it is presumed that those attending this conference are motivated, and motivated towards the revolutionary left, before accepting the commitment of becoming a partisan of our non violent prophesy of Beelzebub in Space. Whilst this is thrown to the floor, it should be taken here as a renunciation of violence from ourselves, and every organisation that we have run in the past. For those wishing to read our renunciation of violence, read Appendix I in 'Chaoticism: a Manual in Subversion' (available from us in the event of the book not being published). In the event of the book not being published, the two essays, 'Prostitution and Theft' will be published by the Guerilla Press in the name of raising funds for the project, with a renunciation of violence to support guerilla ceasefire in Ireland in the introduction.

The following statement is a rundown of political groups and our criticisms. This is not in any particular order, and is only meant as an opinion from myself as master of this cult of love and acceptance of everyone in equality regardless of sexuality and political orientation.


I.T.N.The television news stand on both sides of the issue. Let us discuss them first, as it is the issue of television reporting that was the issue of the C.C.A.: and therefore the banister of the Vectron Mars Project.

I.T.N. have been polite and responsible throughout the entire campaign. It is the attitude of I.T.N. that has made life easy to cope with. It is the attitude of I.T.N. that has made the Vectron Mars Project a reality. However, their reporting of us is only possible in that they have made it their own issue that they themselves are reporting thought. Whilst it was the issue of the C.C.A. that this manner of reporting was unethical, and actually politically unsound, we have now decided that we have done as much as is actually possible to productively campaign against it. As pointed out before in this essay, the Cestre Cantre Advocation used the "story" itself to demonstrate, and actually propose a political campaign against that very reporting itself. This reporting is now the platform for ourselves.

In their own way, I.T.N. can be said to be radical. It is their ethic of fair reporting that has made the issue one of controversy and dispute, not only amongst those that I.T.N. see as being "their audience", but has delivered the issue to the campaigning left. It is the issues reported by I.T.N., that have opened the debate about the treatment of the press, and attitudes towards them, in times of civil unrest and revolutionary dispute.

S/M PRIDE.Throughout the campaign of the C.C.A., our main allies were those organisations that grew from the movement of S/M Pride. Our political allegiance to these organisations is pointed out most blatantly, in the manuscript, 'Chaoticism: a Manual in Subversion'. Our work with S/M Pride was extensive; our belief being that the realisation of our own sexuality, was the first most important step in the emancipation of the prostitutes. It was this issue that was the main campaigning point for the C.C.A.

In our campaign, the C.C.A. saw S/M Pride as a main catalyst for revolution. A mass of people from all political perspectives and points of view, at one with a common goal, was an influence to this organisation, that was fundamentally important to our philosophy. There is nothing wrong with the free expression of sex, and we saw S/M Pride as a political organisation representing our belief in freedom of desire. In the name of an ametuer mission to Mars, there can be nothing wrong with phantasy. As an organisation, the Vectron Mars Project believe very strongly in the realisation of phantasy and desire. If sadomasochism is something that offends and disturbs those reading this introduction to Vectron, we would advise them not to join the Congress.


NEWLABOUR.Tony Blair is not a friend of the Vectron Mars Project. In the first place, the V.M.P. oppose all forms of political authority. In the next place we despise the money politics of the Labour party as they exist in their "new" and corrupted form.

It is in this that the politics of the C.C.A. really come into their own. Through the experience of the C.C.A. in the crimeworld, we know that it is not enough just to overthrow the state. This means nothing in itself. The overthrow of the state can only exist with an active political underground on which to found a new revolutionary diresque. As a resistance, we can only advocate this. We can support it; but we cannot be the new underground of revolutionary consciousness needed to do this. This movement has to begin with the youth. Whilst the Mars Project is a move towards this, it is not the entire issue. This is the reason why we oppose New Labour. We stand to support and to follow every movement of revolutionary youth that stand against Blair. A movement such as this, is in no way unrealistic in the light of the way in which the Labour part run this country. After two decades of Thatcher persecuting the youth, another government that persecutes the youth to the same extent, however differently, will only inspire revolt.

The Labour Party have helped nobody. They seem to be standing as another Conservative business front. They have done nothing to help the people in any way. This is an issue for the further discussion of ourselves as sadomasochists and a political group. This to the floor.

