The Radical Presses Register, are a scheme allowing free registration to the alternative media; a service based around mutual aid, whereby publications of a 'radical' nature can group together under the same banner, and find publicity and sales under this banner. What the R.P.R. offers to alternative publishers, is firstly free registration for publications, against the expensive beurocracy of an outdated system of I.S.B.N.s'. Secondly this scheme offers free publicity to publishers, as with this scheme it is up to us to publicise publications under the R.P.R.; in order for this scheme to be able to escalate and grow. Most importantly what this scheme offers is sales, as we are intending to buy at least ten copies of all books registered under this scheme, depending on how they sell on the R.P.R. WebSite (soon to be set up. More details following). However, in order to do this, we do actually need people to get involved. The response to this scheme so far has been very poor indeed, and we would encourage small presses and political groups, just to get in touch, as we are now issuing our third publication under this scheme, and there are definitely no strings attached: This service is free. It is free because the alternative press is a political ideal. But to reiterate; we need more people to get involved in order to make this scheme at all possible. How is this scheme financed? I will explain...

Plan X: a business plot from Scheming Subversives...

'Plan X' is a business proposition from the Guerilla Press, to offer membership to people who support ourselves and the small scale publishing project that we run, or who are just interested in what we are doing. 'Plan X' is a manuscript, available in return for return postage to Funky Junk address, and explains the concept behind the financing of the Guerilla Press and the Radical Presses Register. In short, Plan X explains that we intend to finance our group through a system of subscribing to our monthly pamphlet publications. Membership for individuals will cost £20.00 for life (free to prisoners), and £200.00 to organisations such as book shops and distribution groups etc. What this entitles people to, is 10 copies of a pamphlet each month for investors (1 copy for individuals), a copy of our manifesto and free newsletters and business updates on a regular basis. This scheme will be free to prisoners, as what we intend to do, is print the politics of people who have been imprisoned for political offences.

But in order to make this work, we will need more support from the left. The Plan itself explains in full detail, and is available to anyone who would wish to read it in response to receiving this leaflet. The Guerilla Press will continue from here on, as a sort of charity for the publication of material written by prisoners, but more political. We are a completely non profit group; all proceeds from the sale of pamphlets and subscriptions/membership (we will see them as one and the same), will go directly back into the publication of pamphlets written by and for prisoners. In this, free subscription for prisoners will be financed entirely through the other dealings of the Guerilla Press, as Plan X goes on to explain.


To anyone following the development of the R.P.R. as a group, it will be obvious that 0003.agp.GP, is the latest publication registered. In future there will hopefully be many more publications registered under the scheme, but all publications will be given plugging by ourselves, in exactly the same way as we plug 0003.agp.GP. In future we will have a WebSite selling books, that will be accessible to librarians, and book sellers, and everyone else; and this will be our platform to plug new books under the R.P.R., and to sell books in order to finance ourselves. But in the meantime, this is our place to publicise Plan X as 0003.agp.GP (0003: the number of the publication in order of its publication:  agp short for the 'agit prop' sub registration: and 'GP' standing for the initials of the publishing group - in this case the Guerilla Press). This publication is explained, as we feel is necessary, above...

...Where does this concern me?

If the left can get it together to offer our own alternatives to the necessities that capitalism has set up for us, then the battle has nearly been won. The system of book registration that exists, although reliable and necessary in a lot of circumstances, is beurocratic and difficult to work out. In offering an alternative to this system, one that works specifically for the left, we believe that we are offering something potentially important to the revolution. Who knows where the R.P.R. could lead in revolutionary conflict, if given a chance? Books are the liberation of the mind; and the concept of book publishing for and to the left, is one which should be considered as important as any riot. Therefore we put this idea to the left in order to build support.

To anyone who has any links with newsletter publishing, Web publishing, music production and distribution; publishers in general, and most importantly, anyone who wishes to know more or get involved with the Guerilla Press, then we welcome them getting in contact. We have information specifically for librarians, publishers, prisoners, and publications are available for sale on their own (R.P.R.0002.agp.GP, 'Propaganda Groups', is available at £1.25 per copy). Copies of newsletters etc. are available at a small cost to cover postage. Membership involves full subscriptions to all newsletters and mailouts, and members/investors are automatically included on our mailing list. Those already on the contacts list will be considered honorary members. The Guerilla Press financing scheme is designed to let investors make a 400% profit in the first four years, and again we invite anyone to get in touch for a copy of our Business Plan. That's where it concerns you.

Do you want me to send money?

