Bizarre and often contradictory, the complete historical work of the Guerilla press is compiled here in the name of religious interest and archive. This organization were run as a brach of the British Church of Satan as a discussion, before our departure from the 'Church', of Tim Telsa - the philosopher responsible for all of this work.

The man in question - Tim Telsa - has spent most of his life in psychiatric hospital after having broken a record shop window. The work here, therefore, must offer a perspective of life in hospital, protest and psychosis. Being influenced thereby, the line of the Guerilla press represents ideas, a shift of psychotic view, and a full and frank discussion of ideas born from mental illness.

Although the Guerilla press now no longer exist, we have since left the Church of Satan. The Web-Files printed here, however, offer a view - and consise discussion of - our past projected philosophical view.

Introduction to First Introductory Statement Introduction to Website
Introduction to Second Statement Second Introductory Statement
Essay on prostitution The views of the Advocation on the politics of vice
Essay on Marxism in modern society "Thirteen"
Introducing the Mars project The Agenda of the Vectron Mars project
Second Statement regarding the Mars Mission The "Formal Statement" of the VMp
Essay on the politics of Sodom The official "statement of Sodom
Introductory statement from the RpR First statement from the Radical presses Register
Statement from the RpR continued Second statement from the RpR
Statement concluded Concluding statement from the RpR
Introducing Council Economics Council Economics described
Introducing the views of the WEO Statement from the Workers Experiment Organisation
Statement regarding the "open letter" The "open letter" from the WEO
Regarding the second open letter Second "open letter" from the WEO
Introduction to the First International Declaration First International Declaration of peace
The article to Class War discussed The open statement as issued to Class War
The Second International Statement discussed Statement regarding "anti terrorist" law
Unlawful Sectioning declared Declaration of unlawful Sectioning and detention
Demands list Demands of the Cross
The Oath of Neirduan Motorway discussed The Oath to Neirduan Motorway discussed
The Advocation and our view of modern society perspective on modern society defined
Concluding statement from the Advocation website A manual on guerilla tactics and propaganda
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