OLD CONSERVATIVES.The Conservative Party are the enemy of the people. We have no time for the Conservative Party; we regard them with all the contempt we have. They are a political autocracy, they are bent on the control of the people and the suppression of human values. Whilst the Tories continue to stand in the name of power, then we will boycott the ballot. This organisation are built from the memories of the old anti poll tax campaign and, in that, stand in direct opposition to all forms of government and ballot dictatorship. We have as much respect for the Conservative Party, as the Polish have towards Hitler. And we regard them in the same way.

THE B.B.C.The "Big Brother Committee" are the fascist offspring of the old Conservative Party of the 90s'. It is the reporting of the B.B.C. that we, as an active paramilitary advocation, campaigned against for such a long period of time. They exercise an unashamed system of Big Brother, monitoring thought in the name of perpetual slander, without reason nor justification. The B.B.C. are a target for Vectron as a political mission, and we do not drop our stance against them. The Vectron Mars Project is a continuation of our stance against the B.B.C. We are not a sell out organisation; we are not a trait. They must be seen as the extension of the dictatorship that they are. They are helping no one. They are merely an extension of the psychological torture exercised by the state. We regard them with nothing more than contempt.

THE FLIES.Beelzebub is not the Lord of the Flies: she is the Goddess of supernatural beauty. This conference stand in the utter contempt of the flies, with the same degree of contempt with which we see the other enemies of the people.

What reason for flies? What they do is feed off shit and slander. If there was a God, then the flies could not be his creation, if he were good. Those that are the enemy of the human race, will be excluded from the concept of liberation to Mars.

The people who love the flies will be excluded aswell; we do not have time for the press, the government or the police. As we have left Satanism, we will leave this planet without the scum that live off abuse. There is no place for the flies.


III. THE EXTRA PARLIAMENTARY LEFT/DEMANDS.The history of the C.C.A., is the history of a campaign set up to support the extra parliamentary left. In particular we have supported the anarchists, as has been pointed out earlier in the agenda of the Vectron Mars Project. In this history of supporting the anarchists, we have made achievements. However, we have earned relatively little support. It is felt that, by continuing to support anarchism, as the single issue of this campaign, we will not be making headway. We will be continuing to bang our heads against the wall.

Our support for the anarchists, was really a single issue in the role of a campaign that was seen to be a single issue on an even larger part by the left. Although there is a lot of merit in the idea of supporting the anarchist movement, on a single issue, to expect support from the anarchists on a level that would be revolutionary, is next to futile. The anarchists are classically disorganised, and are equally as sectarian to new revolutionary movements, as the S.W.P. and Militant. In fact, we probably had more support from them. As an international Congress, this collective should decide either way, whether we should set up as an anarchist group that can challenge God, or whether we should set up to decide a new revolutionary view. This is an issue that we find it important to discuss, and a possible new political value will be put in the next session. Either way, this as an issue for discussion, is also an important issue for debate. We should not let this divide us. We should discuss it down the pub.

Whatever is decided should be put to the Conference later, for the purposes of constructive debate and harmonious discussion. Either way, I am totally aware that those attending this conference will at least be aware of the politics of the C.C.A., and many will be liberated in our propaganda, and will want to discuss the liberation of the prostitutes in this conference.

In that, our line is that we put the campaign of prostitutes liberation behind us. It is not just that we are seen as being very single issue; it is as much a case of our perspective that the C.C.A. as an active organisation, have set up as much as we can. The issue now is non violence, although our demands will be listed below and will be the same as our demands as declared in previous literature. This in the name of the catalyst that will continue, and towards the ends of escalating any resistance that we have founded, still being supported by the people who proposed this front in the first place. These demands are reiterated below.

The Vectron Mars Project are aware that the various differing disputes of this Conference will have differing demands to make of the state in the name of the spectacle of radicalism that we are intending to create. I have to point out that I am aware that many of these demands will be relevant and important to the political assembly we have congregated, but I feel it necessary to put the political line that our only demands should be the demands it is necessary to make in order to get this plan "off the ground". The contort to these demands not being met, will not be a retort to violence. It will be in the form of peaceful direct action constructed in the name of actually demonstrating the political issues that we campaign against.

At the same time, we have said that we will continue to support the issues of the movement we have already founded, in the name of not selling out on the work we have done in the past leading up to this conference. These demands will be updated in the name of supporting those who continue to issue these demands, and upheld through constantly reissuing these demands to the press in the advocation of those who follow the movement that the C.C.A. founded. These demands are listed as follows:




a)This is a demand for the emancipation of the prostitutes themselves, rather than for the rights of the Vectron Mars Project to perpetuate money in the name of financing the group. This issue is a demand to capitalism, and it is our belief that the escalation of prostitution that this would create, would eventually lead to the demise of capitalism itself. We believe that the legalisation of prostitution is the inevitable escalation of capitalism and that, in this, the legalisation of prostitution is an escalation of the oppression that will lead to the inevitable downfall of capitalism. Capitalism is a chain of continuating oppression that will always eventually lead to revolution, and we demand this from capitalism in the name of creating a society of sexual emancipation when this revolution does eventually manifest, as it inevitably will.