The Radical Presses Register costs no money at all to get involved in. In fact it will benefit small publishing groups, as we intend to buy at least ten copies of everything registered under the scheme at a trade discount to sell over the Internet as a part of the scheme. To join the Guerilla Press, make cheques and postal orders out to myself, 'Tim Thompson', for £20.00. The Guerilla Press will then put you on our contacts list and forward regular bulletins, including the latest publication each month. Investment is the same, but costs £200.00, and means the same, exept that everything is done x10 (ten pamphlets each month etc). This agreement lasts until the end of this organisation, whenever this should be, but we have planned for the next five years.

Plan X describes all of this a lot better, but it is to be said that individual copies of pamphlets, subscriptions to newsletters etc., are also available. This scheme is aimed primarily at book sellers and publishers, and is intended to be an earner for those who subscribe as investors. However, the main point behind this entire scheme, is to be able to print the work of Class Struggle prisoners, and we welcome submissions from prisoners of up to 20,000 words, and we will accept manuscripts in neat handwritten format. We are also trying to collate an anthology of the new Star Wars film, written by women prisoners. If anyone can forward the names of people who may be willing to submit work of this nature, a commission will be paid on publication for any submissions that I wish to use. Another project from the Guerilla Press is the free library for prisoners that we are trying to get running. More details are available on request, but I will explain the concept here.

Science Fiction Prison Library and Second Hand book sales.

The Guerilla Press have bought in about 200 second hand Science Fiction paperbacks. As we have announced, these books are going to be used as a part of a scheme to set up a free library scheme for people in prison. These books will also be for sale in order to help finance the R.P.R.; and a free copy of our database of titles will be available on request. The way in which this library will work, is that we are asking prisoners for an initial donation of ten first class stamps. When received, we will forward the database, and subscription to the library scheme will have been payed for, until such time as a book cannot be returned, for whatever reason. This library system will operate entirely through the post, and will entail a copy of a book lent by ourselves, being returned after the period of a month. In the event of a book not being returned after the period of a month, we will review membership of the library scheme. Again this idea is free to prisoners, and we welcome anyone who is interested to get in touch. More details on all of this, and membership of the Guerilla Press, is free to people in prison.

The Anarchist Squolorks Front.

The publication of Plan X was financed entirely through a nice donation from the A.S.F. They are a very underground organisation, supporting the liberty of freedom of speech and smoking pot. This donation was given to the Guerilla Press in order for us to be able to set up on a bigger scale, as we intend to do. Plan X is a business proposition to the libertarian left, and all who support, and mutual greetings go out here to those who smoke pot and donate to our group for the furtherance of the defiance of the printed word. The A.S.F. are already members of the Guerilla Press, but wish to stay as underground as they can; planning for the millennium bug or the next Conservative dictatorship. Now that we have printed this, we thank all for the donations we have received so far, and ask people now to join. Those who have already donated money, including the A.S.F., will be considered the honorary members of this group, and our support goes out to them. Of course, donations of stamps will always come in handy, but we have now stopped being another part of the anarchist left who campaign for donations, but do little else. With this, we support the anarchist movement, but would like to offer Plan X as a possible strategy for the campaigns of the future. However, it is not for us to set up as a revolutionary vanguard, although our role has always been to campaign through propaganda and the printed word. With this taken into consideration, we ask people to consider the publicity given to us by people such as the B.B.C., and to consider this in the light of ourselves being a revolutionary organisation that the media will always try to put down, and not as a bunch of "Wankers", that the media will try to portray us as.

And Finally...

...Did I say this was the end of the Guerilla Press? In a recent leaflet we announced that the Guerilla Press were wrapping up due to the lack of support we were getting. The yellow leaflet is no longer relevant since the donation received from the A.S.F., and we plan to set up as much as we can in the name of supporting guerrillas through the influence of the printed word. However, as mentioned above, the anarchist library scheme is still current, and is still a part of the Guerilla Press and the R.P.R.

People can help the Guerilla Press by returning documents sent, by keeping us informed of the current movement in the anarchist scene by writing to us at the Funky Junk address, by including us in contacts lists, in sending manuscripts for publication and proposals for publications to be registered by ourselves, but most importantly, by offering us space on home computers where we can upload our Web pages through sending them on floppy disk. These are the schemes offered by the R.P.R. (and the Guerilla Press ourselves), but we cannot do this by ourselves. Membership of the Guerilla Press costs £20.00, and this offers membership for as long as we continue. We need peoples support in order to get this off the ground in a bigger way. What we are asking for, is the ethics of anarchism and solidarity to be employed here. We are not a capitalist organisation; we are a group planning for the New Age. GET IN TOUCH!