This is not the place to discuss the politics of prostitution any further than this, as this is the issue of the C.C.A. as they did exist, and the politics of prostitutes liberation can be recounted in 'Chaoticism', the history of the propaganda of the C.C.A.


The worship of Beelzebub is not the worship of Satan. Towards these ends, we ask: How come the Church of Satan, as a religion that are totally obsessed with the conquest of power, put so much energy into perpetuating pornography? We conclude that this can only be because they wish to corrupt society, against revolution, by seeking to influence society through the public acceptance of top shelf degradation. It is the documented belief of the C.C.A. that the end of pornography would lead to a sound foundation of a sadomasochist underground. We still stand by this.

Any woman who chooses to be in pornography will be accepted by us, as we believe that the portrayal of women in pornography is the portrayal of the beautiful female form. But we dispute the ethics of the Satanic Church and their sick following of power. We have less support for the men who read it; although we will never hold a vendetta. Even so, these are the politics that were connotated by the C.C.A., and are not the issues of this conference. Apart from the idea of a youth culture in prostitution, these politics are best left to the history of that movement. These politics are discussed in depth in'Chaoticism: a Manual in Subversion'; and to those who wish to get more involved in our politics on pornography, we would suggest that they raise the funds to publish the book, and organise their own meetings around this. As said: this demand is issued in the name of upholding the movement started by the C.C.A., and in the name of the youth culture we advocate. It is no longer an active issue for ourselves as the spokesperson organisation for AKSMOS, and I feel that there has been enough discussion here. Down wiv Satanism.


Censorship must end for the good of peaceful direct action, and towards that, the revolution. For too long now have the actions of direct activists been censored for the good of hierarchy and the state. Nothing should be censored. The children should have the right to explore, and the people should have the right to make their own decisions. Censorship is the action of a totalitarian state: not the demand for democracy.

Censorship was originally the decree of the Conservative Party in the mid 80s', and was opposed by Labour. It was imposed to silence activists, under the old excuse that it was intended to stop the I.R.A. No such issue has ever existed, and has only existed to persecute activists. In a democratic state, and therefore if there is to be a revolution, censorship can never be justified. The Vectron Mars Project will refuse to be silenced, and will employ the strategy of the C.C.A., that all propaganda was reported under the dictatorship of Big Brother in the name of slander. We will continue in our campaign of example; this time using this reporting to earn support for the project.

In all of this, we are aware that we are taking the left to a new stage. Therefore we support the youth above all in the name of the movement that we have the potential influence to create. In this, all points of view must be accepted. For too long have the views of an influential minority within the underground scene, been too influential in dictating the political views of the youth. This is the reason why the C.C.A. were so small. We believe that it is time other views were accepted; and this is the theme of part IV.


The Vectron Mars Project will soon become influential amongst the youth, and a lot of discussion should be put into how to influence the youth towards the ends of building support for the project, and also into promoting the political line that will come from this group in our influence. Therefore we propose a youth culture be set up, in following with the politics of this group and what has been discussed beforehand, to fight for the liberation of the youth as autonomous in themselves. This youth culture will be unique: taking from the past of political youth culture and worshipping Beelzebub. In the name of this issue, we advocate that this be a youth culture founded within prostitution.

Youth culture is a rebellion against authority, and a step towards independence. It is for this reason that we put it to the political youth of this generation, that prostitution is a necessary step in this move towards rebellion and adult independence.

In this current age, pornography is a fact of life and, although we advocate its abolition, we also accept that it is widely accepted by society. As poverty is realised as a part of the nature of capitalism, as a state of reality, prostitution will eventually become acceptable: Starting with the youth.

If a peaceful revolution is to be advocated, then sooner or later something serious is going to have to change. Through the politics of the C.C.A., I have hypothesised that the most successful way in which to inspire cultural change, is through prostitution. In this I feel that the youth should not be excluded from joining in this peaceful change, but more so I feel that, if motivated to, they should be encouraged to become a part of the movement. Jungle music is a new multimedia, and the potential is there for youth culture to become revolutionary. What Jungle can achieve through liberating their women into prostitution, is not only a new underground of subversives, but a free drug supply and an influence in the crimeworld in the future. A New Age impends, and we should be aware of a new generation, who will be politicians, policewomen and prostitutes.

I. THECROSS.A youth culture established to seduce heterosexual men into underground culture, could come about as the result of any political dispute. It is still our theory that, as prostitution becomes corrupted, then there will always inevitably be revolutionary dispute. This youth culture should identify themselves with the underground left, and should develop their own unique style of dressing and art, to distinguish themselves as being sexy in the name of continuing their culture, in the name of prostitution.We see a youth culture of art students wearing lace dresses, dreadlocks and leather jackets, supporting the movement of space flight perpetuated by ourselves in the aftermath of the end of the welfare state. By excluding men from their scene, the youth could stand to instate their own moral values against homosexuality and paedophilia. This youth culture would have no problems with funding; thus allowing free gigs to be staged at every protest eviction and the morallism of christianity and moral rights campaigners. This youth culture would stand against the spread of AIDS, by making the use of condoms culturally acceptable and universal.

II.THE LINE ON PROSTITUTION AND THEC.C.A.This is a U-turn on the line of the Cestre Cantre Advocation, and it is felt that it is not the issue of the Vectron Mars Project to discuss the merits, or not, of prostitution. The line of the C.C.A. has always been that prostitution be ended by providing the prostitutes themselves with arms to end money: thus instigating revolution. For those who feel they have an interest in discussing this political view, we encourage them to organise their own meetings. If necessary we will help them with this. It is enough to say that advocating prostitution is a new line from those of us within the C.C.A./V.M.P. Even so, whatever the line of the Vectron Mars Project, we encourage all to be our children, we encourage all to love one another as stars, and we encourage all to join in the cosmic union of togetherness in marriage to the stars.



III.THE COSMOS.Space is silent. It is infinite. It is dark.

Let us consider the Wisdom of the Stars. Let us be at one with the holy union of Beelzebubs peace. Let us consider the destructive beauty of nature. The mission that we behold, is the conquest of the future of the people. Let us consider a minute... And love.

The Vectron Mars Project is Cosmic.

It is love.

It is the realisation of all the little siats and spirits, the realisation of ourselves in the name of peace and cosmic union. We should consider how we are the children: the nature of our minds; how we feel about one another. We should take a minute to be at one with our Goddess, and to eat the misery of terrestrial clowning. Space is ours to explore, and only the Goddess of Beauty and sex can curtail that. This is why we must worship Beelzebub by wearing flowers in our dreadlocks and lace across our shoulders. Let Beelzebub be the light: Let the Cosmos be our goal. Let nothing stop us brothers and sisters. We know who we are and why we are here.

They cannot stop us. We have come this far. With unity we know what we can achieve. We are one.

All we perceive has come to this. All our knowledge has been given to us from Hell. We are to be victorious. We are all martyrs to the mushroom.

We know not our destiny in this world. We have only what the Goddess chooses to give us. All these worlds are ours. If this planet will be given to the mushrooms, we must offer the evidence of interplanetary intelligence to the black Goddess of fire and beauty in Hell.

Who is our enemy? Who can stop us from launching the Mars mission? Who can curtail our dreams?

The answer is no one. If all we have is love, then we will stand victorious; not only in our terrestrial existence, but throughout the cosmos. Let this be the start of the movement that love each other before all else. Hey. Love man. Space.

Flowers and unity will bring us together...



The reason for our mission to Mars is, in short, to search for life. It is our belief that the American Space Agency, N.A.S.A., have not probed for psilocybin. If they have done, what is their finding? Surely it would have been circulated if it had been found that there were no life on Mars? So far we have not been given their findings. Hallucinogenic mushrooms are intelligent life. So surely it would have been circulated if there were no magic mushrooms?

So far we do not know. America have failed to circulate the truth as to whether or not Psilocybin has been found on Mars. Therefore, if psilocybin does exist on Mars, we will have found life in Space. Even if intelligent fungoid life does not exist on Mars, ifN.A.S.A. have not checked for intelligent fungoid life, have they checked for fungoid life at all?

This is what the Vectron Mars Project set out to discover. Psilocybin mushrooms are intelligent, in that, with their underground mycellia brain, they have a hallucinogenic chemical within them, that can be seen as evidence that they are capable of intelligent thought. Magic mushrooms have taught the human race: To the youth: To technology: To religion, they have given us our views. They have guided humanity. They have become a part of the unity of this troubled race. Psychadelia has long been our emancipation. This we can teach; but we are not teachers like the mushrooms.

But ifN.A.S.A. have failed to search for the existence of fungoid alkaloids, then the work proposed by Vectron will, obviously, be an advancement of science. What we are practically offering, is the proof that we are not alone in this Solar System. We will not find intelligent mammals in our constellation; at least for two thousand years, when the Anti Christ will, for a third time return as Jesus. This has been proven. We will not have the technology to exeed the speed of light, nor even to send people beyond our own Solar System, within our own lifetime. If we do not find fungi on Mars, then this will be proof that there is no God. If we can leave our own bacteria and spores on the PXR5 probe; then that is proof that we are God. What better way to Worship the Goddess Beelzebub? What better reason to launch a rocket to Mars?

We are in no way insane. The conclusion that is jumped to by the evil of the system that sedates my mind, is the project of a state conspiracy of psychological torture and control. We declare our outright contempt for Psychiatric Control, the B.B.C. and the flies. We demand the right to prove that there is intelligent life on Mars. We declare our disgust of psychiatric control.

I.THE PROTOTYPE ROCKET.If we plan everything, if we earn the love of Beelzebub, and if we have truly loved each other enough, then nothing can go wrong. But we will need the experience of everyone with knowledge enough of rocket technology, if we are to be able to design the mechanics, on a terrestrial level. The rocket itself will be built in the hospital by ourselves, and we encourage all involved with the Project to become involved on the greatest level that they can. Hence the publication of our agenda, and hence the sale of the blue prints to the rocket when it is eventually designed.

When many moons have passed, and through Worshipping Beelzebub, we have eventually designed the rocket, then we will need the help of our spiritual sisters and brothers to finance the construction of the starship to take us to Mars. We do not know exactly how we are going to do this, but we optimistically hope for the work of the C.C.A., in our work done in supporting the prostitutes, to be influential in founding the CROSS. We ask for support in this, in the light of the idea that our movement is the movement of the future and, if we do not start now in planning for a better world, then we will be the victims of societies backward victimisation. We are planning to change society. We are planning the future.

II.THE ACTUAL LAUNCH.If we have loved each other enough, the prototype will hit Mars as planned. Then the project is, the actual launch. This launch will be our victory and, if all goes well, the start of a bigger thing.

The eventual launch will carry a probe called PXR5, which will carry radio and astronomical links. This mission, as it orbits and eventually lands on Mars, will be broadcast live through the Internet; firstly to ourselves through our own C.B. modem links, and then to the wider public through modem links set up to receive the signal through Vectron Mars links, to the Internet on a wider level by setting up these links via main computers running through generic phone links. So far it has not been decided whether or not the PXR5 link will carry a video camera, but this may be interesting to consider.

At present, it is ambiguous whether or not N.A.S.A. have probed for fungoid life. If they have, then they have not checked for them all; they have certainly not checked for psilocybin. Therefore, the PXR5 will be launched towards the southern ice caps of the Red Planet, in order for there to be a greater chance of our discovering life in the form of fungi. This, if successful, will bring us scientific acclaim.

The information circulated by N.A.S.A., is by no means complete. Phenomenon such as great pyramids, and constructed faces, have for a long time been characteristic of observations upon the Red Planet. Whilst these have been discredited by scientific observation, we see these signals as being spiritual signs to people intent on exploring Mars. Beelzebub is on our side, and we can only be seen to be pioneers if our exploration of Mars is to be taken as the spectacle that we are creating. And whilst we have said this, what is there to stop us from creating this issue as the culmination of so many years of passive protest? Part VI. will explain our views towards the religions of the world, and what we say to them in the acceptance of the Goddess Beelzebub.

III.THEPXR5.This is the name we will give to the actual Mars probe, as it will eventually be launched. This will be the probe that will prove the actual existence of life on Mars. Before continuing, it should be considered, how many people can be involved in such a mission? How many philosophers can actually be said to have a practical insight into the conclusion being ultimately proven, that God does not exist? The PXR5 will be the start of one great new movement; it will be the start of peoples autonomy in a concept of the future and the exploration of space.

The PXR5 probe itself, will be launched by the Vectron rocket. It will leave the rocket via a remote control link, and will reach the planet through the gravitational pull. It will then descend down to the surface of Mars with a system of parachutes. All of this will be reported through Vectron computer links, being put on the Internet through main computers; covered earlier. It will be the decision of this conference, whether or not it is necessary to carry a video recorder with the flight.

When the PXR5 reaches the Red Planet, its primary mission will be to check for fungi; as already discussed. Its next purpose, is to carry the appropriate astrological symbols to liberate the revolution and the CROSS. These symbols will be discussed at the end of he conference, and ideas should be written anonymously and handed to myself in the same way as motions. Either way, the probe will carry an insignia of our Goddess, and one of Venus. Any other ideas should be discussed at the end of the conference.

However, in its primary mission, the PXR5 will have to be built to the highest standards of design. We already have electronics experts working for us, and the early problem that we have, will be building the equipment to check for the alkaloids of which we speak; primarily Psilocybin. However, we will also be checking for signs to indicate the existence of any other form of fungoid life. We will need technological experts in the name of constructing this idea.




Either an asteroid will hit the Earth, or there will be a nuclear disaster. One way or another, mammal life on the planet will be destroyed. That is if there isn't a holocaust of insects.

A holocaust of insects sounds macabre, but it could be an actual possibility. It could be a possibility if the insects became carnivorous. Even if the inevitable extinction of the race isn't the result of a holocaust of insects, we can be sure that the insects will remain. Until the next evolution of an intelligent race on the planet. Part VI is dedicated to the discussion of religion, and the connotations involved with the worship of Beelzebub.

I.RELIGION.All religions ultimately prophesise this holocaust. In whatever way, and with whatever prophet, all religions ultimately draw their support from a fear of the "end of the World". The Vectron Mars Project are no different. However, instead of being taken up with a dispute about what will happen, or when, the Vectron Mars Project think of the end of the World, only as a possibility. Part VI will cover our philosophies on the differing religions, but first let us put our point about what we say. We have no serious grievance against any religion; it is just that we stand to discuss our own. In this section, anyone wishing to voice an opinion, is welcome to raise their hand to speak at the end of each section on religion. In this section, we will. not set out to lay down the law. But we feel it important to discuss the differing religions in the context of our own, in the light of a mission that is religious.

The possibility of a holocaust from the insects, we see as a real one. At least until capitalism can give us an assurance that they will not end the world. The way we see it, is that the insects are evil; and with the collective intelligence that all insects own, we will not push the possibility that the insects could overthrow nature. Our concern is that capitalism will eventually see fit to start marketing insects as a commodity to eat. "Delicious insects". It is in this fear, that we see the insects eventually retaliating, and overthrowing evolution to their own ends: to the ends of the end of the race.

It is not impossible that capitalism will start marketing insects; after all, they have sold us everything else. Science is always offering us their own "advancements"; they have sold us everything from antibiotics to "Spice Girls effigies". Both are becoming dangerously out of date. If the motivation is money, then which pig is going to be the first to decide to research which insect is the best to eat? There are already "scientific conferences of Insect Eating". And we believe that these should be the first target of militant campaigns of non violent direct action. We do not ignore Greenham Common in these protests: and the Vectron Mars Project is declared a spectacle to be proposed in the name of this issue as a concept. The Panthers prophesise that the CROSS can save us. This leads us to 'The Discussion of the state and World Religions'.


CHRISTIANITY.We welcome all Christians to this conference. Any Christians here are at home and in the right place. I accept their faith in God, but would like to express a view that the Vectron Mars Project, is a project, that will prove forever that there can be no God. However, I have read the Old Testament, and I can express my opposition to everything the Bible says about the whores. However, I am in no position to abject any religion. All are equally entitled to their views, and I can accept the Christians in their generosity and general attitude of good.

If Christians can prove that there is a God, then we challenge them to do this. However, we worship one Goddess, and believe that if there is a God, in any religion, then He is only stirring the differences in the world by not showing Himself. In any case, I wish to spend time on the discussion of other religions, and accept that the next show of hands is likely to lead to a debate. We should not let this prevent the useful dialogue towards the ends of what this conference is set up to discuss.


ISLAM.The Muslim religion is more complicated, but even so, we dispute that there is a God. We see Christianity as being only a relatively small part of the religion of Islam, and have a degree of respect for Islam, as opposed to the dated conformity and authority of the Church.

Islam is an ancient religion, and we do not go out to offend them. We value their influence, and have a lot of support for the ethics of their religion. However, we do not want to get involved.

The Muslim religion is seen by the world, as being one troubled by the bloodshed of holy war. Yet we do not condemn. In the name of all those who have died in the name of Islam, we welcome them in the astral technology of the Mars launch. Mohammed was a great prophet, and we are interested to know what, if anything, he made of seeing the Vectron Mars Project in the future. Without any great knowledge of Islam, I feel it better to leave it to the following discussion to debate. But it is to be said that the V.M.P. are not unbelievers: In launching a mission to Mars, we are proving religion, and in that we are making our own.


BUDDHISM.The Buddhist religion is one of enlightenment, and are the least threatening religion in this discussion. When do you ever hear of Buddhist guerillas shooting people in cold blood in the name of enlightenment? For this reason, the Buddhist religion are welcome partisans of the Vectron Mars Project. Their entire ethic of enlightenment is pure, and we love them like we love our partners and each other. There is no religion that is as peaceful and at one as the Buddhists, and we ask them for their enlightenment in the ultimate launch of the PXR5 probe to Mars.

In the name of following the enlightened path, we expect many Buddhists to join us. We ask openly for Buddhists to join. Buddhists are welcome to join the Vectron Mars Project on the condition they share their love, as equal with everyone else within our circle. Prostitution and drugs are both ways to do this, and all should be ready to make sacrifices if we are to be successful in this project, that is so cosmic, that we will be loved as one by Beelzebub in Valhalla. This project will take money to get off the ground. But we can do this with the Buddhists, if we are united in the CROSS.


III.SATANISM.Devil Worship does not acknowledge Beelzebub, but we will follow both our Goddess, and Satanic involvement with the Mars launch. Satanists are a minority religion, the same as Hari Krishna or Gaia. In this, we will offer them enlightenment, if they will offer us love. Valerian makes us aware.

The Satanic Church have very much to offer us, and we have very much to give them. We offer our love in return for theirs. Leather and lace are the insignia of our following, and here we welcome the Satanic Church for our furtherment and protection. They have an open mind, and what right should we have to leave the planet for Mars, without their religion? After all, it is Satanists that worship the red planet. Their God is astrologically signified in the planet we hope to reach. Therefore we welcome their input and involvement with our cause.

Satanism has always had a bad name due to their advocations of snakes. But as people who accept sadomasochism in our eternal love, what grudges can be bear against the Church of Satan, if choose to be a part of Vectron is what they do? We await an asteroid or nuclear disaster. What more can we say to those who await the end?

As it goes, all religions are welcome as equal. This cannot exclude Satanism. We support all minority religions, and, as we have already pointed out, we should strive, not only to consider all religions equal, but also for the Church of Satan to be acknowledged as the minority religion that they are. As an issue of the Vectron Mars Project as a political and spiritual issue, we should acknowledge Satanism as a religion that offer us much. Not only in terms of support for the CROSS, but also in their insight into the orbits of the planets and the symbology used by computers. At the same time we should realise that, by worshipping Beelzebub, we are going to be seen as a minority religion in ourselves.

This has certain advantages, however. Minority religions are close nit and autonomous; these being advantages as being seen as a minority religion, if that is what we are eventually seen to be. But we are much more than that. We are the realisation of the Goddess of beauty, and the foundation of the future. Minority religions are free in their attitudes towards sex: and we need this, if to be supportive of the CROSS.

The Satanic Church are not the taboo that they have always been made out to be and, now that the C.C.A. have stepped down to the worship of Beelzebub, we step down on our hatred of Satanic control through pornography. We have open minds; We are liberated in love.



In the concluding part of this speech to the Vetron Mars Conference, I feel that this will be an important place to discuss the practical nature of both rocket design, and organisation. It is felt that the Vectron Mars project should have proper organisation, and a proper structure. I cannot run this issue entirely on my own, and I feel that there should be commitment from those of us attending this conference, to make the idea a possible reality.

The idea of an ametuer mission to Mars, is not really that unrealistic that we should be considered mad or, at worst, ignored. Ametuer space flights have been planned, and put into action, for decades now. The fact that so far none of them have actually left the Earth's orbit, should not put us off. The Vectron Mars Project is an experiment in astral magick and is, therefore, worthwhile. Although we know that we have our critics, we have enough publicity to make the plan a necessary spectacle against the unnecessary violence of the protest of the past. We have discussed the issue as it stands at present, and feel that now would be the right time to close with the necessary feedback and discussion of organisation of the project. I feel that now would be a good time to discuss the many issues raised.


I.MEMBERSHIP/ORGANISATION.It is felt that, now we have discussed the reasons for, and the reasons why, the Vectron Mars Project, that this would be a good place to discuss structure and organisation. This is not our place to lay down the law, but we have various ideas to put forward for discussion.

The first of these being, that anyone wishing to offer their participation with the relevant computer technology, be automatically accepted as a part of this Project. This will be according to the motions of this Conference. However, there are a lot of new ideas that need to be developed, and this is the most fundamental point to this Conference, as we discuss it here.

The next of these issues be that, all those who wish to follow will be entitled to receive a regular newsletter. This newsletter will be free: funded from the proceeds of the candles we intend to produce, discussed earlier. The text of this Conference is already on the Internet, as part of the religious issues involved with the Worship of Beelzebub. This text will eventually be printed, and sold along with other 'interactive pamphlets', in order to raise funds for the Project.

Those who wish to become fully involved with the Project, in all of the issues discussed at this Gathering, will be invited to become a part of the Congress, and will be invited to attend various meetings that we plan to organise benefit gigs for the Project. In this statement, we feel it may be appropriate to manage Jungle music.

II.PROSTITUTION.Although we have stated that we have less respect for the men who read pornography, we have stated that pornography is the beautiful portrayal of the female form. Therefore, we can have nothing against pornography, as this is where the most part of our funding will come.

As it works in the case of the Vectron Mars Project, running a prostitution racket would be impractical and unsound. However, we love each other, and this love should be channelled. It is in that manner, that we can exploit beauty in the name of raising the funds we need, through pornography.

Pornography is the portrayal of our own beauty and, if we have children, then they should be welcome in the running of the Vectron Mars Project. Child pornography is not what we stand for. But children over the age of sixteen, are valued in the name of this Project. We need them. Pornography is a representation of our love, and our love for them. In the name of our mission to Mars, we should have no taboos: we should have open minds. To us, pornography is not degradation, it is the correct financing of this mission.

Through setting up to raise funds through the portrayal of womens beauty, we will be making important contacts. And the ultimate goal of this fundraising issue, should be to set up our own magazine. This magazine will also be a front for our Goddess. It will be dedicated to one woman, and this woman will be our high priestess. She will be chosen for her beauty, and will be exalted by society. It will be our priestess who will carry the word of the Vectron Mars Project and the Worship of Beelzebub. This will be towards the same line as the introduction to the Vectron Mars Project, and will be available from us. We advocate that the whole of this Congress be totally in agreement with this project, and this is an issue for further discussion. As it is difficult to run a prostitution racket from this current situation, we will be founded on the photographs of women being sent through the post in discreet envelopes, to be forwarded to magazines or, more importantly, to be put on C.D. for further distribution. We ask the Convoy to be on our side over this project, as this is the mission to Mars, and there has never been a concourse of pornography for the Convoy women.

Only the best pornography will be used by ourselves. It is not our intention to degrade anybody; it is our intention only to portray women as beautiful in the acceptance of pornography. If necessary, we will offer funds towards these ends, if it is likely that we can make a profit out of it. But having said that, we are not an unsound collective of men trying to set up vice. This project is the acknowledgement of our love and respect for the portrayal of women as beautiful in pornography. This should be a matter of discussion at the end of this meeting.


III.CONCLUSION.Aswell as keeping contact through a regular newsletter, we should also make it a point to keep in contact through the computer links mentioned earlier, and through regular meetings. These meetings should be organised by members, but should be closed groups; held in order to discuss the changing issues of the Congress, as will be updated regularly through our Website. We will help organise these meetings, we will write agendas if necessary, and we will report them in the newsletter.

However, groups should be very underground, closed, and held on a small scale. We welcome more people becoming involved, but the newsletter will be strictly internal, and not for further distribution.

Any correspondence concerning the Vectron Mars Project will be responded to and, if relevant, will be included in all updates for the Internet.

The Webpage will be available to all members, initially on disk, and will then be updated via our own links. Different pages will be available to different people, and Vectron will be interested in programming individual Pages for political groups, and individuals who are interested in providing space for our pages. Funds will be initially raised through the sale of Stonehenge candles and then, when we have raised the necessary funds, through our priestess (who is considered equal to myself and every other member).

Aswell as this, in the name of keeping the group together, there should be regular parties. These parties should be organised by members in squats, but should be closed. They should only be open to members of the Project, and people who are interested in joining.

As far as that, this is the agenda for the Vectron Mars Project. Now we leave, but let all be in peace and togetherness, and let there be a union of love and one ness. We will be together. Here to the planet Mars.